why analog watches are better? (4 unique benefits)

why analog watches are better

€here we know why analog watches are better.As the digital age carries on and more people rely on their smartphones to tell them the time, the number of those who wear analog watches dwindles. However, I believe there are many reasons why someone should choose to wear an analog watch over a digital one.

how do analog watches work?

Analog watches rely on the principle of mechanical timekeeping, which uses an oscillating balance wheel and hairspring to measure time. The balance wheel is connected to the gears that drive the watch hands, and as it swings back and forth, it causes the hands to rotate at a set rate.

The hairspring is a delicate spring located inside the watch movement that provides energy to keep the balance wheel swinging. It’s calibrated to a certain length, which determines how fast or slow the watch runs. When the watch is running, the hairspring expands and contracts with each swing of the balance wheel, sending pulses of energy to keep it in motion.

how do analog watches know the date?

There are three main components to an analog watch movement – the baseplate, balance wheel assembly and escapement. The baseplate is typically made from brass or another metal, and it houses all of the other components of the watch movement.

The balance wheel assembly consists of a balance wheel and hairspring, which work together to oscillate at a regular interval. The escapement is what allows the watch to ‘tick’, and it consists of a gear system that moves the balance wheel assembly back and forth.

The baseplate, balance wheel assembly and escapement work together to keep track of time. The baseplate provides a stable platform for the other components to operate on, and the balance wheel assembly oscillates at a regular interval. The escapement allows the watch to ‘tick’, and it advances the balance wheel assembly back and forth.

Together, these three components keep track of time in an analog watch.

4 benefits of analog watches:

There are several benefits that come with analog watches as compared to digital watches. These include:

Analog watches tend to be more accurate than digital watches, especially when it comes to keeping time. This is because they don’t rely on batteries, which can die or run out of power.

Analog watches are also generally more durable than digital watches. This is because they don’t have any small electronic components that can break easily.

Another benefit of analog watches is that they tend to look more classic and elegant than digital watches. This is because they often have a simpler design and don’t have any big, bulky buttons or displays.

Finally, analog watches are usually less expensive than digital watches. This is because they don’t have any complex electronic components that need to be manufactured. 

Overall, analog watches have several advantages over digital watches. They are more accurate, durable, and elegant. They also tend to be less expensive. If you’re looking for a classic watch that will last you a long time, an analog watch is a great option.

analog vs digital watches:

the difference between analog and digital watches are clear.Analog watches have a traditional time-keeping mechanism, with hands that point to markings on a dial. Digital watches have an electronic display that shows the time in numbers or symbols. Some digital watches also have hands that point to the time, but this is usually done via a LED or other type of display, rather than mechanically.

analog watches tend to have a more classic and elegant look than digital watches. Additionally, many people find analog watches easier to read because the numbers and hands are often larger and more visible than on a digital watch. Finally, some people simply prefer the ticking sound of an analog watch over the beeping sound of a digital watch.

why analog watches are better
analog watches are better

why analog watches are better?

For some facts, analog watches are often seen as being better than digital ones. analog watches tend to have a more classic and timeless look. Additionally, many people find them to be easier to read, since you don’t have to worry about scrolling through different menus or screens. Analog watches also tend to be less expensive than their digital counterparts, making them a great option for budget-minded shoppers. Finally, they require less power to operate, so you don’t have to worry about your watch dying on you mid-day.

1. how long do analog watches last?

including the quality of the watch and how well it is cared for. Generally speaking, however, analog watches can last for many years if they are properly maintained.

the most important thing you can do to prolong its life is to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. Regularly wiping down the case and strap will help to keep it looking like new. If your watch gets wet, be sure to dry it off as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

2. how much voltage do analog watches need?

Voltage requirements for analog watches can vary depending on the type of watch. For example, quartz watches typically need a voltage between 1.5 and 3 volts, while LED watches may require up to 12 volts. However, most analog watches use a battery that is around 1.5 volts.

3. why does military use analog watches?

Analog watches are still used by the military because they’re less likely to malfunction than digital watches.

Analog watches have a simple, reliable design that is less prone to errors than digital watches. They also don’t require batteries, which can be a valuable feature in field conditions where battery power may be scarce.

4. why are kids watches analog?

kids watches are often analog. because, analog watches are simpler to use and read than digital watches. This can be helpful for kids who are just learning to tell time. analog watches tend to be more durable than digital watches.Finally, analog watches usually cost less than digital watches, which is another consideration when choosing a watch for a child.

5. why pilot watches are analog?


pilots need to be able to quickly and easily read the timeAnalog watches are pilot watches because they’re easier to read in low-light conditions. The watch hands and numbers on an analog watch reflect light differently than digital displays, making them easier to see at night or in other low-light conditions. Additionally, most analog watches have a face that’s slightly larger than digital displays, which can also make them easier to read.

6. why cheap watches digital, expensive analog?

an analog watch contains more moving parts than a digital watch, and so it is more complex to manufacture. plus, an analog watch must be precisely calibrated in order to keep time accurately, while a digital watch can rely on electronic mechanisms to keep time.

Therefore, the materials and labor required to produce an analog watch are often more expensive than those necessary to produce a digital watch.thats why we see often cheap watches digital, expensive analog.

7. why do analog watches have a revolving bezel?

analog watches have a revolving bezel. it helps the wearer keep track of time elapsed. For example, if someone is timing how long it takes to cook dinner, they can use the bezel to keep track of the minutes.

Another reason for the revolving bezel is that it can be used as a rudimentary compass. By aligning the bezel with the sun, one can get a general sense of which direction they are facing.

Finally, the rotating bezel can also help protect the watch crystal from scratches.

Final words:

most analog watches should last for several years before needing any major repairs or servicing. Like any piece of jewelry, it’s important to keep your watch clean and free of scratches or other damage to maintain its appearance and longevity. As long as you do that, your analog watch should give you many years of enjoyment!

