Brief History of Akribos Watches

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We prefer gifting beautiful timepieces to our friends whenever we attend their invitations for an occasion.

Despite the ease of time maintenance due to smartphones, the popularity of watches as fashion wares never gets any old. But sadly, it is getting harder day by day to buy a quality watch in a limited budget.

Luckily, Akribos timepiece has turned out to be a lifesaver for watch lovers. Despite the short history of Akribos watches, recently, they have become quite popular due to their quality and aesthetically pleasing looks.

And most importantly, the products come at an affordable price. So, let’s look at the history of Akribos watches and know about this amazing brand. Let’s know the unknowns:

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History of Akribos Watches

Considering the recent widespread popularity of Akribos timepieces, it can be difficult to believe that it has only been a little more than ten years since the watches were introduced to the buyers and began their glorious journey.

As can be derived from the name, Akribos watches are produced by Akribos XXIV; a is a sister company of Stuhrling. The company has recently formed a partnership with the Swarovski company. The partnership aims to produce even better watches.

Akribos XXIV is an American company. The word Akribos is a Greek word. The meaning of the word is ‘precise.’ The roman number XXIV stands for 24, indicating the time length of a day.

In the past, the headquarter of the company was situated in Italy, which’s influence can be noticed in the designs of some watches. Now, the headquarter has been shifted to Brooklyn, USA.

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Best Brand For Women's Watches

Beauty and Akribos Watches

Thanks to their excellent designers and artisans, Akribos watches are famous for their beauty. Since the beginning, the Akribos brand has been designing fashionable watches for both men and women. The designs of their watches possess a wide range of styles, varying from classic to modern outlooks.

The watches are designed to be of many styles like sophisticated, sleek, elegant, gorgeous, sparkly, fun, or trendy. Moreover, the designs of the watches are bubbly and full of colors.

Most of the women’s watches have an artistic look while the men’s watches have bright colors. As a result, the products can satisfy the demands of almost all customers.

When it comes to materials, in most of the cases of Akribos watches are made of stainless steel. The watches’ bracelets are made from stainless steel, nylon, artificial materials, or leather depending on the design and the model.

Also, most of the Akribos timepieces feature automatic movements and synthetic sapphire crystals. The majority of the watches also have a water-resist rate of 330 feet of water depth.

Akribos Watches- Manufacturing Area

When you browse Akribos products, you might notice that some of the watches’ names have a Swiss component. It can easily mislead you into thinking that they are made or assembled in Switzerland, the country famous for its high-quality timepieces.

Do not make this mistake. Akribos watches may feature some Swiss parts, but that does not mean that they are entirely Swiss-made.

The budget-friendly price range of the Akribos watches can attest to this as no Swiss-made quality watch can be sold so cheaply. In reality, the majority of the Akribos watches are assembled in the Hong-Kong. Some of the timepiece products also contain components made by China and Japan.

The Mystery behind the Prices of Akribos Timepieces

Many wonders at the price range of Akribos timepieces. Shockingly, the majority of the casual wares of Akribos is priced below 100 dollars. Many such watches are priced from fifty to eighty dollars.

Crystal accent watches and bracelets from Akibros are prices slightly higher, in the $100-$200 price range. The watches using valuable materials and components are priced at the highest.

For example, watches featuring yellow-gold or silver coated bracelets are priced within a range of $400- $550.

Naturally, questions arise from such affordable prices. The answers to such dilemmas are quite simple.

As can be seen from the above section, Akibros products are made in Honk-Kong, China. China is well known for its cheap labor. The company saves a considerable amount of money from lower labor-wages.

Also, Akibros watches are famous for their beauty, not quality. The timepieces belonging to the cheap section are usually made from cheaper components like Chinese components.

While the quality is not exactly poor, they are not excellent either. Thus Akibros watches are not considered as a forever ware. But their looks make them well suited as a gift or daily-ware.

Through these methods, Akibros XXVI Company has been gifting consumers with fashionable watches at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the history of Akribos watches, Akribos timepieces are excellent as fashion ware. While their qualities may seem a bit low, in my opinion, the price makes it somewhat justifiable.

If you are a lover of quality and severe watch user, then it is not suggestible for you to go for these watches.

But if you are looking for casual gifts or sparse usage watches, these watches are undoubtedly excellent as gifts and beginner users. Did you like the guide? Share this with your friends and spread the knowledge!

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