Do Solar Watch Last Forever?

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What if you have a watch, that never runs out of battery? Even if you use it year after year, the battery will never run out of charge. Can you guess the name of the watch? Yes, you are right. These watches are called Solar Watch.

Solar watches are possibly the most reputable watches when we are talking about exact timekeeping.

But the question is Do Solar Watch last forever? Well, the answer is so simple. The solar watch would last forever if we exposed it to light regularly.

Read the whole article to the end to know all your basic questions.


Do solar watch last forever? Is it possible?

As we mentioned before the solar watch can last forever if you exposed it to light continuously. Solar watches charge ever the watch is exposed to either artificial or natural sunlight.

The energy they took from sunlight stored in a Lithium battery so that solar watches can perform in the dark as well.

The lithium batteries can reserve an adequate amount of energy to run the watch for 30 days to 3170 days (more than eight years). Most of the solar watches also have a secondary battery which can hold up to 85% of its charge.

Even if solar watches aren’t in direct sunlight all the time, they can work for a long time. To know how solar watches, work first, we should know how solar power works.


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The way Solar Power Works

Because of the conversion from natural light into electricity in the photovoltaic cells of the solar panel, the solar watch can work for a long time. The process of transformation of light into power is so simple.

  • Any kind of light like natural, artificial, or fluorescent light bulbs is activated the solar panels and commence the production of electricity from the light.
  • The light is exploited by a semiconducting material, generally silicon. Then the electron starts loose from silicone.
  • The flows of electrons forming electricity. The silicon in the solar panel array into two layers positive and negative. That causes loose particles from silicon and flows in one direction and creates a direct current.
  • This current is transmitted into a metal panel and then transferred into the wire. And this electricity is used to charge the lithium battery.

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Lithium-ion Battery

Though Gilbert Lewis invented the initial chemistry beneath lithium-ion batteries in 1912, they didn’t become thoroughly used until 1990, when they started used in laptops and cell phones.

Standard batteries generate current by a chemical reaction that works in only one direction. As a result, when the chemical reaction did the battery is no longer necessary and should throw away.

On the other hand, the lithium battery can be charged and used again. They can be recharged about hundreds of times and last up to 10-12 years. They can store energy in the form of lithium-ion.

Electron flows through the wire in the opposite direction and creating an electrical current.

Backup Battery

We already know that the lithium battery charge from sunlight or any artificial light and they can hold a charge for a long time besides this solar watch also has an extra battery for backup.

The experiment shows us that this backup battery can hold up to 80% of its charge up to 10-12 years. That means if you keep your watch away from lights for a long time, it can still work for another one month or a few months.

Power Saving Mood

Many solar watches have a power-saving property that accommodates the clock to save energy when light is not available.

In saving mode, the clock halts the continuous supply of energy. So that power can be preserved to maintain its function for a long time.

Reliability of Solar Watch

Watches which are not lead by solar system occasionally run at shabby power. When a standard battery is almost empty and needs to be changed, the motor can run at low capacity. Because the engine runs at an actual rate to maintain accurate time.

Solar watches do not have any problems like this. Because they can recharge any time anywhere if they are exposed to light. Only in extreme conditions, they work at the almost empty battery.

The pros and cons of solar watch

Though these watches are available since the 1970s, they are still not very popular like regular battery-powered watches. If you want to purchase a solar watch, it is necessary to know the pros and cons.


  • You don’t have to think about the battery lifespan of solar watches. It is effortless to charge.
  • They are easy to use. Because they do not need any regular charge and rarely need maintenance.
  • They are Eco friendly and do not contain any toxic or corrosive substances like cadmium and heavy metal.


  • The price of solar watches is high than a regular watch. The manufacturer is trying to improve the quality and make the price more affordable. But this cost may save the money you waste into buying the battery every few months.

The time required to charge a Solar Watch

The time depends on a few factors.

  • Variety of light: Sunlight charges it faster than artificial light.
  • Intensity of light: Bright and sunny light charge your solar-powered watch faster than dull and cloudy sunlight.
  • Sometimes time depends on the absorption capability of the solar panel. High absorption solar panels take less time to charge.

In general, it takes 2-3 hours under sunlight to fully charge your solar watch.


In summary, if you want to buy a watch that needs no battery every month and needs no maintenance and you have looking for the answer to do solar watch last forever?

Well, you hope that you’ve got your answer from this guide. If you do, then let us know your observation in the opinion box below.

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