Top Swiss Watch in 2020 | iFashion Review

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The wristwatch is one of the best option for creating a great impression. But when it is about a swiss watch, you don’t even need to worry a little. Why?

Because swiss watch brands offer a perfect personality and quality timepieces. With great design, best quality, and made to last a lifetime.

If you are keen to know which one is fit for you, then you are in the perfect place. Now, let’s look at some top swiss watch in 2020 and learn what makes them unique.

So, let’s dive in:

Top Swiss Watch Brands in 2020

About 20 to 30 Swiss watches have come up in the top list of 2020. They are gorgeous, beautiful, luxury, and sustainable. Among them, we have picked a list of watches that might interest you. Here they are:

Patek Philippe

Patek Phillippe is the number one of this year’s top list. They produce the most desirable, attractive, and high-end timepieces in the whole watch world.

They are very expensive, and cost millions of dollars for their rare and luxury models. All kinds of people like them, but royal people have also preferred them throughout history.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is the oldest watch brand in the world. They are pretty, stylish, covet, and attractive.

In 1972, they changed the luxury wristwatch game when they produced the Royal Oak as they are the oldest and top brand, so they are also expensive.

But regardless of their price, it is a brand where you can put your money with all your trust.

Vacheron Constanin

Vacheron Constanin is the oldest watch manufactures in the world. These are more durable, stylish, pretty, and excellently designed. S

o if you are looking for a brand with a touch of history in it, Vacherin Constanin could be your choice.


Rolex, everyone’s favorite brand ever. Rolex is always popular demand, especially the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Submariner. These are the most stunning, beautiful, and eye-catching timepieces.

As their reputation describes, every single Rolex watch has a touch of a master watchmaker. So with elegant design and comfort, Rolex watches are a popular choice.


Chopard is famous for creating ladies’ watches. Now they are manufacturing their products with sustainable gold.

It’s a brand where comfort, quality, and beauty meet at the same point. And each watch matches the hand it was made for.


Piaget is the most prestigious jewellery brand, which is famous for its uniquely designed watches.

They are unique, pretty, pompous, and gorgeous. The people who look for something gorgeous and unique simultaneously, Piaget can be the choice for them.


Omega has a remarkable history. The history says, The Omega Speedmaster was worn by Buzz Aldrin in 1969 and made history the first watch on the moon.

They are fancy a little bit, but they are super stylish watch. The fantastic fact for this watch is, they are on an affordable range for many people.


Montblanc is another top listed watch brand in 2020. Their watches are on various ranges, but it is still one of the most affordable luxury watches on this list. Unique design and lasting durability are the best perks of this brand.


Hublot is known as the official watchmaker of formula 1. It is one of the younger watch brands. They produce high-quality wristwatches.

Mainly famous for their dynamic shape and design, many people prefer Hublot over other luxury watches. Though their price range is higher, they make every penny worth spending for one.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is one of the famous Swiss brands. It is high end, durable, most stylish watch brand. These watches are a fit for any situation.

Casual or not, TAG Heuer watches have been a popular choice in 2020. Though they are a trendy brand, they are amazingly affordable.


Zenith is one of the most popular luxury Swiss watch brands. It is memorable for its Pilot model, which was known as EL Primero once.

So with their dynamic design, ultimate comfort, and product quality, Zenith watches are well reputed for reasons.


Tudor is also a Swiss watch brand that is unbelievably affordable. To get the most unique, beautifully designed luxury watch at a meagre price, Tudor can be your next choice.


One of the Top Swiss Watch in 2020. This luxury watch brand is also known for its limited-edition watches, especially their coin watches.

Their models are unique and creative designs. So if one wants to wear something which will not be seen on other people’s hands, Corum is the right choice.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille is the youngest brand, which is top listed. It is known for its famous ” a racing machine on your wrist” slogan. They have taken their job in the highest form of technical art.

This brand uses many new creative ideas in its products, which made it’s brand one of the best. So for someone who wants to wear something very modern and innovative, Richard Mille is an excellent option from this list.


So these are the top swiss watch brands In 2020. Among many others, these are the most desirable, fashionable, and luxurious watch brand that you will fall in love with.

Despite some pretty affordable ones on the list, most of these products are expensive from a stock perspective. But no matter how expensive they are, quality and satisfaction can never be judged with money for sure!

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