Types of Watch Straps you Need to Know

types of watch straps

A watch without a strap is just a small, oddly shaped clock; isn’t it? To feel a watch, undoubtedly the straps are practical ones for fashion and comfort. Here, a great fact laying with the components the straps made of.

So, which types of watch straps are there as most commonly? Well, nowadays, varieties of ingredients are used to make a strap perfect for specific applications.

Various types of animal’s Leather, Metal, Ceramic, Textile and Elastomers materials, etc. are getting popularity in the straps market.

However, it would best if you get an in-depth overview of the types of watch straps fitting for which application, before choosing one for your watch. Let’s have a deep look into it:

Most Common Types of Watch Straps

Here’re some of the most common and popular watch straps among watch lovers nowadays:

types of watch straps


Frequently when people look for a watch’s strap, what ingredient their mind immediately chooses is leather.

As a versatile element, all types of skins are used here; thus, you can find a relaxed and strength look and, of course, an aesthetically pleasing feeling with your watch.

However, you would get a lot of options while searching the types of leather for your watch as a variety of sources, available there.

See, the animals; your watch strap uses their skin!

  • Cow and Calf
  • Kangaroo
  • Alligator
  • Crocodile
  • Lizard
  • Snake; mainly python
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Goat
  • Stingray

Wait! There are matters you should be concerned about while choosing a skin type as straps. Facts rise about ethical and non-ethical uses of some of these products.

As an example, using the skin of an animal almost extinct, What do you think; is it ethical? Whatever, it’s up to you.

Now, come to the view of leather grading that you must have to consider. Only the sources won’t provide you an aesthetic feel, you know! Qualities are matters.

According to its purity, there are several grading of leather strap available in the market. Here’s the descending from highest to the lowest quality of pure leather.

  • Full-grain Leather

All the original characteristics of the leather are visible in the strap’s skin. That means the most durable and grain part of the animal’s hide is used here; in full-grain leather.

So, if you want the best one with a long-lasting impression, investing in full-grain leather would be a great decision.

  • Genuine Leather

Such a clever choice of name; isn’t it? Though this leather as straps won’t last as long as the full grains one, its quality is worth the price.

Where does this leather come from? Well, it’s from the leftovers of some leathers that are generally used to make higher-end products.

  • Bonded Leather

These are not what you are looking for, you know! No such real leather is used here but some bonded plastic, glue, and vinyl.

But yes, if you are looking for its optimistic view, I would say – it’s obtained by doing nothing wrong with the animals!

types of watch straps


Metal ingredients come with a quintessential formal look both for the watch and strap. The fitting facts may seem a bit tricky but it would be a foolish decision if you avoid the straps only for that view.

Various metals have been created over the years that give a stable and comfortable feature for watch straps and bracelets. Some of the most common metals are here.

  • Stainless steel

Nowadays, stainless steel watches seems more durable as these metals are being the most affordable one for straps making.

For sports watches, these work better. These straps are water-resistant but can accumulate dirt; thus, you need to be alert to keep these clean.

  • Titanium

The thing, people like this metal most for their timepiece, is that it’s lightweight and robust. How strong is a Titanium strap?

Well, it’s almost twice as a stainless steel one. Though it won’t break easily, it can be scratched and damaged quickly.

  • Gold

Nothing to say about its acceptability as you may know already. If you want all eyes on your watch also make an incredible portfolio, this would be a significant investment in gold straps.

A backward to buying scrap is that gold scratches easily and you need to use it carefully.

types of watch straps


What is excellent about a fabric strap is that they are totally washable and affordable. This one can give you a more casual look with various colors it comes with. And, it’s such a comfortable element to wear.

When it comes to the durability facts, I would say- these are not for wear out over time and not necessarily waterproof. However, these textile straps come with several types of material as

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere

In NATO straps, you would find the nylon most, and these fabrics make the sharp so lightweight and durable as well.

types of watch straps


Here come the straps of elastic materials such as rubber, silicone, or polyurethane.

What’s make it unique? The waterproof properties. Yes, you can clean it simply by using water, if it gets dirty.

For any outdoor activities choosing these elements as straps would be a wise choice.

  • Rubber

Often in most sports watches, rubber is used as a strap for a comfortable run. These are very soft and durable also it lets your watch straps to fit in your wrist closely.

One of the drawbacks of wearing a rubber strap is that with a formal ensemble, it might not work well.

  • Silicone

If you want to wear an eco-friendly strap, a silicone made one might be the right choice. Also, it is good in resistant high and low temperatures and has no toxicity.

However, these remain a chance to suffer wear- and -tear after a while but are cheaper as well.

  • Polyurethane

Polyurethane is an improved version of silicone with a higher strength but a less expensive feature. You are allowed to use it every outdoor activity as in driving, sports even swimming, and that’s because of its durability and flexibility.

types of watch straps


Ceramic as a watch strap has not gained such popularity yet as the other materials. But yes, it’s progressing as the element is tough to scratch and even after years it can provide you with a fresh look as it was.

The unpleasant thing is that the straps might break down of you drop it on a hard surface. Maybe you know it’s why. Yes, ceramic is not resistant to shattering.

But, don’t think it’s grave for the look and attributes. Frankly, you will feel very light on your skin with a ceramic made watch strap.

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Feel your watch with an attractive and durable strap. You know, how it’s essential to choose comfortable and long-lasting material for the belt you would buy.

Tip from us while choosing a strap – For having the original, you shouldn’t compromise the price. So, that’s it on the types of watch straps. Which is your preferred type? Let us know by commenting below!

Most Significant Benefits of a Water Resistant Watch 2021

Benefits of a Water Resistant Watch

In recent times watches are a popular accessory in terms of style. However, they have many practical benefits as well. While talking of watches, water-resistant watches are the current trend.

Well, the benefits of a water resistant watch are very convenient. It can be the right choice for those unwilling to take their watches off while swimming, showering, or dishwashing.

But it would be best if you had some ideas about how they help you. So, if you want to know more about the mechanism, let’s dive into the details.

 ifashion 1

Water Resistant vs Waterproof Watch

Waterproof is a trendy term used for wristwatches. But what is the fundamental difference between these two terms: waterproof and water-resistant?

