How To Identify A Watch Brand?

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If you’re a watch lover, you would surely like to know which brand it is when you look at a watch. Knowing the brand makes it easier to buy.

Identifying the watch brand is often an easy task to do if you know some simple yet useful tips. But, what are the factors you need to consider? Well, no worries if you don’t know them.

In this article, you will be enlightened about how to identify a watch brand. Usually, if you look at the dial, you will be able to know the brand.

Sometimes, companies put the model number on the dial too. But let’s understand a few things more that you need to know!

Tips on How to Identify a Watch Brand

Suppose you’re scrolling Facebook or Instagram, and suddenly you have seen a post of a watch. You have liked the watch so much that you would run to buy it.

But alas! You don’t know the brand name or anything about that watch. What should you do? Don’t worry, let’s understand how to identify a watch brand for you.

Most of the watches have the brand name on the dial. It’s possible if the watch is a non-brand watch, there will be no brand name on the dial.

If you look for the model name, sometimes it’s written on the dial too. You will find the manufacturer’s name on the top of the dial or the lower part.

If that had any unique qualities, it would be written on the dial too. For example, if it has water resistance property, this will be noted at the watch’s back.

Moreover, if you’re looking at a watch online and you don’t know the brand, there is an easy way to know it. You can capture a screenshot of the watch and search it using the google image.

It will show everything about that specific watch, including the model number. Besides, there are a few watch scanner specially made for searching for your watch brand. By using those watch scanner, you will get to know every detail of your watch.

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Another trick you can do is to notice everything about the watch. Look at the dial style, display, material, and every other feature. The matches will let you know which brand does it come from.

Besides, the serial number or model number is given at the back of almost every watch. If you can find that, the searching will be more comfortable.

Different Types of Watches that are on Trend

  • Thin bands: Daintier watches are on trend now. These delicately laced watches look like a bracelet and can remove the need for any other jewelry. These watches look like a bracelet, which a clock on the top, incredible!
  • Silicone watches: After a while, silicone watches are on trend again. Watches with silicone straps are being popular and welcomed by the fashionistas.
  • Rectangular dial: Well, these are watches of older times. But history repeats so does the designs! Now watches with rectangular dials are popular again. It gives a feel of vintage style.
  • Slight of Bling: watches with pearl face and stones have taken over fashion again. If you’re a lady who loves sparkly jewelry, you can consider these watches.
  • Logomania: This watch has taken over everywhere now. The black strap and brand signature is fav to all.

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Things to look for while identifying a watch brand

When you are going to buy something, you may don’t want to pay for only the brand value. Sometimes the brand name itself is not enough to serve you.

That’s why what’s inside is essential to look at. Here are a few things that you should consider while identifying watch brands:

  • Compare the quality according to the price

Well, there are many brands that provide good quality at an affordable price. There is no use of buying something because of the brand value, which doesn’t provide you with good quality. So always try to compare the quality and the price beforehand.

  • Notice the crystal’s quality

Crystals are the top transparent part of a watch, which protects the dial from getting damaged. Usually, two materials are used in crystals. There are mineral and sapphire crystals.

Mineral crystals are cheaper and get scratches quickly. On the other hand, sapphire crystals come at relatively high prices but have scratch-proof properties.

Even if you buy a high-quality watch, the crystal might be made of mineral elements. To avoid scratches, you should always choose a watch that is built with sapphire crystals.

  • Belt Quality

Most of the branded watches are made of leather belts. Nowadays, silicon belts are popular again. Even some of the watch belts are made of chains.

Choose the belt quality wisely because if it doesn’t last long, the watch can’t serve you for a more extended period.

  • Weight

Always go for a watch which has lightweight. If the watch comes in heavy, it will cause fatigue in your wrist in long time usage. Watches that come in less weight look stylish too. Now it’s a trend to wear lightweight watches.

  • The Material of the Watch

Though brand watches come with the best versatility of materials, you should always consider your preferred material while buying the watch. Stainless steel has taken a significant area of the watch brands until now.

The stainless property serves the purpose of using the clock roughly. If you want a lightweight watch, you can consider titanium as the watch material.

Moreover, gold and ceramics are well utilized as watch built materials too. You have to choose the fabric according to your personal preference for specifications.


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Watches can be used for your fashion purposes apart from the primary purpose of knowing the time. Now people look for watches that match the fashion era the most.

So, to keep in touch with the style, you need to know about the brand of the watch. That’s why our guide on how to identify a watch brand is a piece that might help you.

If you have read until now, you’re on the way to get your best piece of a branded watch!

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