Disadvantages of Wristwatch You Need to Know

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We all know about the advantages or benefits of wristwatches. But, do you know that wristwatches have disadvantages too?

It may sound a bit strange, but it is very true, indeed. Watches are becoming part and parcel of our everyday life, especially for those who are very much fond of fashion and gorgeous outfits.

But, watches do have some cons too, and a watch lover needs to know them too. So, are you willing to know the disadvantages of a wristwatch? Let’s dive in then:

Disadvantages of a wristwatch: Brief Guide

Here’re some of the principal disadvantages of wristwatches:

⦁ Why you shouldn’t look for wristwatches

It favors simplicity. It is one less object to hold on to—one more step in reducing possessions.

You cannot lose it. You won’t have to waste time looking for it. You will not spend on batteries. You will not spend time buying it, choosing it.

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⦁ Redundant in a way

The wristwatch is redundant. There are watches everywhere: on the computer, on the laptop, on the mobile, on the street watches, on the wrists of the people who are close to you.

A watch is an object with a single function. For the economy of means, you may prefer to carry another object that incorporates that function, if you have to be continuously informed of the time it is.

You will become more flexible in the use of time. You will stop trying to put artificial limits on tasks. They will last what they have to last, without apriorisms. Maybe much less than you expected, maybe much more. –

⦁ Hampers your flexibility

Not wearing a watch allows you to be guided or organized more by internal rhythms than by external ones. You will not control your time to the minute, but in return, you will control your life more.

It favors the simplification in the organization. It will discourage you from segmenting your activities excessively. You will reduce the feeling of wasting time.

⦁ Might fall you in distinction

It can be a sign of distinction. Presuming that you are very busy or that you don’t have a spare minute is no longer a sign of status.

The distinguished, the difficult, the striking, the amazing thing is to be able to have free time when you want, to be able to chat with a friend without ever being late.

Because you have no place to go or nothing to do urgently, owning your own time is a luxury available to very few. Not wearing a watch will strengthen that impression.

⦁ You can lose your focus

You will not be able to create the feeling of being a person who is focused on the people in front of him and the tasks at hand.

The interlocutors will feel ignored; they will feel that you are not giving them your attention. It can be a major problem for you to be honest.

⦁ Impact on social life

If you don’t have a wristwatch, you can ask the time as an excuse to address a person. Your social life will increase; you will be able to multiply the number of interactions with other human beings.

You will become more aware of the natural environment. The position of the sun can temporarily guide you.

You will assume a more relaxed pace of life. Combined the habit of not wearing a wristwatch with the dating rule will achieve a slowing down effect on your life and release of stress.

You will not rush until the last moment to leave for the meeting, the airport, or the appointment. You will necessarily go out with much more time and free yourself from a source of stress.


⦁ It can be annoying.

If you are not in an urban environment, there will be fewer watches available. But in a non-urban setting or on vacation, why do you want to know what time it is?

The watch weighs. It hinders the movement of the wrist. Therefore, a watch can be annoying.

⦁ Consumes valuable time

If you don’t wear a watch, you will save 2.5 days of your life. You have to put it on every morning and take it off every night.

Let’s put 5 seconds for each operation. Let’s put twice a day, 365 days a year in a life of 60 years. This is 5 x 2 x 365 x 60 = 219,000 seconds, about 60 hours, 2.5 days of your life.

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⦁ Hampers your intuition

If you don’t wear a wristwatch, you will improve your intuition. Once you get used to not wearing the watch, you can play — from time to time — to guess what time it is.

You can check how accurately you can sense the approximate time. Ask yourself, “What time is it now?” And, instead of thinking or calculating, expect an emotional response that is not based on any consideration or memory.

It is best to say the first thing that comes to mind. Over time, you will be able to know the time without a clock with an accuracy of +/- 5 minutes.

You will stop watching television programs that start at a certain time. You will reduce your intake of mass media, reducing intoxication.

You can try it as an experiment, just to see what you feel and what you discover. It is one more way to cultivate an experimental mindset.

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We all like wearing luxurious and well-designed watches. But, we need to understand that watches do have their disadvantages too. Therefore, before buying a wristwatch, keep these factors in mind.

So, that’s all on the disadvantages of a wristwatch. If you have any problem with understanding any point of this guide, you can comment to let us know in the comment section below.

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