Extreme Level Longest Lasting Watches

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When you buy something new, a lot of mixed emotions work together, right? We all expect our newly purchased product to have a useful lifespan.

But if you don’t consider it beforehand, you can’t blame anyone if it doesn’t come out to be durable. That’s why we have brought you this article about the longest-lasting watches to get good durability.

No matter how much money you spend in your watch, if you don’t notice every slightest detail before buying it, it might not be long-lasting enough. Moreover, the material of the clock also puts a significant impact on durability.

Without getting late, let’s know about some long-lasting watches for you.

Vacheron Constanin

Longest lasting watches that can serve you a lifetime

Rolex Datejust

Who doesn’t love Rolex watches? It is the most popular brand with many unique features for you. Rolex Datejust is one of the most durable and popular watches from Rolex.

This watch is made of incredible specifications. With a versatile look and unique qualities, this had caught many of the users’ attention.

If you are looking for a long-lasting watch where the budget is not a big deal, you can get this one. It has a self-winding chronograph in it. You will find a few variations in this series.

So, you can choose a model which matches your personal preferences the most! Rolex watches are most likely to last for more than twenty years if you use it with proper care.

Tissot watch design

Calibre de Cartier Chronograph

If you have a watch fetish, you must know that Cartier is a watch brand serving the uses for quite a long time. The premium quality of their watches can’t disappoint any watch lover.

While looking for a durable watch for you, you can consider Calibre de Cartier Chronograph is your piece. You will get six different variations in this watch.

The bracelet type strap will come in six different designs for you. Whereas the stainless steel crafted case is made of 42mm diameter, it will be a perfect piece for your wrist.

The overall finish of this watch is impressive. The dial of this watch has Roman numerals, which are specialized by this brand. The details and subtle design of this watch will surely impress you.

Tissot Men's T-Race Chrono Quartz Casual Watch

Rolex Submariner

Here is another Rolex watch for you. Rolex Submariner has amazed the watch lovers with its durability. The Submariner series was introduced, keeping the divers in mind.

Stainless steel made strap, and the rotatable bezel is a unique feature of this watch. A diver can successfully monitor diving time, as well as decompression stops using this watch.

If you’re not a diver, yet you will love the look of this Rolex watch. A sports watch lover will be highly satisfied with this watch.

The outer part of this watch is scratch proof. Furthermore, the built material of this watch has made this watch water and corrosion-resistant. This watch is highly praised by the watch lovers on its excellent durability.

Tissot watch design

Masterpiece Gravity

Maurice Lacroix introduced this fantastic watch. A lot of unique features are engraved into this watch. It is built with tremendous water-resistant property.

The brand has given much effort to make this watch. The modern and stylish look of this watch will surely impress the users.

This watch’s strap is made of black crocodile, which is as durable and robust as it sounds to you. You will get the case diameter of 43mm from this watch. The diameter is of a perfect size for regular use.

Due to the extraordinary built quality, this watch provides excellent durability to the users. So, when you’re looking for watches that can serve you for years, you can consider this watch.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

This watch is one of Omega’s most popular products. The diameter of this watch is of medium size, 38mm. If you love clocks of small diameters, you can consider this one.

This watch has a symmetrical case. The excellent eye-catching blue dial is unique than other watches, and it has a wave-edged design in the backside.

Moreover, you will get a five years warranty from the brand. In addition to their standard warranty, omega watches are well-durable. The unique specification that this watch provides is magnetic field resistance.

Even if you take it to a strong magnetic field, nothing will happen to this watch. That’s why with many unique features, this watch is great to serve you a lifetime.

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How to take care of your watch to make it more durable

Branded watches come with outstanding durability. But to make your one more durable, you need to take some further care. Now we are going to share a few tips to take care of your watch to make it long-lasting.

  • Take care of the strap: your watches belt can come in different materials. There are leather straps, stainless steel made straps. You have to make sure that you are maintaining your watch according to its requirements.
  • Use your watch regularly: regular usage of your watch can make it more durable. You may think that regular usage will lessen the life of your clock. But that’s not true. Using your watch regularly will extend durability.
  • Use toothbrushes to keep it dust-free: to remove dust from your watch, use a toothbrush. It may sound cheap for your expenses, but it can keep your clock long-lasting.
  • Don’t wind the watch while wearing it: winding the watch while wearing it damages the lifespan of the watch. Be careful about this.
  • Notice the specifications properly: every watch comes with different specifications, so the maintenance is separate too. That’s why you should take care of your according to the directions given with it.


As we assume you have read all the information correctly, you are now well aware of which watch will provide you with good durability.

The longest-lasting watches that we have mentioned above can serve you for an extended period than regular watches. And surely, you will be benefitted from these watches to the endpoint.

Use the pieces of information that we have provided, and make your life effortless with a long-lasting watch.

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