Let’s discuss this:

A waterproof watch means it would be utterly inaccessible by the water. No matter what, it would not get affected by water in any way. But that is practically not possible. No watch can assure 100% waterproofness.

Conversely, water-resistant is a term that assures a high value of resistance from the water. Water-resistant watches can stand against water drops, sweat, and rain.

Water-resistant watches must go through the strict procedures of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

However, the term waterproof is banned by the ISO as it is misleading for consumers. ISO sets some standard methods of testing.

ifashion 2

Facts of a Water Resistant Watch

There are two types of tests conducted to test the water-resistance of a watch.

  • Dry Test
  • Wet Test

In dry testing methods, watches are tested in diverse air pressure levels. It tries to figure out if there is any air leakage. If not, the clock is water-resistant.

Wet testing demands the watch to interact with water directly. Submerging the clock into the water, air pressure is created.

The bubbles coming out of the watch decide how much water resistant the watch is. Then the watch is rated based on how the watch performs throughout the tests.

There is information regarding the water-resistance level on every water-resistant watch. The ISO determines this level.

Two terms are popularly used to address the depth of water-resistant watches. ATM stands for atmosphere, and BAR, a replacement of ATM. Both BAR and ATM are equal for 10 meters.

For example,

  • 3ATM stands for 30 meters.
  • 10ATM stands for 100 meters.

Though you cannot take the ratings literally, they determine the level of water resistance. A lower number means watches are less water-resistant. A higher number indicates the most protection from the water.

ifashion 3

Benefits of a Water Resistant Watch

There are innumerable benefits of having a water-resistant watch rather than a normal one.

If it is the rainy season and you often need to go out, a water-resistant watch is a must-have accessory for you because it is protected from water damage.

A water-resistant watch will help you be prepared for every situation during the hot summer days. You can readily go for swimming or any poolside activities.

Sweating a lot is a common problem during summer. Thus the lifespan of your regular watch decreases over time. But no worries.

There is an exception. You can go for your favorite water-resistant watch and get rid of this problem.

Moreover, you can even work out for hours and keep counting the time by the use of your watch. Don’t take the watch off as it is sweat-proof.

Water-resistant watches are made with better materials than normal ones. They absorb the moisture. Because of the high-quality components, these watches do not damage over time like the ordinary ones.

There are also some elegant features in the recent water-resistant watches. You can even use them to listen to music. Just buy the built-in MP3.

ifashion 4

Unlike ordinary watches, they do not include any terrible graphics on them. So you can get an elegant and clean visualization. Well, this is a big plus for water-resistant watches.

If you have a pet, a dog, for instance, you can get him walking even during the rain by wearing a raincoat and a water-resistant watch. Besides, you will be ready for situations like dampening its paws.

The benefits of a water-resistant watch can go on and on. If you are a swimmer or an athlete of any water-related sports, a water-resistant watch is a kind of holy grail for you.

You don’t need to take off the watch every time you get wet. Even if you are a hobbyist diver, you will love it as a regular ware to go to a pool or a beach.

Moreover, this is also an ideal choice in terms of casual lakeside encounters. We can consider it as a must-have gadget even for our everyday use.

There are a lot of people who are pretty much active. It might be difficult for them to take their watches off whenever they wash their hands frequently.

For instance, while taking a shower or washing dishes, before prayer or doing any household activities that will encounter water. A water-resistant watch is an absolute must for them.

Another benefit of water-resistant watches is that you can use these watches everywhere regardless of what you are doing.

While you are working in the office or staying home on weekends, you can choose them without hesitation. They will look equally cool on a public occasion or a private house party.

These watches are manufactured with the ability to get protected from the damage of water. So, you can use them whenever you find the possibility of facing the water.

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Final Words

The list of the benefits of a water-resistant watch is never-ending. Indeed, they are not entirely perfect. But the numerous benefits make them one of the top picks for the users.

However, it would be best to use them according to what you are doing by wearing them. Got it, right?

Also, you need to remember where you are wearing them. Only then, you can ensure the best outcome of the water-resistant watches.

Top Swiss Watch in 2022 | iFashion Review

Top Swiss Watch

The wristwatch is one of the best option for creating a great impression. But when it is about a swiss watch, you don’t even need to worry a little. Why?

Because swiss watch brands offer a perfect personality and quality timepieces. With great design, best quality, and made to last a lifetime.

If you are keen to know which one is fit for you, then you are in the perfect place. Now, let’s look at some top swiss watch in 2020 and learn what makes them unique.

So, let’s dive in:

Top Swiss Watch Brands in 2022

About 20 to 30 Swiss watches have come up in the top list of 2020. They are gorgeous, beautiful, luxury, and sustainable. Among them, we have picked a list of watches that might interest you. Here they are:

Patek Philippe

Patek Phillippe is the number one of this year’s top list. They produce the most desirable, attractive, and high-end timepieces in the whole watch world.

They are very expensive, and cost millions of dollars for their rare and luxury models. All kinds of people like them, but royal people have also preferred them throughout history.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is the oldest watch brand in the world. They are pretty, stylish, covet, and attractive.

In 1972, they changed the luxury wristwatch game when they produced the Royal Oak as they are the oldest and top brand, so they are also expensive.

But regardless of their price, it is a brand where you can put your money with all your trust.

Vacheron Constanin

Vacheron Constanin

Vacheron Constanin is the oldest watch manufactures in the world. These are more durable, stylish, pretty, and excellently designed. S

o if you are looking for a brand with a touch of history in it, Vacherin Constanin could be your choice.


Rolex, everyone’s favorite brand ever. Rolex is always popular demand, especially the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Submariner. These are the most stunning, beautiful, and eye-catching timepieces.

As their reputation describes, every single Rolex watch has a touch of a master watchmaker. So with elegant design and comfort, Rolex watches are a popular choice.


