Breitling Vs Rolex | Which is The Best Brand?

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Are you comparing Rolex with Breitling and trying to decide which is better? Well, that’s a common question people often ask and search. Let’s start the Breitling vs Rolex fight.

You know it’s personalized. Some like Rolex most, and they are dissected to count Breitling better. Also, it reverses.

However, when it comes to comparing these two luxuries popular brands, you can consider a few factors like – history, recognition, movement, and resale value.

Now we will break down the comparison between these two popular luxury watch brands. Also, based on the above factors, we are going to choose a winner for each sector.

So, let’s start. Shall we?

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Breitling vs Rolex- A little background

Both brands are prominent pioneers in history. They have shown a strong dedication to establish themselves as top best watchmakers brand since their funding.

Their historical background holds a significant issue that tells us how strongly they have built their name within the watch culture. Then which one is better from history? Let’s know the background of each-


Hans Wilsdorf, in 1905 first started his watch handling business. Back then, this brand focused on crafting a high-end movement, on materials and complications.

From nearly 1945 to 1953, this brand started to release its most classical models like Datejust, Submariner, GMT Master, Day-Date, etc.

These were made for some specific purpose. Niches were like for pilots, sea divers, scientists also for car racers and so on.

Yes, for their invention idea, you can say this brand as an inventor. In recent years, this brand has continuously expanded its focus into sports and pop culture by managing sponsorship with the most influential people and industries.



Leon Breitling established his brand in 1884; earlier than Rolex. Their design also had some specific purpose as Rolex like science, sports, and other niches industries.

Mainly Breitling was specialized in creating chronographs and precision watches. They released their super chronograph Navitimer in 1952.

For the features having strict calculations during the flight in their watch, this brand was able to create a partnership with both the Royal Air Force and the United States Army.

Breitling has never delayed its dedication to providing the first-rate choreographs watches. This brand debuted Caliber 01 in 2009, which is their best self-winding watch with a chronograph movement.

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Brand Recognition & Prestige

To choose the better one from these brands, the recognition matters can help you the most. Look, the ranking of these two brands according to recognition in the watch world –

Rolex – holds the number 1 position.

Breitling– 15th position on the same list.

Now you can easily find out the best one. Yes, Rolex won the crown!

In the case of Breitling, they don’t have equal brand recognition like Rolex. Yes, acceptance is an excellent issue for the comparison of such famous brands.

Directly with a Google search, you would find Breitling in the top luxury watches brand list. But for Rolex, no need to check its ranking for its recognition value.

You would hardly listen, “Hey nice Breitling,” while you have this one on your hand. On the other hand, you would find instant complements for the Rolex watch from all.

Also, it’s a matter that ordinary people lack knowledge about the brand Breitling or other. People who use Breitling know what a fabulous watch brand it is.


You know, in the case of movement, mechanical features have a great value to the collector. These are expensive. All watches of Rolex have an automatic movement. It sometimes becomes a matter of pride that Rolex shows!

Another one is the Quartz movement with battery-powered, which is also cost-effective. The entry-level watches of Breitling provide Quartz movement in their feature. That makes them less expensive than Rolex’.

Though Rolex used Quartz movement at a time, their 1st focus is to see their brand in the best position. And they have chosen mechanical movement to all watch for that.

Resale Worth

Well, here also, recognition issues are valued. Resale value and band recognition are correlated directly. People want well recognized and iconic watches always. And they would pay for these as well.

Precisely for that, Rolex watches have the best value of resale. Again not all the Rolex watches hold equal importance. Such as the Vintage Rolex can be sold for more than it’s actual price.

Then what comes for Breitling? Unfortunately, they don’t have a similar resale value as their Excellency.

Their most expensive one, Breitling Bentley, has sold for resale at $173,500, where Rolex had recorded to sell their watches with a price tag of million dollars. So, you can quickly get the difference.

Pros & Cons of buying Rolex vs Breitling – at a glance



  • Hold a reputation as professional watches designed for pilots, military, astronauts, search and rescue options, and so more.
  • More affordable than Rolexes
  • Provides thousands of types of models to choose
  • Have several rubber strap options in all watches.
  • Require less maintenance than Rolex mechanical watches
  • Offers both mechanical and quartz watches


  • Not such a well-recognized watch brand as Rolex
  • Hold a lesser resale value than Rolex watches
  • Don’t produce many high-priced models as Rolex.



  • The most recognized and 1st ranking brand of watches in the world.
  • Hold a resale value higher than others.
  • Provide many models with precious metals, pavé dials also with diamond bezels.
  • All watches are featured with mechanical movements that have great value.
  • Rolex patents many innovations as their Oysterlock, Cerachrom bezel inserts, Everose gold alloy, Triplock locking crown, Parachrom blue, and so more


  • Less affordable than Breitlings
  • Don’t have many such specialties in edition watches.
  • Have fewer rubber strapping options than Breitling
  • Lesser options for choosing strap than Breitling have.

Final Verdict

Now then, what do you think? Which one is better among these two popular Swiss watch brands? From our comparison, you must choose Rolex as the winner. Right?

So, that’s all on our Breitling vs Rolex comparison. Hopefully, you have found out a suitable brand for you. If you do, then let us know by commenting on your preferable one!

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