Learn How to Repair a Watch Like An Expert

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Are you finding it challenging to repair your watch? A watch works with compound movements and fascinating mechanisms. So, the question, “how to repair a watch?” brings a lot of confusion.

Repairing a watch isn’t rocket science. Some models are part of the history of watchmaking, and that stands out from the others for the technique they employ, their beauty, and the quality of their components.

Before going to a watch shop with a broken watch, first, see if the problem can be solved by you. There are simple repairs you can make observations that can save you money on the cost of labor charged by a watchmaker.

types of watch straps

Some of these arrangements require the use of a few necessary tools that you will find in your home.

So, let’s have a brief look at how to repair a watch

Broken Strap

Inspect the strap and check for loose or broken parts. Remove the fractured piece if the belt has different sections. Use a small screwdriver, the type used for jewelry repair, and loosen the connection on the broken part.

Insert the replacement part where you removed the broken section, and then tighten the connections. There are usually small hooks that connect the sections. Make sure to twist them together well using fine tweezers.

Change the strap. If the belt is substantial, such as leather or metal, remove the entire strap. Remove the retractable pins that connect to either side of the watch. The strap should come out of the watch case alone.

Put the new strap on using the same pins. Be sure to firmly push the pins in until you hear a sound indicating that the strap is in place.

types of watch straps

Follow this step-by-step guide :

⦁ Make sure both parts of the strap are clean and dry.

⦁ Gently apply a small drop to one of the surfaces and bring the two parts together.

⦁ Stop until dry without moving. Don’t worry about excess glue. It can be easily removed once it has dried (see step 5).

⦁ Let dry for 1-2 hours or overnight for best results before using.

⦁ Once dry, if there is residue, gently wipe it off with a cloth with acetone varnish.

⦁ Put the lid on immediately and store upright in a cool, dry place.

Broken Hands

Here’s how you can fix the broken hands problem by following some simple steps:

  • Inspect the hour, minute, and second hands of your wristwatch. Sometimes the hands become loose from repeated blows.
  • Remove the back of the wristwatch.
  • Lift the lid using a small, flat screwdriver like the one used by jewelers.
  • Remove the movement and the crown by lifting them gently.
  • Don’t lose the small parts. Make sure they are intact when you lift them.
  • Put the hands back in place once you reach the face of the watch.
  • Put the crown, movement, and back in place.
  • types of watch straps

Grated or Broken Glass

Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  • Remove scratches from the glass using a skinny Scotch-Brite pad.
  • Apply a little pressure and gently move the pad in the same direction as the scratch. This should remove or make the appearance of the scratch less noticeable.
  • Find a replacement glass for the broken one.
  • If you find it challenging to find the exact material, stick with a glass of a similar shape made from a different material.
  • Remove the broken glass. Remove the back of the wristwatch.
  • Remove the wrapper from the movement and then the crown. The crown is the small knob that winds the watch. Lift the broken glass off the dial.
  • Insert the replacement glass and replace the pieces you removed.

Digital and Quartz Watches

Replace a digital watch battery if it doesn’t show the correct time. You can buy batteries for digital and quartz watches at department stores or watch stores.

Just lift the back cover and remove the old battery. Find the same type of battery and then put the new one in its place. See if it works. Adjust the time if necessary.

Replace knobs or broken keys. They may experience wear after prolonged use. Call the manufacturer to ask for replacement parts. You can easily remove some parts by merely lifting and unscrewing them.

Then you can install the new parts by screwing them in place. You can insert and apply pressure on the new buttons by aligning them with the corresponding receptacles. It naturally exerts firm pressure to push them into place.

Adjust the knob to fix a broken alarm or timer. Some digital watches have alarms and synchronizers that can have problems from time to time.

For example, if the alarm does not work, the control knob or button may be loose. Just adjust it to fix the problem.

You can do the same if the synchronizer doesn’t work. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for more details.

Tip: If the company that made the watch is still on the market, contact it to buy replacement parts.

Disassembly, Diagnosis, and Washing

Each phase of intervention is very complex and follows precise methodologies of the work that an expert watchmaker knows well.

Thus, it is essential to rely on a qualified professional who uses modern and updated techniques and machinery.

It is a painstaking work that begins with the disassembly of all parts: bracelet, case, bezel, crown, glass, buttons, hands, dial, and date disc.

The automatic unit and the movement are placed in a metal basket divided into compartments inserted into the machine for a first prewash; then, the parts are then thoroughly dried.

The most delicate phase is disassembling the movement, which involves using a microscope and complete control of all components to ascertain any breakages.

Once this operation is completed, the movement is again washed with an ultrasound program. Its parts are separated according to the material they are made of to prevent different materials from being damaged during washing.


As stated before, repairing a watch isn’t rocket science. But, it takes a bit hard toll if you want to do it to perfection. Don’t just look to fix the problem instantly, repair it smoothly instead.

So, that’s it on how to repair a watch. If you have any more queries on this topic, you can leave it in the comment section below!

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