Learn How to Buy a Watch from Experts!

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Are you fond of buying watches? Well, watches have become the main accessory for women and men looking for a stylish and functional accessory.

There is a wide range of designs and models, so it is easy to find one that you will fall in love with at first sight. But, to choose the best one that suits you, consider some critical factors while buying a watch.

Therefore, here in this guide, we will discuss how to buy a watch that suits you perfectly. So, stay tuned!

Everything you need to know on how to buy a watch

Before buying a watch, it is necessary to take some aspects into account so that we do not enter into doubt at the last moment.

It will prevent us from making a satisfactory purchase. These aspects come to be the qualities, functions, or essential elements of a watch.

Buy a Watch According to its Functionality

The first question we have to ask ourselves is why we want the watch. Depending on the function we are going to give, we will look for a watch or another.

Trendy Watches

If we are looking to buy a watch to wear it in combination with clothes, it is best to buy an inexpensive watch. In this way, we can get a collection more quickly, without leaving us a lot of money.

Our goal is to obtain a varied collection in style and colors. So, avoid taking watches that look like each other, to have a varied selection of watches.

There is another mistake that we often do. We always look at brand names instead of quality. Remember, you need the best possible quality on your limited budget. So, don’t just look for brand names!

Sports Watches

On the other hand, if we want to buy a watch to carry out any physical activity or sport: running, cycling, swimming, hiking, we need to go to sports watches.

Sports watches are mostly made of silicone because they adapt better to the wrist, and do not break or scratch with so much ease. Depending on the activity, we will look for the chronograph, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, alarm clocks, etc..

Watches For Occasions

If we want to buy a watch to wear it on the most important occasions such as weddings, and other celebrations of labels, it is advisable to look at those classic line watches.

Classic line watches are made of genuine leather or anti-allergic steel, decorated with stones and crystals.

Some models bring great style because their straps are inspired by bracelets. The watch could smoothly go through an elegant bracelet, without losing the functionality that a watch gives.

Men are better off with neutral colors: navy blue, gray, brown, or black. Even white is a color that can give you the difference in style and elegance.

Timeless Watches

For those looking to buy a watch for daily use, to wear day and day too. It is recommendable to choose watches with simple lines, with not very striking colors.

For example, from neutral colors: blue, white, gray, and black, betting on pastel shades, including silver, gold, and rosé. They are an excellent option, since carrying an object for a long time and looking at it every day can cause us to get tired of that color or shapes.

Buy an Analog or Digital Watch

Although this depends on the tastes of each person, each one indeed gives us different qualities.

Analog watches are more elegant than digital watches. Today digital watches are changing a lot in their designs so that we can find designs far from the world of sports.

Although the analog clock is still the king of elegance, digital watches can bring extra elegance.

They are models that provide distinction and sophistication. It is a good bet if we do not know how to combine a watch with clothing since it remains covered.

Digital watches are better for sports, especially those made of resin, silicone, or rubber. They tend to be more prepared because they contain more functions: barometer, thermometer, altimeter, chronograph, countdown, alarms.

hybrid watches

Hybrid Watches

Currently, we can find a hybrid, analog-digital watches. These have a dial with its analog hands and a small screen in which the time appears in digital format.

They may also include the other functions mentioned above, such as the chronograph. They are characterized by being robust, but still, they have a certain elegance.

The Mechanism of a Watch

Watches typically have a quartz movement powered by a conventional battery. But we can find other models that work through different mechanisms.

We can buy watches that run on solar energy. They are models that contain ecological technology, so they do not harm the environment.

Through solar cells, the energy of light, artificial or natural, can make the watch work. The excess energy is stored in a rechargeable battery, for on those occasions when there is no more light.

The most famous brands are Casio with its Tough Solar technology and Citizen, with its watches with Eco-Drive technology.

We can also find automatic watches that work with the movement of the wrist. It is not necessary to wind them thanks to a juggling technique. An automatic watch does not have the same precision as a quartz watch. It can vary in a few seconds.

With new technologies on the market, watches have been recharged like a mobile, that is, using a USB cable. These are high-tech watches that are capable of making calls, receiving messages and calls, taking photographs, having GPS.


These are the main features to look for when we want to buy a watch. Another aspect to take into account is the size of the watch, but that depends on personal preferences, that’s why we have not impacted it. It also depends on the weather and the social environment.

So, that’s all about how to buy a watch. If you have a more specific question or some information has not covered all your questions, let us know by commenting below.

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