Stuhrling Vs Invicta | A Comparison Between the Brands

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Finding the best women’s wristwatch is more difficult than finding a men’s wristwatch. Because the wrong selection can impact the personality. For women, watches are like ornaments that need to be very unique. Stuhrling and Invicta, both of these brands produce stylish watches for women. However, Stuhrling also produces men’s watches. But the main attraction of the brand is its stylish watches for women.

The pricing of these brands is similar. So, when someone wants to buy a new one, it becomes confusing. This Stuhrling Vs Invicta comparison will help to know details for each of the brands.

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Brand History

The history of these brands would help you to get a clear concept. Both of the brands are successfully selling a larger number of watches each year.

The History of Stuhrling

Stuhrling is an American watch brand which was founded in 1999 in New York. While most of the renowned watch brands are from Sweden, Stuhrling came up with unique watches and founded the company in America.

The brand name came from the watchmaker Max Stührling. As a new brand, it was difficult for them to establish the company from scratch. But they did very well in branding by making a team of legend watchmakers.

Stuhrling claims that you could tell a story with your wristwatch. Most of their products are different from traditional watches. They focus on uniqueness and top-quality while keeping the price within budget. Till now, they already have sold millions of watches which is impressive. Though they have both men’s and women’s collections, women’s watches have gained more popularity.

The History of Invicta

If we compare the brand history of Invicta with Stuhrling, it is older and established in 1838. Invicta is a Latin word which means invincible. As one of the oldest watch brands, they also started the company Switzerland. Currently, they are selling top-quality watches all over the world. Despite a renowned popular brand, watches from the brand are affordable.

With almost 100 years of experience, Invicta is now focusing more on build-quality and longevity with cost-effective pricing. They have some unique collections which you won’t find from other brands. For example, they have a dedicated series of Star Wars watches.

From the stores of this brand, you could purchase both the accessories for watches and unique watches for women. From formal to classic, in every field of watch, they are now dominating the market.

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Features Based Comparison for the Brands (Stuhrling Vs Invicta)

Brand Reputation

Like anything else, when buying a new watch, most people consider the brand reputation. In terms of brand value and recognition, Stuhrling is ahead of Invicta. Stuhrling got a reputation because of their quality products and a long series of watches.

However, Invicta also has a brand reputation though it doesn’t have a long history. You could rely on both of them.


No matter whether the watch is expensive or cheap, it is mandatory to ensure longevity. It is true that these two brands sell affordable watches, still, you need to spend enough to grab something stylish. Considering the build quality and durability, Stuhrling is doing really good.

All of their watches come with warranty features and they ensure the best quality. Moreover, they have better support for their customers. On the other hand, Invicta focuses on style and uniqueness.

They do offer better build-quality. But as the brand is still new in terms of business history, there may be some issues for longevity. Overall build quality is good that you can use a single watch for years. Another good thing is, both of the brands have water-resistant features for watches to provide protection in extreme conditions.

Longest Lasting Watches


Women’s watches need to be stylish and need to sync with the outlook and dress. Both of these brands have a variety of watches with different dials and straps. No matter whatever is your outlook, you could pick a new watch to match with the makeover from both of the brands.

However, because of the long run in the market, Stuhrling has more watches. Invicta also has an extensive collection with different styles.

Trendy Watches

Currently, fashion is not constant. Everything changes with time so as wristwatches. To keep the attention of customers, both these brands try to stay with trends. As a result, they have new arrivals regularly from where people can pick the right one.

For instance, Invicta has a separate section of new arrivals where they showcase the new watches from their product line. However, Stuhrling doesn’t have any category like this.


After considering all the facts, the thing that plays a major role in buying decisions is the price of the watch. By comparing the prices of the watches from these brands, we found that there is no major difference in the pricing.

If you pick a stainless steel watch with a metal chain and water-resistant feature, the price would be more than $100. Even some watches are under $100 and have excellent features. Pricing won’t be big trouble for any of these brands.

Wrapping Up: Which One Is Better?

If you ask us for a particular recommendation from these brands, we would suggest checking the product pages. The thing is, when we say better, we mean the other one has fewer features. But here, considering the right one is tough. Instead of just checking the prices and reviews from existing customers, it is better to check the features. Consider the price according to the pricing.

If you liked something and want to have the best pricing, look for a similar watch from the other brands. If you do this, it will give a basic idea of which one would be better. In terms of fashion sense, Invicta is doing better. They regularly bring new products to the market.

As an American brand, it knows which kind of products people like more. Stuhrling is better for exclusiveness and durability. Some of their watches are so classy that you will like them instantly. So, it is up to you what suits you most, the trendy design or classic style.

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