Chopard is famous for creating ladies’ watches. Now they are manufacturing their products with sustainable gold.

It’s a brand where comfort, quality, and beauty meet at the same point. And each watch matches the hand it was made for.


Piaget is the most prestigious jewellery brand, which is famous for its uniquely designed watches.

They are unique, pretty, pompous, and gorgeous. The people who look for something gorgeous and unique simultaneously, Piaget can be the choice for them.


Omega has a remarkable history. The history says, The Omega Speedmaster was worn by Buzz Aldrin in 1969 and made history the first watch on the moon.

They are fancy a little bit, but they are super stylish watch. The fantastic fact for this watch is, they are on an affordable range for many people.


Montblanc is another top listed watch brand in 2020. Their watches are on various ranges, but it is still one of the most affordable luxury watches on this list. Unique design and lasting durability are the best perks of this brand.


Hublot is known as the official watchmaker of formula 1. It is one of the younger watch brands. They produce high-quality wristwatches.

Mainly famous for their dynamic shape and design, many people prefer Hublot over other luxury watches. Though their price range is higher, they make every penny worth spending for one.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is one of the famous Swiss brands. It is high end, durable, most stylish watch brand. These watches are a fit for any situation.

Casual or not, TAG Heuer watches have been a popular choice in 2020. Though they are a trendy brand, they are amazingly affordable.


Zenith is one of the most popular luxury Swiss watch brands. It is memorable for its Pilot model, which was known as EL Primero once.

So with their dynamic design, ultimate comfort, and product quality, Zenith watches are well reputed for reasons.


Tudor is also a Swiss watch brand that is unbelievably affordable. To get the most unique, beautifully designed luxury watch at a meagre price, Tudor can be your next choice.


One of the Top Swiss Watch in 2020. This luxury watch brand is also known for its limited-edition watches, especially their coin watches.

Their models are unique and creative designs. So if one wants to wear something which will not be seen on other people’s hands, Corum is the right choice.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille is the youngest brand, which is top listed. It is known for its famous ” a racing machine on your wrist” slogan. They have taken their job in the highest form of technical art.

This brand uses many new creative ideas in its products, which made it’s brand one of the best. So for someone who wants to wear something very modern and innovative, Richard Mille is an excellent option from this list.


So these are the top swiss watch brands In 2020. Among many others, these are the most desirable, fashionable, and luxurious watch brand that you will fall in love with.

Despite some pretty affordable ones on the list, most of these products are expensive from a stock perspective. But no matter how expensive they are, quality and satisfaction can never be judged with money for sure!

Top 10 Affordable Watch Brands 2021

Affordable Watch Brands

High quality and stylish watch is an essential object nowadays. There are so many watch brands are available in the market and different online shops.

Well, this isn’t a big secret that most of us have affection after a luxury watch. But one primary concern is the budget.

Nobody wants to break the bank to buy a watch. But everybody is looking for top-quality watch brands, which won’t cost much. And that’s why you come here.

So, for your help, we are suggesting to you the most affordable watch brands available nowadays.

fossil watches1

10 Most Affordable Watch Brands

Actually, it is an arduous task to choose only 10 brands, while hundreds of renowned companies still compete.

But luckily, we have done it for you as per our research experience and collecting buyers’ reviews from a different online shop. Here we go: –


These Swiss watches company is one of the best quality mid-range budget brands. Victorinox watches are reputed for their attractive and sharp design, durability, and straightforward function.

They are made from high-quality light titanium, which gives it a classy appearance. The watches of this brand is water-resistant and perfect for snorkeling and swimming, but not for diving. Available at a lower price to a higher price.

Tissot Mens Seastar 660 1000 Automatic Watch


German watchmaking company Junkers produce a fascinating Bauhaus timepiece under £300. Fascinating, right? Junkers was established during world war two.

These timepieces have the same minimalist esthetic to those given by the more luxurious company Junghans with a lower price rate. The super gossamer and elegant design make these an excellent choice for different outfits.

Junker’s timepieces are too high quality and generally give you two years of warranty. They make a variety of sizes and designs also.

Bauhaus timepieces are genuinely slim, which is a common choice for all types of people. Overall, considering the quality and price point, Junkers is a good watch brand.


Maybe the best inexpensive watch brand all around the world. This Japanese watchmaking brand is the first choice for all men.

They are reputed for producing imperishable products that cost lower than the price of a bowl of potato.

A158 and F91W are some of their best product. They also produce G-Shock series for those people who are searching for the maximum level of durability.

If you want to buy a watch that costs less than £100, then Casio can be the perfect watch brand for you.

Daniel Wellington1


Seiko was established in 1881. This famous brand offers you some of the best quality watches that start from £10 – £10000. Though people think Seiko is out of their reach.

But Seiko offers low-cost watches to very high-cost watches. These watches are featuring stainless steel and auto movement construction.

Seiko is the top-selling watch brand company globally and gives you the Rolex vibes at a low price.


Timex is another American watch brand over 100 years of legacy. They are specialists in producing functional and stylish watches under £100.

These watches have been losing their acceptance since the early2000s. In recent times beautiful watches at low prices have brought them back in the list of the best.

They have recently released various versatile models of smartwatches in the market, the prices of which are within reach of the mass people.

Best Citizen Watches


Orient, an affiliate of the Seiko company, offers the best quality watches at low prices. The brand has been providing affordable watches in homes since the 1950s.

They started selling better watches from them at the same price to compete with other companies.

Although they offer useful quality items at low prices, their watch designs are a bit old-fashioned.


If you are looking for a food design at a low price, then you can choose Paris. This watchmaker company works to copy famous watch model and recreate them in an affordable package.

Parnis watch brands have no enriched history or prestige like other brands. All of their timepieces are contain proper specification mechanical movement and sapphire glass for at a low price.

Though it’s not original, they are the right choice for those looking for a good product at a low cost. It is way better than the fake one.


Tissot brand watches are considered as the real affordable watch. Maybe the best and most popular low-cost watchmaker.

