Omega Vs Rolex | Which Is The Best Brand?

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Well, is there any timepiece collector who does not want to keep an iconic Swiss watch in his collection?

Let us be honest! Today whenever one thinks about buying an iconic watch, most prefer buying one of these two watches.

And one of the worst dilemmas he/she faces is, in determining whether to buy the Omega or the Rolex watch. And thus, arises the question; Omega Vs Rolex-Which Is the Best Brand?


Let’s have a look:

Omega Vs Rolex-Which Is the Best Brand?

To tell the truth, there is no absolute answer to the question. While Rolex and Omega are two different brands, they are both iconic Swiss brands, and their products feature almost similar properties. The answer mostly depends on your preferences.

But still, to make a proper choice, one needs to know the objects of the chosen option in detail. So let us see which qualities set apart Rolex and Omega timepiece brands from each-other shall we?


Before we jump out to find out the dissimilarities between Omega and Rolex to make a comparison, we need first to consider their similarities.

  • Omega and Rolex are Swiss luxury watch brands, and both are internationally highly recognized.
  • Both brands have presented some epochal timepieces to the world.
  • Famous and historical figures wore watches from both brands.
  • The watches produced by Rolex and Omega are highly accurate.
  • Rolex and Omega, both brands create antimagnetic timepieces.
  • Even after receiving a COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certification, these brands undergo further testing
  • Products from both brands have a 5-year warranty period.



Now that we have understood the characteristic features of these two brands, it will be easier to understand their differences which set them apart from each other.

Brand Image

According to a brand value measuring agency named Interbrand, Rolex has 100% international brand recognition and the first in the list.

While Omega is also an internationally recognized brand taking second place, its global brand recognition is closer to 70%, 30% lesser of Rolex.



Well, most of us prefer a band sitting on the wrist all day long to be as comfortable as possible. Considering the price, quality, and customer reviews, Rolex comes top of Omega in this regard as well.

Omega wristwatches are also very comfortable to wear. But you should be careful in selecting the watch while buying because, as explained before, despite rarity, you should take care to verify its build quality.

Better safe than sorry, right?


While it can be hard to compare the quality of a watch, careful observation proves that the quality of Rolex wristwatches is higher than that of Omega timers.

Despite being uncommon, Omega wristwatches usually have more imperfections than Rolex timers. The defects may vary from simple ones like a dusty dial or scratches to slight damages even.


The price difference between Rolex and Omega is something to be astonished about. Rolex watches are much higher priced than Omega timers, even at the entry-level.

If you compare the prices of the cheapest timepieces of these two brands, you will find out that the cost of the Rolex timer is about twice the price of the Omega wristwatch.


If you are an impatient person, then we suggest you to consider buying an Omega watch. The professional models of Rolex can be tough to get.

They are so rare that you will have to wait to get them in a list, sometimes for years! Taxing right?

The picture is different for Omega watches. Excluding some of the limited edition timers, you can just simply buy an Omega timepiece from an official Omega retailer.

Accuracy Level

As it was stated before, both Rolex and Omega wristwatches undergo a COSC(Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certification and earn the title called ‘chronometer’. Both of them possess accuracy higher of the regular luxury-brand watches.

Still, at present, Rolex does not produce quartz watches. Therefore, Omega has a better accuracy level than Rolex as they manufacture quartz watches besides mechanical watches. It is well known that quartz wristwatches are more accurate than mechanical timepieces.

Water Resistance

Both Rolex and Omega timers are well known for their excellent water resistance. The most famous ones of this category are Omega Seamaster ProProf 1200m and Rolex Deepsea series.

In the past, Omega Seamaster ProProf 1200m watches took the top place in the diver’s watch list with a water resistance of 1,200 meters or 4,000 feet.

But at present, Rolex has made a comeback with a vengeance with its Rolex Deepsea series. Why? Because the diver’s watches of Rolex Deepsea series have water resistance up to 3,900 meters or 12,800 feet! Need we say more?

Resale Value

If you would like to sell and buy another luxury watch after a few years, then you should consider the resell value.

As you can guess from the brand value and price, Rolex highly outshines Omega in this area. In fact, Rolex is known to have the highest resell value in the world. Shocking isn’t it!

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Final Verdict

As you can observe from this article if you are looking for a definite answer to the question, ‘Omega Vs Rolex-Which Is the Best Brand?’, you cannot get one.

It is best just to judge your necessities and buy the one you think will be most suitable for you. Want to get a watch showcasing your status? Try Rolex. Want to buy a luxury watch at a lower price? Go for Omega!

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