Daniel Wellington Story | How the Brand Got Amazing Success

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The most selling watches in the market are mostly from famous brands. Some old companies are selling the majority number of wristwatches. It was almost impossible to establish a new business in the watch industry from scratch. But ‘Daniel Wellington’ has done this and proved anything could be possible with the right style and quality products.

The Daniel Wellington Story is different from the typical watch brands. It became too successful within a few years. The brand that started in 2011 has made over $220 million in 2016! Unlike expensive brands, they sell stylish yet classy watches for their targeted customers.

How the Company Started?

The most impressive fact about Daniel Wellington is how the idea came across the flounder’s thought. The founder of this watch brand is Filip Tysander. He is from Sweden and got the idea of establishing a brand of watches when he was moving around the world. Like any typical Swedish, he also started his world tour journey after finishing high school. During his tour, he met a British gentleman who was wearing a watch with a NATO strap.

The watch of the British person impressed Filip Tysander. He immediately started thinking of establishing his own watch company with a style like that watch. This is the beginning story of the Watch Brand Daniel Wellington.

The Secret of the Brand Name

People often get confused about how the brand name is Daniel Wellington or DW while the founder’s name is Filip Tysander. Well, as we discussed in the beginning, the person who was wearing a Rolex with a NATO strap, his name is Daniel Wellington. As the idea came from his style, the founder of DW has taken the name as the brand name.

Initial Investment in the Company

The success of Daniel Wellington or DW didn’t come overnight. It is the hard work of the founder. Before starting the journey of DW, Filip Tysander tried to establish two different companies with other products. Unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky enough to make a huge profit from those projects.

Filip Tysander started his career by doing different jobs. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to continue any of these jobs and started his business study in the school. After completing business school, he mainly started the business. From the profit of his other companies, he invested $24,000 in Daniel Wellington.

Though the amount of the investment seems to be very poor, the founder actually built an $800 million company with this tiny investment.

Classic Style of Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington indeed sells affordable watches, but the thing that mostly attracts people is the style of the watches. DW primarily started selling watches with interchangeable NATO straps. Instead of traditional design, they have brought some unique style. People loved the new style a lot.

Most of the watches from DW are classy and unique. However, after the massive success of the watches with NATO strap, they are now also selling watches with a mesh strap and leather strap watches. Whatever they make, they keep a touch of classiness that customers like. Most of the watches from the brand are suitable for all purposes.

Success in the Business

People often think Daniel Wellington became successful just because of quality products and unique style. But the truth is, they have chosen a unique marketing style that helped them to keep a 50% margin for each watch.

Instead of traditional advertising, they tried influential marketing. Though the influence marketing is now a common term, back in the days, this was not common. But the founder Filip Tysander intelligently applied the trick.

Though the brand has used different channels of social media, they mostly focused on Instagram marketing to reach massive people and the targeted audience. Back in the days, Instagram didn’t have many rules and regulations. There was no obligation of mentioning that the post is sponsored. So, people got influenced easily by celebrities.

Things that Brought Success for Daniel Wellington

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is the best place to find targeted social traffic. Daniel Wellington picked some influencers who have tons of followers. Some of them have even millions of followers.

DW contacted them for social promotion. The work of the influencers was saying the good thing about the watch, telling the uniqueness, and sharing photos of the watches. While they started sharing the images, people like the unique style of NATO strap. Also, people were curious to know the details of the price and visited the product page.

Daniel Wellington chose influencers who have watch loving followers that might like new styles of watches. As a result, they made tons of sales within a few days.


Once people started using watches from DW, they liked the style. Better user-experience within a low price is another key point of the success of DW. Besides the classy look, watches were so good. The durability, performance, and sustainability won the heart of customers. Customers recommended the watches to more people and DW got more sales.

Better Relationship with Customers

Daniel Wellington knew that if they can make a good relationship with customers, they can reach more people. They have taken care of the customers by providing great support. Also, different coupons and promotional prices from the brand helped to make better relations with customers. Like any other consumer, watch enthusiasts also like to be treated well by the brand. DW has done this thing perfectly.


It is clear from the Daniel Wellington story that if a new brand comes in the market with a unique style and better customer support, it is possible to establish the brand. DW saved money on advertising by walking for influencer marketing instead of the traditional advertising system. As a result, with better quality, they can keep a profitable margin for each product.

Customer engagement for the watches was beyond expectations. People liked both the style and pricing. The combination of proper marketing and classy product brought success for the brand.

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