This Swiss company makes many different kinds of classy watch made from stainless steel and starting at £100.

The company has been reliant on the marketplace for more than a hundred years and has survived during the quartz crisis, which saw some rival brands’ death.


Regarded as the genuine fashionable and artistic timepiece brand. The price of Swatch brand watches started from £100, most of the portion is made from plastic.

But they are also making stainless steel watch. We recommended the stainless steel body watch, though its price is slightly higher than the normal one. But stainless steel bodies had more durability than a plastic one.


Citizen is the most affordable watch brand for several comfortable causes. This watch brand has the most attractive feature to start with a price of £300.

People love this watch because its battery directly charges from the sunlight. They are well known for strong build-up quality and long term warranty.


Well, it’s your turn to choose a perfect one among the affordable watch brands according to your needs.

We tried to give you a complete guideline and comparison between different brands so that you can easily select the best one among them.

If you have any further questions and disagreements with our list, let us know. Share your thought and any suggestions or experience in the comment section.

Exclusive List of World Leader Watches

World Leader Watches

When Peter Henlein invented the watch in 1505, it proved to be a wonder in the world. Little did he know, his invention would still be one of the essential devices of the 21st century!

Now, you must be thinking, why are you reading this article about watches of all the world things? Well, you see, when we talk about a watch, it’s everywhere.

But, did you ever wonder about the world leader watches? All the Great Presidents worldwide, the CEO’s and all the fantastic people who are always and had always set our time apart with their luxury watches!

Inside this article, we take a closer inspection of the timepieces of some of the most prominent and most influential people from across the globe. So, let’s check out some world leader watches, shall we?

World Leader Watches


Donald Trump

The existing President of the United States of America has been seen wearing some neat pieces of wristwear. He also has his brand of watches, which was launched in 2005.

He has been seen rocking a Patek Philippe and Rolex Day-Date. He was seen wearing a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine from 1968 during his presidential campaign.

But, he is mostly seen wearing one from his Donald J Trump Signature Collection. The TR-1050-Chronograph watch which is worth roughly $10,000.


Vladimir Putin

Along with the vast net worth of $85 billion comes his great taste of watches.

It is heard that the Russian President is a lover of A. Lange & Söhne. However, he has been photographed only in the Up-Down platinum from 1815.

A unique one in his collection might be the 15-year-old Blancpain Grande Date Aqualung, which is a special edition from the Léman collection. Besides, this is the one he tends to wear the most out of all.

He also owns an IWC-Mark-XVII that is priced in the neighborhood of £3,900, a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, and a Blancpain Leman Flyback.

It is rumored that his watch collection is worth £700,000.


Justin Trudeau

Widely considered the most fashionable diplomat in the earth, Canada’s prime minister is seen wearing a Portuguese Regulateur made by IWC.

Unlike others, he is only seen wearing this watch almost every time. Moreover, this is also a unique watch with one dial to show hours, show minutes, and show seconds.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The king of the near future is seen wearing a watch made by a relatively new manufacturer.

Parmigiani Fleurier was founded only twenty years ago. But the swiss brand is highly respected in the upper-tier of luxury. His model is the Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronograph, which costs $14000.


Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is known to be a watch lover. Due to the luxury item export ban, it is harder for him to obtain such timepieces.

He is seen wearing a Museum Movado from quartz that costs as low as £400.

The Museum is a design classic with a black colored dial with a golden chassis and only one golden mark at midnight. Nathan George Horwitt designed it in 1947. It is often confused as a women’s watch.

Queen Elizabeth

With an estimated net worth of $415 million, Queen Elizabeth owns a custom made Gold Audemars Piguet watch that is deemed priceless.

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Most popular brands among world leaders

Let’s see which watch brands are popular among world leaders.

Omega is a famous brand among world leaders. Xi Jinping, China’s general secretary, Prince William, and Willem-Alexander king of The Netherlands all choose Omega watches as their day-to-day watch.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are both lovers of classic Cartier watches.

One interesting fact is that French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe are the only two persons who wear watches from their native country.

A brief overview of the watches of the world leaders

  • Donald Trump: The US President is sen wearing a lot of expensive watches. But the most common one is his Donald J Trump Signature Collection TR 1050 Chronograph watch, which costs $10,000.
  • Vladimir Putin: It is rumored that he has a watch collection worth £700,000. But the most prominent one among them is the 15-year-old Blancpain Grande Date Aqualung.
  • Justin Trudeau: The prime minister of Canada wears an IWC’s Portuguese Regulateur
  • Prince Charles: His wears a Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronograph which costs $14000
  • Kim Jong-Un: He is seen wearing a quartz Museum Movado.
  • Queen Elizabeth: Among all the watches out there, only her custom-made Gold Audemars Piguet watch is deemed priceless.


Being the spokesperson requires a lot to do with how you carry yourself. And these world leaders sure know how to maintain their wealth in their wrists.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from; there is always a right watch for you. And among these world leader watches, you can find out a suitable one.

So, which world leader has the best watch among all? Which one of the watches do you like the most? It’s never too late to have your dream watch!

Market Top Affordable Celebrity Watches!

Affordable Celebrity Watches!

Today we discuss some bestseller as well as top Affordable Celebrity Watches. What happens when you follow your favorite celebrities’ lifestyle fully? You love their dresses, and you love their jewelry. But often, celebrities wear things which are quite overpriced for regular people.

So, when you dream of wearing the watch that your favorite celebrity has worn, the dream often remains incomplete because of the high price.

Don’t worry, to fulfill your dream of wearing that particular piece of the watch; we bring you a guide about affordable celebrity watches.

After reading this article, you will get a whole idea about which celebrity watch you can buy at the least price. Without getting any further delay, let’s dive into the details.

Most Budget-friendly Celebrity Watches

Affordable Celebrity Watches often come at a little bit higher price than usual. That’s why when you want to buy a celebrity watch, you should look for a watch that comes within your budget.

To make a choice easy for you, we will now share a few budget-friendly celebrities watches you can buy.

