Check the Invicta Watches Reputation

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Invicta is one of the most prestigious brands in the watch industry for quite some time now. Are you interested in knowing Invicta watches reputation and everything about this brand? Continue reading this guide.

Every brand has both good and bad reviews, opinions from its consumers. Invicta isn’t different in this aspect. But, here in this guide, we are going to focus on the positive sides of this royal brand and know all about it.

So, let’s dive in:

Invicta Watches

Invicta watches history

Founder Richard Picard believed that high-quality watches could be offerable to consumers at affordable prices.

The company remains true to its founder’s goal. The Invicta brand manufactures mechanical and automatic watches from the beginning.

In 1837, the first Invicta watches were manufactured. These watches were handmade and put up for sale at affordable prices.

Like most brands of the time, Invicta almost disappeared during the quartz crisis in the 1970s. In 1991, the descendants of the Invicta family joined and recovered the brand after its closure in 1970.

Consumers gradually recognized the watch brand as a leader in the manufacture of Swiss watches.

The brand made sure to break into the untapped sector of the watch industry. It is manufacturing fine Swiss quality watches at affordable prices for pockets.

smart watch

Following its reinstatement, the company moved its main hub to Switzerland. The company has continued to design its watches but subcontracts the manufacturing process to other companies in Switzerland and the Far East.

As a consequence, Invicta watches are mounted on several continents. But regardless of location, the company continues to produce high-quality Invicta watches.

The company continues to maintain its firm belief in creating high-quality watches for consumers at a modest price.

Invicta watches reputation: are Invicta watches good?

In many parts of the world, Swiss watches are highly coveted and appreciated. The Invicta brand is Swiss-made, which has increased its popularity and preference by many.

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What Invicta does best is that they focus on the quality instead of quantity. It is a factor that stands out and makes Invicta different than most others.

Even the cheapest models come with high-quality materials and Swiss-made movements. In the Invicta brand timeline, two features have always made the brand stand out: the gorgeous designs and build quality.

These characteristics are valid today as they were a century ago. Because of this, the company continues to win different awards each year.

The experience and ingenuity of the company’s design and construction team have greatly influenced the reputation and class attributed to the brand.

The company remains privately owned by the descendants of the Invicta founder, and the founding ideas are firmly embedded in all Invicta watches.

The brand has set exceptional standards and wants to maintain them to satisfy its customers and collectors alike at affordable prices.

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What are the main lines of Invicta watches?

Invicta is a reference in luxury watches and offers models in more than 30 collections. The variety of options appeals to consumers and collectors alike and makes it one of the nation’s best-selling imported watch brands.

See what the characteristics of the main Invicta watch collections are:

Professional diver

The Pro Diver collection stands out for its resistance to water. This factor makes it possible to use it on the beach, the pool, the waterfall, and under heavy rain.

You can easily wear this watch in any location without any risk of damaging it. You can check the user manual before buying it to be sure about the water resistance.

The Pro driver is available with a variety of models. You can find it in different styles. It is suitable for people of all styles, from sports, informal to social.


Subaqua is ideal for people who enjoy water adventures. The models in this line have a rotating frame, Swiss precision, shock resistance. It can be submerged up to 500m deep.


Angel comes up with a delicate and imposing design at the same time. The models in the Angel collection is fantastic to exude femininity.

It is one of the versatile collection of Invicta watches. You can wear the angel collection on both informal and formal occasions.


The Aviator collection is inspired by aeronautics. Therefore, these models are used by airline pilots and people with some interest in aircraft.

You will find models with leather, steel and silicone bracelets. It combines with people of different styles.


The models in this collection are ideal for stylish men. The watches have a robust and large design (large case). It is available in gold or silver colors.

These models stand out in the luxury watch segment. You can take a prominent role in basic looks.

You can wear it with a white t-shirt and jeans or complement formal looks with a suit and tie.


The reserve collection is one of the most special ones of this brand. It is mainly for the men of strong personality or lifestyle.

The reserve is available in monochrome or multicolor tones. It can be the highlight of your production.

Cap screw

Cap screw is one of Invicta’s most popular collections. It is synonymous with attitude. You can find models of this luxury collection in different materials and tones.

Are there imitations of Invicta Watches?

Unfortunately for Invicta, it is also a victim of imitation watches. The really dangerous thing about imitations is when they are used to track the person who buys one into thinking that it is an original watch.

A curious fact is that while imitations of Invicta watches are manufactured. In turn, Invicta produces watches that pay homage to other luxury watch models.


Invicta lets any customer have the most attractive piece regardless of their budget with a variety of watches. With Invicta, you will always have a unique watch and an unforgettable wearing experience.

So, this is all about Invicta watches, and Invicta watches reputation. Hopefully, you have better knowledge now about this brand. If you have any questions, ask them below in the opinion section.

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