Are Fossil Watches Good?

Are Fossil Watches Good

When you are looking to buy a watch, Fossil is a brand to watch out for. But a question may arise in your mind, Are Fossil Watches Good? Well, we all know that they offer high-quality, producing most of their watches in stainless steel, which is exceptionally durable and easy to fix. But is it … Read more

Which Hand to Wear A Watch?

Which Hand to Wear A Watch

Such an amusing question, isn’t it? Come on! It’s up to you -in which hand you want to see your watch. But yes, if you ask which one is perfect to wear a watch in a particular condition and would be comfortable, then we can help you. You know most of the people are right-handed. … Read more

Breitling Vs Rolex | Which is The Best Brand?

Breitling Vs Rolex

Are you comparing Rolex with Breitling and trying to decide which is better? Well, that’s a common question people often ask and search. Let’s start the Breitling vs Rolex fight. You know it’s personalized. Some like Rolex most, and they are dissected to count Breitling better. Also, it reverses. However, when it comes to comparing … Read more

Are Invicta Watches Good?

Are Invicta Watches Good

Well, few watch lovers have not heard the name of Invicta watches. Most of the people looking for a Rolex look-alike at a cheaper price settle for an Invicta timepiece. Naturally, the question arises, ‘Are Invicta Watches Good?’ Despite lacking the brand popularity and quality of luxury wristwatches like Rolex, Invicta watches are at a … Read more

Seiko vs Citizen | Which is the Best Brand?

Seiko vs Citizen

Well, we all are fond of watches, and especially the luxury ones, don’t we? But, when it comes to choosing a preferable watch brand, you may face some difficulties. That’s why today we picked Seiko vs Citizen as our topic. As we know, Seiko and Citizen are one of the most prestigious watch brands. But, … Read more

How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

How Long do Watch Batteries Last

Have you ever wondered how long do watch batteries last? This is a common question most watch user asks. We gathered some useful information to answer this question. Read this article below to find out the answer. So, how long does a watch batteries last? A watch battery can be last on average 3 to … Read more

Do Solar Watch Last Forever?

Do Solar Watch Last Forever

What if you have a watch, that never runs out of battery? Even if you use it year after year, the battery will never run out of charge. Can you guess the name of the watch? Yes, you are right. These watches are called Solar Watch. Solar watches are possibly the most reputable watches when … Read more

Omega Vs Rolex | Which Is The Best Brand?

Omega Vs Rolex

Well, is there any timepiece collector who does not want to keep an iconic Swiss watch in his collection? Let us be honest! Today whenever one thinks about buying an iconic watch, most prefer buying one of these two watches. And one of the worst dilemmas he/she faces is, in determining whether to buy the … Read more

Why Watches Are So Expensive?

why watches are so expensive

Well, most of us are fond of luxurious watches, don’t we? But, when we check the price tag, a question tends to raise in our mind- why watches are so expensive? So, are you interested in knowing the truth behind this common query? Then, for your interest, we are here to explain it. So, without … Read more

Stuhrling Vs Invicta | A Comparison Between the Brands

Stuhrling Vs Invicta

Finding the best women’s wristwatch is more difficult than finding a men’s wristwatch. Because the wrong selection can impact the personality. For women, watches are like ornaments that need to be very unique. Stuhrling and Invicta, both of these brands produce stylish watches for women. However, Stuhrling also produces men’s watches. But the main attraction … Read more