Different Types Of Watches You Must Need to Learn

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The watch is fundamental when it comes to accessories. They always bring a touch of elegance to our outfits. It has become the necessary accessory to complete the look of men and women around the world. It’s not from today, it’s already been a long time we are going through this way.

Are you looking for a watch? Currently, there are endless types of watches to choose from. Here in this guide, we tell you about the different types of watches and their main characteristics, so that you are always right in your choice. Stay Tuned!

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A Brief Guide on Types of Watches

The first way to classify different watches is based on how they congratulate us on time: the analog watch, the digital watch, and the hybrid watch. Then the classification of the types of wristwatches is based on their characteristics and the functionalities they offer us.

If you do not know what type of watch fits your style, then we tell you everything you should know about the different types of watches. Find the perfect watch for you.

Analog Watch

Analog watches use a mechanism based on two hands to show the time: a long handle that tells us the time, and a shorter handle that tells us the minutes.

This type of watch has a large number of followers. They are ideal watches for those with classic tastes. It is a convenient watch, perfect for everyday use.

It consists of a watch that brings a unique touch of elegance. It is available in a wide variety of designs and materials, thus adapting to each one’s tastes. Its main advantage is its simplicity when putting it into operation.

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Digital Watch

Digital watches use a screen to tell them what time it is. Depending on how you configure your digital watch, you will have the option of viewing it in 24h or 12h format.

These types of watches were the big trend in watches during the 1980s when the analog watch lost much of its demand. Currently, both types of watches coexist, dividing their fans into two clear camps.

The digital watch is very well received by people dedicated to the world of sports. The most current clocks offer additional information on the hour, such as the steps you walk during the day, information about your pulsations, and many more options.

Automatic Watch

The operation of automatic watches is based on the union of the principle of kinetic energy together with gears. We know that it is a somewhat complicated concept to understand.

It is enough for you to understand that it uses the properties of energy to measure time in hours, minutes, and seconds accurately.

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What is an automatic watch made of? The fundamental elements that make up this type of watch that help it function are the following:

A sheet of metal that is rolled to accumulate energy and transmit it to the rest of the mechanism while winding it.

The undercarriage receives energy from the sheet metal. This shoot is made up of a series of gears that break down the energy and connect it directly to the hands of the clock.

The oscillator works as a doser, containing the excess energy from the undercarriage of the mechanism. Thus, the movement of the handles is constant.

Quartz watch

The quartz watch is a type of watch that, thanks to its precision, can offer the exact time and with straightforward maintenance. It is very uncommon among the mass peoples and operates very well.

Its operation is based on a quartz clamp, which is in charge of generating the impulses that help start the hands of the clock. Use a battery as an energy source.

It is a watch with high precision in terms of time stamping. Its price is relatively lower, and its maintenance is effortless to carry out. Generally, it is based on replacing the spent battery with a new one.


Sports watch

Sport is part of the daily habits of many people. Nowadays, more and more men and women dedicate a particular time to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

They are simple in design and usually very comfortable to wear. A unique thing about sports watches is they add so many benefits for athletes. So, it has become a regular outfit for them.

Sports watches are perfect to wear during sports and also with casual-style sport looks. These types of watches follow simple design lines that will complete your outfit correctly.


These are the primary types of watches available nowadays. Each of them has unique features, characteristics and adds utmost benefits for you. You need to choose the best one that suits your taste and routine perfectly.

So, what is your favorite type of watch? Comment below and share your opinion with us. We also love to hear from others.

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