How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

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Have you ever wondered how long do watch batteries last? This is a common question most watch user asks. We gathered some useful information to answer this question. Read this article below to find out the answer.

So, how long does a watch batteries last? A watch battery can be last on average 3 to 4 years.

Moreover, it can be as high as six years and as low as two years, it depends on the model of the watch, as well as the functions and how often those functions you use.

Now, let’s have a broader look at this topic. Shall we?

Causes That Effects On Battery Life

Well, then let’s talk about details about some causes that you should know to get the answer.

Watch Model

The model of your watch is a factor in effecting your watch battery life. Not all watches provide the same battery life. Every model provides some features in your watch, and it affects the battery life.

To give an example, if you have a digital watch and it has a pretty strong backlight, then it will use up more battery power whereas a weaker backlight will use less energy.

Though, some watch manufacturing companies are building better digital watches which will give you a better battery with a longer life. Some watches can give you ten years of longer battery life.

Hence, you can buy a high-cost watch if you want to get a better battery. It will last longer than other cheap watches. Also, if you are a heavy user, you need a better watch to get a better battery life.

Vacheron Constanin

We have written on a few models.


Some watch has a circuitry system that provides more feature in a digital watch. It allows a few settings in a watch.

Extra circuitry can use more power from your watches battery. Also, using this feature will lower the battery life of your watch. Some times it requires more than a single battery to power it.

Using Alarm

Using alarm in your watch can lower your watch battery life. Alarm and backlight are the biggest battery draining features in a watch, and you can notice in most of the digital watch.

Tissot Women's T0482172705700 T-Race Black Watch

This feature drains battery life so fast that you can’t imagine. You can call it the worst trait for the watch battery.

The more you use this feature, the faster you lose the battery life. If you use heavy backlight and Alarm features, your watch battery will fully be drained in a matter of years.

The Age of The Battery

The battery from a brand new watch will last much longer than the battery from a watch that sitting on the shelf.

The more time a watch keeps sitting on a shelf, the more battery power it loses. Though it will take a long time to lose it all control, like around ten years, it will fail.

Again, using five years old battery will not help the watch to last much longer. It will be drained faster than a 1-year-old battery.

Batteries, which released at the latest time are the best. So, keep an eye on the time when it comes from the company, or you can check the date it made. By doing this, you can get a watch with better battery life.

The Age of The Watch

A brand-new watch always has the best quality. It has the spic-and-span new parts and also fresh new circuits.

But, when you will use an old watch, it will not give its full ability. Because the more time passes, the parts and the circuits become old and degrade.

For this reason, your watch will use more power, and it will drain the battery faster. At this rate, your watch battery will not last longer than a usual watch battery does.

Water Damage and Corrosion of Your Watch

If somehow, your watch faces water damage or corrosion, then it will hamper on your watch and battery life.

So be careful to prevent this from happening if you want to last long your watch and watch battery.

Using Analog Watch

Using an analog watch will not help to last your watch battery longer. It drains too much energy from a battery.

It has some gears and moving parts that need energy to work. You can’t stop using too much power to prevent your battery life.

It does need the power to move. Otherwise, it will stop. And, for using too much power for gears and parts, the battery loses its power so fast.

Analog Watch & Digital Watch, which watch battery lasts a long time?

Well, we talked details above about the Analog watch and the Digital watch battery life. If we compare these two, then obviously the digital watch going to win, I mean, the Digital watch will last longer.

Why will Digital watch last longer? Because the Digital watch has no gears or any extra parts that need to move while it is on. That being the case, it does not require any additional power like an Analog watch.

Again, you can say that the Digital watch has many features and circuits that use power from the battery. But analog watch has no features like this.

You are right, the digital watch has features and circuits that need the power to access, but you can customize those features. Again you can prevent enormous battery power by not using those features.

On the other hand, you can’t customize your use in an analog watch. So here’s digital watch has an advantage more than analog watch to prevent more battery life.

Therefore, you can use a digital watch instead of an analog watch if you want to last your watch battery longer. Read more on types of watches.


No fixed time can define your watch battery life. It is dependable on a few things, including you. Your using habit will always effect on that. So, try to avoid heavy use of your watch.

That’s all we have on how long do watch batteries last. Did you find this guide helpful? Share it on your social handles to spread knowledge among others!

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