How Much are Invicta Watches Really Worth?

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Are you thinking of buying an Invicta watch, but have doubts about whether the accessory is perfect? Well, Invicta has a very miscellaneous collection of watches.

This diversity allows almost every customer to fulfill their specific watch needs. All the product they produce are made with very high-quality materials and looks snappy and eye-catching.

So if you are on the market for a timekeeping companion, Invicta watch seems like a great choice. But before throwing your money to your vendor, you must be wondering how much are Invicta watches really worth.

Let’s go through this together find out ourselves. So, stay tuned!

Invicta watch price

Invicta is called the “affordable luxury brand” of watches, and for good reasons also. Invicta produces luxurious looking watches which will give any other brand a run for their money. But they are at the same time very much affordable. It’s not a new issue, users of the watch around the globe know this well.

Let’s check some popular Invicta watches to get a clear idea of their pricing.

Invicta pro driver series

With a considerable resemblance to the Rolex submariner watches, this series of watches are made with a famous Japanese movement on the inside. Yet you can get your hand on one of them for only 200 US dollars.

Choreograph watches from Invicta

Invicta is probably the only company that can give you an excellent quality Chronograph watches for 100 US dollars.

But you can spend more and get a more magnificent designer collection. But it is still noteworthy that a chronograph watch series price starts only from 100 US dollars.

Gold plated watches

This company used to make 23k gold plating and slowly shifted to 18k gold plating now. For a luxurious premium gold plated watch with vintage design, you have to spend around 1000 to a maximum of 2000 Us dollars.

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Are Invicta Watches Worth It?

The answer is simple: if it wasn’t right, Invicta wouldn’t be among the best-selling watch brands in the world.

Invicta watches demonstrate excellent performance in assembly tests and wear resistance tests that guarantee product performance even after the warranty period has expired.

The accessories also show good results in the stress tests, which evaluate how the watch reacts to different movements.

The waterproof models are tested to see the depth of the watch without water entering the machinery.


  • Invicta offers mazing machine quality, finish, and price compatibility.
  • Excellent quality materials are used in the manufacture of brand watches.
  • Most models offer water resistance.
  • It combines a stainless steel base with mineral glass coating.

Why is Invicta watches so cheap?

Now that you know how much Invicta watches are really worth, you may be wondering about the reason behind this low price. Trust me when I tell you that you are not the only one.

Invicta watches are some of the best selling watches online, yet they are relatively cheap.

And the reason behind this is the low manufacturing cost. Even though they are a swiss company, they do the assembly of the watches on countries where the labor wage is meager.

This eventually reduced their production cost, and as a result, they can now deliver premium watches at a very inexpensive rate.

Features of the Invicta watches

The amount of features they offer for this price range is wondrous. Some of the features worth mentioning are,

  • Luxurious design.
  • Make use of some of the best automatic movements.
  • Mainly combines a relatively big dial with classic stainless steel casing.
  • Excellent eye for details in the design.
  • Bright luminescent watch hands.
  • Water resistance.
  • Make use of excellent build quality with the use of materials like titanium.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy An Invicta Watch Replica?

At the time of purchase, it is essential to opt for an original Invicta watch, because although it is more expensive, its quality and durability are unmatched.

After all, the product is made of sturdy materials undergoing quality testing. An original Invicta watch can last for decades.

Make no mistake, as faithful as it may seem, the replica is fake, and its operation is different from that of an original Invicta watch. It is not long before the first defects appear, requiring repair and parts costs.

To not buy a replica instead of the original product, you need to know some details:

  • Check the watch (the mechanism that works by rotating the hands of the watch).
  • Check the serial number indicated and compare it to see if it is the same reported on the official Invicta website.
  • If possible, analyze the product box and see if it has an embossed name on the outside, with a soft protective cushion and a plain flannel (used to clean the watch).

Final thoughts

The very affordable price of Invicta watches does not affect its quality. If you are an old collector of watches, you may feel repulsive of the Invicta watches because they tend to copy designs from other top-rated brands.

But if you are just looking for a premium watch to wear and show off, without having to spend a lot of money, then Invicta watches are worth your money.

So, hopefully, you got your answer on how much are Invicta watches really worth. If you have any more queries on this topic, let us know in the comment below. We love you to hear your opinion.

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