Which Hand to Wear A Watch?

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Such an amusing question, isn’t it? Come on! It’s up to you -in which hand you want to see your watch.

But yes, if you ask which one is perfect to wear a watch in a particular condition and would be comfortable, then we can help you.

You know most of the people are right-handed. So, most of them use right-handed watches that means in the left hand, for comfort. People of left-handed wear it in the right wrist. But there are exceptions too!

Scroll down and get interesting facts, then decide which hand to wear a watch!

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Why the Majority of people Wear Right-Handed Watches?

Wait! Don’t be confused with the term “right-handed watch” and “left-handed watch”. Let’s clear it first.

Right-handed watch – That is designed usually for the right-handed people to wear in the left hand. The winding/setting crown is on the right side on the right side of the clock, so that people can operate with the right hand.

Left-handed watch – That is oppositely designed for the left-handed people to wear it on the right hand. Here the crown is placed on the left side.

Well, now turn on the topic. 90 % of people in the world are right-handed, and so the majority types of watches are!

Most of the time, left-handed watches are not usually available there for all classes of people. So, most of the left-handed people also use right-handed watches.

For the crown’s placement, it’s still easier even for the left-handed people to operate a watch in the left hand.

Why uncomfortable? If you are right-handed, that means your right hand is the dominant one, which continuously moves while working.

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So it lefts a chance of damaging the watch or your wrist might get injured when you wear it on the dominant hand.

Another thing is when you wear it in a non-dominated hand; it seems natural to operate something.

Suppose you are writing or cooking with the right hand, then to check the time you have to pause your work if the watch is on the same side. So, wearing in the left hand would feel your comfort.

Why Right hand?

Wearing a watch in the left hand is quietly becomes rules or norms as the majority of people support this.

But, it’s not mean at all that you also should follow this. What if you are left-handed? Would you feel comfortable wearing it on the left hand?

We don’t think so! Why?

Wearing a right-handed watch for a left-handed also causes some unnecessary discomfort. You would face the same troubles that right-handed people meet; we have just discussed above.

So it would best for you to wear a watch on the right hand if you are left-handed.

Another fact is the stylish look or fashion statement. Many people wear watches in the dominant hand to attract more attention to their style.

Wearing watches on the right-hand shows their confidence to others, match their personality.

Habits are Significant!

Your habits would tell you which hand to wear a watch. How?

If you are used to taking a meal with your hand, then wearing a watch on the same hand, it feels troubles. It hits the palate and makes noise if the watch is a bit loose (a stylish way, you know!).

On the other hand, it would not be a trouble if you are in the habit of using spoons while eating. You can wear watches as you will without any disturbance.

Wearing a watch in the right hand is sometimes like a childhood nature. Children do this as their elders, and at a time, it becomes a habit.

What if you are a Guitar Player?

You might not like to scratch the guitar or jiggle with a watch. Right? When you hold a guitar with the left hand, you must not wear a watch in your right hand.

Most of the guitar players use their left hand to fret. Thus, whoever from them wears a watch in right-hand feels disturbing while playing the guitar. They have to put it out from hand or switch over to the left hand for a while.

Your fretting hand is perfect to wear a watch if you are going to play the guitar. Also, while using a mouse, you would face the same problem if you wear left-handed watches, even being right-handed.

Watches for Left-Handed

There is indeed lacking availability of left-handed watches for all classes of people. All left-handed is not to wear a clock in the right hand as well.

If you are looking for a watch that friendly for both right and left-hand use, these are also available.

Some of the luxury brands like Apple has the features in their watch. They provide both right-handed and left-handed mood for both users.

There are also plenty of classical left-handed watch lists, you would find with a simple Google search.

On which hand girls Wear a Watch?

Well, it means no sense. All have their personal choice, so they do. Sometimes, on occasions, women use watches as a fashion statement than a necessity. They use clocks on the right hand to attract with their style.

However, right-wrist makes it trendier for girls.

Some like to wear bangles or bracelets on the left hand. So watch belongs to the right hand as there is a chance to clattering against a beautiful watch.

For the sake of comfort feel, there is no girls or boys distribution. If you are right-handed, wear a watch on the left hand, otherwise in the right.

Moreover, ladies usually do lots of stuff like cooking, taking care of babies, and also other works as a man.

For that purpose, it would better for them to find out the easy way to handle. Hope you got it!

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Overall, we prefer the left hand to wear a watch that creates a comfort zone for most people. But we don’t see any reason to discourage people who wear their watch on the right wrist.

Find out the way that suits your convenience. And your convenience would tell you which hand to wear a watch!

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