Where are Invicta Watches Made in 2021?

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Invicta is arguably one of the most debated watch companies today. From its design, pricing to its origin, and manufacturing strategy, everything is a hot topic in the watch manufacturing industry. And everyone seems to have an opinion about them also.

Every mall, every watch gallery or shop you go to, chances are, you will find an Invicta watch. They are everywhere.

So, it is understandable for people to grow curious about the brand. And the most common question curious watch lovers ask is “where are Invicta watches made? “.

In this article, we are going to fulfill all of your curiosity about Invicta. So, let’s start and know the unknowns:

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The origin of Invicta

The founding of Invicta goes back to the year 1837. It was found by Raphael Picard, in a swiss city called La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Raphael had a vision of creating premium quality swiss watches at an affordable price (Which is the only thing unchanged about the company now, along with the name. But we will get to that later on in the article).

This company has built many watches in Switzerland for nearly 140 years. But the tragic quartz crisis in 1974 put Invicta out of business.

This crisis went on for almost a decade. And at this period, the timepiece industry was going through a movement. The technology slowly shifted from gears and other mechanical parts to batteries and crystal powered technology.

Many watch companies did not join the technological revolution and faded out. And the original Invicta company was one of them.

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The modern Invicta

The Invicta watches we see today are not made by the Original Invicta company from Switzerland. The modern Invicta is fully funded by an investment company in the USA.

And the head office of Invicta is no longer in Switzerland, and the watches are not made there also.

The new Invicta headquarters is in Florida, and all the management and supervision are done from the USA.

Where are Invicta watches made?

In the marketing of Invicta watch products, you will often hear the words Swiss-made, Swiss quality, swiss, etc. Switzerland is prestigious for its watchmaking.

And Invicta wants to market its product around that Prestige for better sales. But the truth is, Invicta themselves do not manufacture the Invicta watches anymore.

Most of the time, the watchmaking job is outsourced to other manufacturers in Asia and some in Switzerland.

The whole world talks about Invicta and their watches, thinking that they are made in the USA as their headquarters are in Florida. And oddly enough, that is not the case, and here is the reason why.

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Why offshore manufacturing?

All the things about this watch company change except for two. They are,

  • The brand name.
  • Their goal to deliver premium quality watches at an affordable price.

To produce high-quality watches at a lower price range, the company somehow had to reduce its production cost. And they did just that by outsourcing the manufacturing overseas.

The whole assembly and manufacturing of Invicta watches are now done in countries where the labor cost is significantly cheaper than the rest of the world. And Asia was their best bet.

So instead of making all of their watches in Switzerland, they moved most of the production to China, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. They still produce some swiss made watches, but the ratio of that is really low.

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And what they lost in the prestigious swiss craftsmanship, they gained in dollars.

Should you invest in Invicta?

To maintain its reputation and fulfill the goal, Invicta watches brand manufacture high-quality watches at a very reasonable price. Now, you can get an Invicta watch at a medium to low price. The price ranges from 70 dollars to a thousand dollars.

You cannot just invest in an expensive watch in the market. There are many valueless products at a high price.

While Invicta watches assure you with the quality and the classic design, they possess a unique look and don’t chase after trends.

The watches are on anyone’s top favorite because of their strength, performance, and construction.

The stainless steel made dial case, the doubled over wristwatch clasp, the mechanical movement, and its resistance to water make it live for a lifetime.

The watch dial is round and huge, with prolonged details. The hands and hour marks of the watch dial are trinity luminescent. It glows at night brightly. It is environment-friendly which is used by Invicta exclusively.

This classy watch made with a watch crystal that will catch your attention. I guess you won’t regret purchasing one.

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Even though they now make watches in Asia instead of Switzerland, the quality of the watches is still great enough to give other swiss companies a run for their money.

This game-changing business strategy is the main reason behind their super affordable premium watches and their overwhelming popularity.

So, that’s it on where are Invicta watches made and all. Hopefully, you have learned something new and interesting from this guide. If you do, then share this guide on your social platforms now!

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