Tudor Black Bay Blue

Will Smith watches

Who doesn’t love Will Smith? If you’re one of his craziest fans, you should know that this watch was worn by Will Smith a couple of times! This watch comes at an affordable price.

The design of this watch is unique and stylish. Moreover, its strap is made of stainless steel with a lot of international value. This Affordable Celebrity Watches comes from a fantastic watch brand.

Yes, you guessed, right! This watch is from Rolex. The tremendous historical significance that it adds can satisfy anyone’s needs. It has pleased the users since the day it was introduced first.

If your choice of watch is something incredible with a stylish look and stainless steel made strap, you can get this one.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II

Mark Wahlberg, the famous model, actor, and rapper is a legend. This renowned personality loves Rolex watches.

Among his favorite Rolex watches, the Rolex oyster perpetual yacht-master II is one of the most Affordable Celebrity Watches for people. He is often seen to use this watch during work times and during personal gym sessions.

So, you can get this watch if you want a unique piece of watch for you. This watch looks incredibly beautiful and cool.

The golden color matches the wrist amazingly. In addition to this, the outer layer of the dial has slightly bluish edges that provide a vibrant look to the watch.

IWC Doppelchronograph

If you are an action movie lover, then you must know this name- Jason Statham. This famous person has used the Affordable Celebrity Watches Doppelchronograph.

This watch amazingly resembles massive metal lovers, and the masculine look of this watch can impress anyone. It can provide variations in the choice of your watch taste.

Moreover, the display of this watch is perfect for regular usage. Jason Statham has been seen wearing IWC watches for quite a long time.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Ellen’s show is one of the most popular TV shows. The host of this show is host, actor, and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.

This pretty lady is loved by many of us. Ellen was seen wearing Patek Philippe nautilus in one of her shows.

Even though this Affordable Celebrity Watches is specified as a men’s watch model, the aggressive style that this watch provides is loved by all. The silvery-white dial and stainless steel made chronograph design won’t fail to impress you.

If you’re worried about the price, it’s good news that this watch comes at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for affordable celebrity watches, you can consider this one.

types of watch straps

Rolex Milgauss 116400 Black w/ Green Sapphire Crystal

The character Rachel green took all of our hearts, right? Jennifer Aniston played the classy and stylish role.

She is a role model of style to every woman even now. Rolex Milgauss 116400 Black w/ Green Sapphire Crystal was worn by this super lady.

The matte black color of this Affordable Celebrity Watches looks great in the wrist. On the other hand, this watch can give you a bold look. You will never go out of style wearing this Rolex watch.

Why do people love celebrity watches?

The lifestyle and unique characters that we watch on movies and series often significantly impact us. That’s why we are fond of following our beloved celebrities’ style.

Watches are never out of style when you think about celebrity fashion. We tend to follow our favorite celebrities a lot. So when our favorite celebrities wear an excellent piece of the watch, we want to follow that.

Most of the celebrities wear watches, some of them have watch fetish. A simple watch can change the whole look. On the other hand, a watch can symbolize the character of the person a lot.

As a result, when we buy a watch worn by our favorite character or celebrity, we feel happy and connected. People love to hold the emotion behind the piece of jewelry.

Wearing the watch, which has been used by our favorite celebrities, holds a lot of emotions and meanings behind. Well, this is the reason why people love to wear celebrity watches.

Top Swiss Watch

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what do you mean with the word “affordable watch”?

affordable watch means a watch which can used by usual people. on and average each celebrity has a large number of fans. the fans follow his hero’s. the affordable celebrity watch means can fulfill the fans wishes.


If you have read until now, you have already got a brief idea about some of the most affordable celebrity watches. If you want a good watch worn by your favorite celebrity, you can follow the suggestions mentioned above.

The watch models given above will satisfy you a lot. We hope you are going to have a wonderful experience in buying your favorite celebrity watch now!

Extreme Level Longest Lasting Watches

Longest Lasting Watches

When you buy something new, a lot of mixed emotions work together, right? We all expect our newly purchased product to have a useful lifespan.

But if you don’t consider it beforehand, you can’t blame anyone if it doesn’t come out to be durable. That’s why we have brought you this article about the longest-lasting watches to get good durability.

No matter how much money you spend in your watch, if you don’t notice every slightest detail before buying it, it might not be long-lasting enough. Moreover, the material of the clock also puts a significant impact on durability.

Without getting late, let’s know about some long-lasting watches for you.

Vacheron Constanin

Longest lasting watches that can serve you a lifetime

Rolex Datejust

Who doesn’t love Rolex watches? It is the most popular brand with many unique features for you. Rolex Datejust is one of the most durable and popular watches from Rolex.

This watch is made of incredible specifications. With a versatile look and unique qualities, this had caught many of the users’ attention.

If you are looking for a long-lasting watch where the budget is not a big deal, you can get this one. It has a self-winding chronograph in it. You will find a few variations in this series.

So, you can choose a model which matches your personal preferences the most! Rolex watches are most likely to last for more than twenty years if you use it with proper care.

Tissot watch design

Calibre de Cartier Chronograph

If you have a watch fetish, you must know that Cartier is a watch brand serving the uses for quite a long time. The premium quality of their watches can’t disappoint any watch lover.

While looking for a durable watch for you, you can consider Calibre de Cartier Chronograph is your piece. You will get six different variations in this watch.

The bracelet type strap will come in six different designs for you. Whereas the stainless steel crafted case is made of 42mm diameter, it will be a perfect piece for your wrist.

The overall finish of this watch is impressive. The dial of this watch has Roman numerals, which are specialized by this brand. The details and subtle design of this watch will surely impress you.

Tissot Men's T-Race Chrono Quartz Casual Watch

Rolex Submariner

Here is another Rolex watch for you. Rolex Submariner has amazed the watch lovers with its durability. The Submariner series was introduced, keeping the divers in mind.

Stainless steel made strap, and the rotatable bezel is a unique feature of this watch. A diver can successfully monitor diving time, as well as decompression stops using this watch.

