The Comparison Between Mvmt Vs Daniel Wellington

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You could spend thousands of dollars on a single wristwatch. But is it necessary to spend too much money when you want a unique style? The answer is no! Brands like Daniel Wellington and Mvmt are making amazing wristwatches, and they are offering affordable prices.

If you need to choose a brand from these two, it could be difficult. Both these brands have some cool wristwatches with amazing features. For instance, Daniel Wellington brings watches with a NATO strap that looks cool. This Mvmt Vs Daniel Wellington will discuss the details for each brand so that you could decide what to do.

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History of the Brands

Before we compare the brands, you should know the history of them. None of them is an old brand. Daniel Wellington started before Mvmt.

History of Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watchmaker company that was founded in 2011. The founder of the brand is Filip Tysander who is a young entrepreneur and a successful businessman. The brand mainly focused on manufacturing stylish watches for young people. The founder of DW (Daniel Wellington) got the idea of the watch from a British person named Daniel Wellington. The brand name as well as the style of watches came from him.

Daniel Wellington got huge success within a short time and sold over millions of watches all around the world. Currently, DW watches are available in 25+ countries and have tons of customers.

DW uses the quartz mechanism for watches which is a Japanese technology. Though their watches are not as exclusive brands as Rolex, still they are doing great because of their targeted products. They know exactly what people are looking for.

Daniel Wellington is one of the fastest-growing watch companies which is selling its products all over Europe and in some other locations.

Mvmt History

The Mvmt watch company started watch manufacturing in 2013 which means they started two years later than Daniel Wellington. The founder of the brand is Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante. They mainly became popular because of their innovative products. While old companies are making the same style watches, Mvmt started making stylish and trendy products.

Like Daniel Wellington, they also got popularity within a short time. However, the brand didn’t start like DW. It was a crowdfunding project which got funding from the campaign Indiegogo. They focused on top-quality products but with affordable pricing.

After getting huge success in selling watches, they started new branches in a variety of locations. In 2016, they started manufacturing sunglasses besides watches. In August 2018, Movado bought this watch company for $100 million.

Movado then started investing more in the products to bring a unique style and have improved the performance of watches.

Features Based Comparison of the Brands

Trendy Products

For both of these brands, the targeted audience is the young generation. Daniel Wellington sells watches with its classic NATO strap which is interchangeable. They do have both classy dress watches and casual watches.

On the other hand, Mvmt sells watches that have a unique style. They are known for bringing trendy products. Innovative watches from the brand get more sales.


Most people liked the brands because they offer user-friendly pricing. While traditional watch brands bring products that everybody can’t afford, these brands kept the pricing within a limit. If your budget is under $200 and wants to have both style and longevity, Daniel Wellington and Mvmt both are best.

However, despite the same technology in the watches, the price for DW could be more as they focus on new styles.


Besides the dial, the strap of the wristwatch plays an important role. DW is already known for its unique straps. In both brand stores, you would find watches with a variety of straps. We would recommend checking the features and the recommendation of the brands.

For instance, if you are looking for a watch to wear with a dress, check the product description if it is saying that it is a dress watch. Mvmt doesn’t offer interchangeable straps but they have their own uniqueness in the straps.


Want to use the same wristwatch for years? Then consider the durability. The build-quality of Daniel Wellington is good but it is not the best. The crystal may get scratches easily. Also, it could break the crystal when getting hurt. The same is true for Mvmt. To avoid such issues, read the product description carefully before placing an order.

Benefits Of Wearing Watch


Everyone loves to get a discount on products. Mvmt and Daniel Wellington know that very well. That is why they offer discounts, coupons, and other exciting things to grab more customers. However, when you are getting a discount on a wristwatch, don’t think you are getting a good deal.

In most cases, the offer price or the discount price is just a marketing game. The brands play with human psychology. You never know what the actual production cost of the watches is. For example, Daniel Wellington even keeps the margin up to 50%.

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Wrapping Up: Which One Is Better?

It’s really hard to decide which one is better. If you are looking for quality products and need a large collection of watches, Mvmt would be a good choice. As the company started as a crowdfunding project, they initially invested enough in R&D. They have unique products at the best price.


On the other hand, if you are looking for unique watches and want to be different from others, Daniel Wellington should be your pick. The brand uses some really cool straps that look awesome when wearing.

The difference in pricing for the products is almost zero. From both brands, you could have the best wristwatch with great style. However, people often criticize DW because of their pricing. Some people claim the watches are overpriced. But, if you know how the fashion world moves, you know that nothing is over-priced when it is adding value to your style.

The overall discussion proves that both of these brands have some advantages and disadvantages. You should visit the stores of the brands to see how the style differs.

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