Seiko vs Citizen | Which is the Best Brand?

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Well, we all are fond of watches, and especially the luxury ones, don’t we? But, when it comes to choosing a preferable watch brand, you may face some difficulties. That’s why today we picked Seiko vs Citizen as our topic.

As we know, Seiko and Citizen are one of the most prestigious watch brands. But, how do you choose the better one among these two?

We can feel your dilemma; that’s why we will share some insights about Seiko vs Citizen debate in this piece of writing.

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So, without wasting any more time, let’s start the proceedings:

A Little Background


Seiko is reigning over the wristwatch maker industry for more than 100 years. In the early 19th century, the ancient company launched its very first product in the market.

You will be surprised to know that it was the first watch in Japan’s history also. By creating the first dive

Wristwatch, in 1965, the Seiko company make a revolution in the horology arena. Nowadays, Seiko is working as a parent company of many other famous wristwatch brands.


There is a mixed story about the Citizen brand. It is in the market from 1918. If you are a fan of Swiss Timepieces, then you must know about the Citizen brand. The founder of the Citizen brand was a Swiss man.

But the company is in Japan, though it has a deep connection with Europe. Besides, you will find that Citizen brand is basically from Asian roots launching their first multi-band atomic watch in 1993; they owned a ‘trusted brand’ title from the customers.

We hope you are ready to dive into the sea of comparison between Seiko and Citizen. Are you?

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The Outlook

At first glance, everyone falls for a look. You don’t want to pay your sweat-earned dollar for an average kind of outlook, right?

Seiko will provide you a high level of finish with a sophisticated design. But it is a little bit sad that Seiko intends to fix it within a boundary of old school design most of the time.

And Seiko will not provide the best materials which we can see in Rolex or any other high-end brands. But don’t worry, Seiko also designs classic pieces such as The SNK 793 and Seiko- SARB065 is the crazy expensive models.

On the other hand, Citizen tries to bring something more than average. If you comparison between model, then Seiko is best. But don’t forget that Citizen is also a high-end product.

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Movements and Operation Technology

In the aspect of progress and technology, there is a massive difference between Seiko and Citizen.

Citizen brand tries to focus on Quartz operation, concerned about eco-drive technology. This method produces solar-powered watches. Though Seiko also produces solar watches in terms of quality, Citizen will win the game.

On the contrary, Seiko also uses Quartz, but their comfort zone is in Automatic movements. And this is maybe a significant difference in their technology.

So, Seiko will be the best option if you are a fan of a mechanical winding wristwatch. But you should give an in-depth look at its correctness. Because in terms of quality, Quartz is the best.

Durability and Longevity

It is the main point of argument with Seiko vs Citizen. Because there are no such parameters to identify the longevity of these brands, but as we said earlier, you can’t beat any quartz.

Seiko produces a large number of Swiss level watches such as The Grand Seiko. In comparison to that, Citizen Won’t give you anything like them.

But if you decrease your budget in the low range, then they are enough equal for comparison.

We can provide you a special tip to remember that mechanical watches will suffer to keep timing, but at the same time, they are innovative and cheap.



You will get Seiko watches from 100$ to $50,000. But most of the time you will get Seiko line up in between in less than 1000$. Well, these prices are not applicable to Presage and Astron.

If you go for dive watches then, Good dives will cost near about 300$; a sleek watch dress will cost for 400$, and the GPS model will take 1000$.

Citizen will cost from 100$-20,000$. They will also provide you different options like Seiko. If you want to dive and dress watches, then you will have to pay less than $400

The Eco-drive ranges offer the minimum price among all the varieties. They are for only $100. And if you want any atomic timekeeping watches, then you can afford it within $350.

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Head to Head Comparison

The talk of Seiko vs Citizen has no boundary to limit. Both are queen in their perspective, aspect one is zero, or nobody may be a hero. It’s your decision which one you may buy.

Within the question of longevity, every gadget needs proper care. But if you sum up the comparison into some points then they’ll be:

  • If you’re a Quartz and Solar powered wristwatch lover, then Citizen is anticipating you. Moreover, you may get the longevity of service with the eco- dive ranges.
  • The accuracy is usually less then Quartz in terms of mechanical options. Seiko is that the king because the Seiko 5 range or the luxurious Grand Seiko brands, will ensure a reasonable deal.
  • For styling purposes, you’ll surely depend upon the Citizens brand, but Seiko won’t disappoint you. But they’re less experimental than the one mentioned above.


Now, it is your turn to choose. Remember, each of these two brands has their specialty, and therefore, you need to consider the specs that suit you the best!

So, that’s all we have on the comparison of Seiko vs Citizen. What’s your take on these two brands? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment box!

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