If you’re not a diver, yet you will love the look of this Rolex watch. A sports watch lover will be highly satisfied with this watch.

The outer part of this watch is scratch proof. Furthermore, the built material of this watch has made this watch water and corrosion-resistant. This watch is highly praised by the watch lovers on its excellent durability.

Tissot watch design

Masterpiece Gravity

Maurice Lacroix introduced this fantastic watch. A lot of unique features are engraved into this watch. It is built with tremendous water-resistant property.

The brand has given much effort to make this watch. The modern and stylish look of this watch will surely impress the users.

This watch’s strap is made of black crocodile, which is as durable and robust as it sounds to you. You will get the case diameter of 43mm from this watch. The diameter is of a perfect size for regular use.

Due to the extraordinary built quality, this watch provides excellent durability to the users. So, when you’re looking for watches that can serve you for years, you can consider this watch.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

This watch is one of Omega’s most popular products. The diameter of this watch is of medium size, 38mm. If you love clocks of small diameters, you can consider this one.

This watch has a symmetrical case. The excellent eye-catching blue dial is unique than other watches, and it has a wave-edged design in the backside.

Moreover, you will get a five years warranty from the brand. In addition to their standard warranty, omega watches are well-durable. The unique specification that this watch provides is magnetic field resistance.

Even if you take it to a strong magnetic field, nothing will happen to this watch. That’s why with many unique features, this watch is great to serve you a lifetime.

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How to take care of your watch to make it more durable

Branded watches come with outstanding durability. But to make your one more durable, you need to take some further care. Now we are going to share a few tips to take care of your watch to make it long-lasting.

  • Take care of the strap: your watches belt can come in different materials. There are leather straps, stainless steel made straps. You have to make sure that you are maintaining your watch according to its requirements.
  • Use your watch regularly: regular usage of your watch can make it more durable. You may think that regular usage will lessen the life of your clock. But that’s not true. Using your watch regularly will extend durability.
  • Use toothbrushes to keep it dust-free: to remove dust from your watch, use a toothbrush. It may sound cheap for your expenses, but it can keep your clock long-lasting.
  • Don’t wind the watch while wearing it: winding the watch while wearing it damages the lifespan of the watch. Be careful about this.
  • Notice the specifications properly: every watch comes with different specifications, so the maintenance is separate too. That’s why you should take care of your according to the directions given with it.


As we assume you have read all the information correctly, you are now well aware of which watch will provide you with good durability.

The longest-lasting watches that we have mentioned above can serve you for an extended period than regular watches. And surely, you will be benefitted from these watches to the endpoint.

Use the pieces of information that we have provided, and make your life effortless with a long-lasting watch.

Trending Luxury Brands of Watches

Trending Luxury Brands of Watches

Time flies faster than anything else. If you want to do the best use of your time, then try to keep the track. You may agree with us that watch is an excellent option to track every second of our hectic schedule.

There is a traditional saying that “if you have to die, do it with grace.” So, why choose an old fashioned timepiece, mostly when the watch resembles your personality?

It is good to keep track of style and elegance. Make a collection of luxury brands of watches. But everyone who loves to collect wristwatches faces troubles to choose a classy and refined-looking timepiece.

Well, we can help you with a list of the best luxury brands of watches in this article. We created this one based on worldwide reputation, quality, model, etc. Besides these, there is a for more details. Have a look:

10 Best Luxury Brands of Watches

Trending Luxury Brands of Watches


You won’t find anyone unknown about the royal brand. Rolex is more than a wristwatch. It is the symbol of prestige and elegance.

Rolex has classic collections and yacht-master, and it uses its long decades of experience to produce incomparable aesthetic timepieces.

Rolex can provide you a lifetime guarantee, and you can use it everywhere. The world-famous company launched the first waterproof watches. Read the comparison on Breitling Vs Rolex.

In 1945 they brought self- winding collections also. You may know that this one is James Bond’s favorite watch brand.

Patek Phillipe

Patek Phillipe

Swiss brands are always famous for wristwatches. Patek Phillipe is one of the luxurious Swiss watch brands.

While Rolex is a status to mass people, but Patek Phillipe is for the ones who are knowledgeable about timepieces.

This brand was founded in 1839. Till then, it is serving the customers with excellence. Moreover, it is the last family-oriented company in Geneva.


Audemars Piguet

This brand is also one of the famous high-end brands. They came into the market in 1972. They are famous for their AP watches.

Moreover, they have the Royal Oak collection, which took the fame of being the first stainless steel watches.

In terms of style and comfort, it was the most exciting brand ion the market. Piguet can give you a feel Of exclusivity.

AP is more careful about its quality rather than quantity. If you want a luxury brand that can identify you with the work, AP is the right choice.

A.Lange & Söhne

A.Lange & Söhne

Lange & Shone is a Germany- based luxury watch brand. The brand was established in 1845 by Ferdinand A Lange.

They prioritize perfection in each step of making timepieces. Their collection has a unique traditional touch compare to other swiss brands.

Brad Pitt is a fan of the high-end brand. Lange & Shone is the perfect example that proves that not all swiss brands are only luxurious brands.



Omega is serving its client for over 170 years. Omega has a popularity for using it in spaces and submarines. So it is a famous brand for every kind of homophiles.

A Swiss brand, founded in 1848, brought a revolutionary change in the industry. Omega has the proud to go in the moon through Buzz Aldrin’s wrist. Till then, it is the first choice of many astronauts.

So think about its authenticity and accuracy. Moreover, President John F Kennedy liked it for the timeless design. You can say it like a champ in our list.

IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen

If you want a classy look with flawless functionality in watch brands, then go for IWC Schaffhausen. It has American techniques with swiss makers.

So, as a result, they have outstanding design quality with reliable quantity. However, if you are an eco- consumer, then IWC is the best for you.

They are the first company to produce eco-friendly products with cutting edge technology.



Chopard is famous for its sophisticated designs. They have a specialty in ladies’ wristwatches. You may have an idea about Ther Happy diamond collection, launched in 1976.

They have to eye stunning feminine collections like delicate, ethereal, etc. In this watch, you will get 65 hours of power reserve. So your watch will run for a long time without slowing.



If you are bored with the bulkier end spectrum, then give it a try. Piaget is light to carry. It has a specialty for having lightweight calibers. This brand pays much attention to the inner mechanism.



Most of the women are familiar with their jewelry collection. But this age-old brand has an enormous collection of eye dazzled wristwatches.

The brand is promised to cross. It’s boundary day by day. They have different configuration and tank range collection. Every new model of timepieces will say about their uniqueness.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin

Last but not least, Ulysses Nardin is on our list. It is a ‘hero’ brand to the wristwatch industry. This brand always embraces new technology by launching a highly accurate clock and drew everyone’s attention.

The brand has its name in the Guinness book for creating the world’s most functional watch. It was Astrolabium Galileo Galilei was the watch that could track local solar with 21 more functionalities.

They have 180 gold medals for amusing innovative watches. So if you want accuracy, then Ulysses is unbeatable.

Final Words

Wristwatch reflects your personality. So please pay more attention to choose it.

Here we have tried to give you a clear concept about some of the luxury watch brands. Buy them according to your choice and enhance your personality. Choose a suitable one accordingly, and enjoy the charm of it!

How To Identify A Watch Brand?

How To Identify A Watch Brand

If you’re a watch lover, you would surely like to know which brand it is when you look at a watch. Knowing the brand makes it easier to buy.

Identifying the watch brand is often an easy task to do if you know some simple yet useful tips. But, what are the factors you need to consider? Well, no worries if you don’t know them.

In this article, you will be enlightened about how to identify a watch brand. Usually, if you look at the dial, you will be able to know the brand.

Sometimes, companies put the model number on the dial too. But let’s understand a few things more that you need to know!

Tips on How to Identify a Watch Brand

Suppose you’re scrolling Facebook or Instagram, and suddenly you have seen a post of a watch. You have liked the watch so much that you would run to buy it.

But alas! You don’t know the brand name or anything about that watch. What should you do? Don’t worry, let’s understand how to identify a watch brand for you.

Most of the watches have the brand name on the dial. It’s possible if the watch is a non-brand watch, there will be no brand name on the dial.

If you look for the model name, sometimes it’s written on the dial too. You will find the manufacturer’s name on the top of the dial or the lower part.

If that had any unique qualities, it would be written on the dial too. For example, if it has water resistance property, this will be noted at the watch’s back.

Moreover, if you’re looking at a watch online and you don’t know the brand, there is an easy way to know it. You can capture a screenshot of the watch and search it using the google image.

It will show everything about that specific watch, including the model number. Besides, there are a few watch scanner specially made for searching for your watch brand. By using those watch scanner, you will get to know every detail of your watch.

fossil watches

Another trick you can do is to notice everything about the watch. Look at the dial style, display, material, and every other feature. The matches will let you know which brand does it come from.

Besides, the serial number or model number is given at the back of almost every watch. If you can find that, the searching will be more comfortable.

Different Types of Watches that are on Trend

  • Thin bands: Daintier watches are on trend now. These delicately laced watches look like a bracelet and can remove the need for any other jewelry. These watches look like a bracelet, which a clock on the top, incredible!
  • Silicone watches: After a while, silicone watches are on trend again. Watches with silicone straps are being popular and welcomed by the fashionistas.
  • Rectangular dial: Well, these are watches of older times. But history repeats so does the designs! Now watches with rectangular dials are popular again. It gives a feel of vintage style.
  • Slight of Bling: watches with pearl face and stones have taken over fashion again. If you’re a lady who loves sparkly jewelry, you can consider these watches.
  • Logomania: This watch has taken over everywhere now. The black strap and brand signature is fav to all.

invicta watches reviews

Things to look for while identifying a watch brand

When you are going to buy something, you may don’t want to pay for only the brand value. Sometimes the brand name itself is not enough to serve you.

That’s why what’s inside is essential to look at. Here are a few things that you should consider while identifying watch brands:

  • Compare the quality according to the price

Well, there are many brands that provide good quality at an affordable price. There is no use of buying something because of the brand value, which doesn’t provide you with good quality. So always try to compare the quality and the price beforehand.

  • Notice the crystal’s quality

Crystals are the top transparent part of a watch, which protects the dial from getting damaged. Usually, two materials are used in crystals. There are mineral and sapphire crystals.

Mineral crystals are cheaper and get scratches quickly. On the other hand, sapphire crystals come at relatively high prices but have scratch-proof properties.

Even if you buy a high-quality watch, the crystal might be made of mineral elements. To avoid scratches, you should always choose a watch that is built with sapphire crystals.

  • Belt Quality

Most of the branded watches are made of leather belts. Nowadays, silicon belts are popular again. Even some of the watch belts are made of chains.

Choose the belt quality wisely because if it doesn’t last long, the watch can’t serve you for a more extended period.

  • Weight

Always go for a watch which has lightweight. If the watch comes in heavy, it will cause fatigue in your wrist in long time usage. Watches that come in less weight look stylish too. Now it’s a trend to wear lightweight watches.

  • The Material of the Watch

Though brand watches come with the best versatility of materials, you should always consider your preferred material while buying the watch. Stainless steel has taken a significant area of the watch brands until now.

The stainless property serves the purpose of using the clock roughly. If you want a lightweight watch, you can consider titanium as the watch material.

Moreover, gold and ceramics are well utilized as watch built materials too. You have to choose the fabric according to your personal preference for specifications.


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Watches can be used for your fashion purposes apart from the primary purpose of knowing the time. Now people look for watches that match the fashion era the most.

So, to keep in touch with the style, you need to know about the brand of the watch. That’s why our guide on how to identify a watch brand is a piece that might help you.

If you have read until now, you’re on the way to get your best piece of a branded watch!