Best Waterproof Watches For Women For Personal & Professional Use

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Watches are always in trend for men and women. But we are today only going to talk about the best waterproof watches for women.


Well, women play a lot of roles in their whole life. Like they have to play all of the parts of being the wife, mother, athlete, entrepreneur, and also a businesswoman. So, how do they handle all of these things altogether?

Well, a watch in anyone’s life is too much important, Whether it’s a man or a woman. Since our today’s review is for women’s waterproof watches.

There are many women out there who like to go swimming regularly. Apart from the swimsuit and other accessories, a woman should invest in a watch for swimming.

You just can’t randomly pick any watch for your swimming activity. The watch should be highly durable and waterproof for offering you the best swimming experience.

Though we all have the watches resting in the drawer all we are going to talk about only a waterproof watch today.

Top 7 Best Waterproof Ladies Watches For Swimming Reviews

Most of the luxury watch manufacturing companies are dedicatedly producing some of the women’s waterproof sports watches. So, we have gathered the intense list for the classy ladies out there who are seeking a waterproof watch.

Casio Black 49mm Resin G-Shock Unisex Watch GMAS130-1A

best waterproof watches for women

There is hardly any brand that can beat the royalty of Casio. And the G-Shock from Casio is the ultimate edition that has stolen millions of hearts. This is a black color watch of the S series.

Why Did we keep it to our first position?

This watch is a trendy pick. And if you need a waterproof watch, this can satisfy from all the way. While you are diving into a swimming pool, make sure the swimming pool is not deeper than 200m. It can cover the 200m water depth of a swimming pool.

Its band is made of resin made. G-Shock has the most available stylish and durable band. If you are not a chained or bracelet designed water picker, what you can pick is this resin styled watch.

People are more after fitness goals. This is not only a trendy watch including a sporty smart look. This watch has a limited essential for fitness. It counts every step you take regarding the setting range.

You can set the incrementation from 1k to 50k for counting steps. It gives you an alert when you did not walk in your required period. So, it will make beep to ensure you walk for your fitness goals. So, you can set your goal just at the moment when you get this watch in your hand. You can use this watch for your walking, jogging, running, and swimming also.

This is also a shock-resistant watch which allows the watch to be handier in every environment.

The band is very comfortable for being resin. Else, the display includes all the digits in white attire. In the black display, white digits are easily locatable.


  • Includes digital and analog display, and automatic calendar.
  • Able to show the dual time and countdown timer.
  • Gives hourly signal and also the alarms.
  • Affordable price unit with all the essentials.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof.


  • The battery doesn’t get charged from natural light.

G-Shock GA-800

best waterproof watches for women

This is another G shock that is on our top list for its special waterproof features. Ladies who are athletes, and do swimming regularly need a sporty watch. And this is a sporty watch which has an attractive look. You can carry it for any sporting activity.

Since this is a waterproof watch, so you can go swimming time too with it. This is also built ruggedly. You can make it go through with every kind of sport. The grease, the oil, the dirt, the force, and water, nothing can beat its durability.

Though the size is a bit bulkier, it doesn’t weigh much. You can carry it for your formal days too apart from casual days. The band is made of resin which is comfortable and durable at the same time.

The digital face display keeps you always updated with the time and date. Else, this watch has shock resistance. So, this is an ideal waterproof unit for your daily usage.

Since the water resistance is 200 meters, it keeps you always safe under the water of the required meter. If you go deeper than 200 meters, this watch would not be resistant to water.

It has special features like daylight savings. This works automatically and saves battery power. Else, the LED light illuminates after a certain duration.

You will get an hourly signal. It also gives the countdown timer. There is also a pre-programmed calendar. The case has a larger dimension that lets you see the time clearly and it gives a sporty look to your personality.

The battery gives a good life span. It can run up to 3 years at a stretch. So, you hardly have to worry about its fit. The buckle closure gives a perfect fit to your wrist.


  • Better than Timex watches.
  • Thinner and lightweight watch.
  • Includes the second hand that gives an analog premium touch.
  • Shows everything! Date, time, hour, and year in one place.
  • Easy to read, comfortable, durable, and beautiful design.


  • Should have a solar-powered battery charging system.

Casio Women’s BGD140-1ACR Baby-G Shock-Resistant Digital Watch

This is one of the most functional G-shock watches. If you want to have the high qualified G-Shock watch for you, it is ultimately the best waterproof watch for sporty ladies.

Why are we calling it multi-functional? It includes all of the versatile features that we can say a handy pick for any waterproof watch for ladies. Some Casio lovers know the worth of the Casio G-shock series. As this is another G-shock watch in our today’s review, it’s also come with multi-functional core features.

If you want a watch which can suit all of your sports activity, this is the best watch that comes along with the lightest weight. Though its band is made of plastic material, it’s durable in the long run. You can make it mate for your sports activity like tennis, badminton, cricket, soccer, swimming and many more.

Else, those who are military, medical, sports, or police personalities can go for it without a second thought. But this watch isn’t good for you if your wrist is fat.

Are you a traveler? You can make this watch as your traveling mate. Since it comes with multi-functional features, it gives you multiple time zones.

It has dual hour formats. You can choose according to your choice. Else, there is a mute function in this watch.

The dial window doesn’t create any reflection. Because there is a mineral in the dial window.

If we look at the case, the case is fully resin material. The resin material is a bit costly but it is used in the G-shock watches for ensuring durability.


  • Japanese quartz movement gives accurate timing.
  • You can go swimming and snorkeling with It.
  • The best shock-resistant watch.
  • Men and women both can use it.


  • It only has 100 m water resistance while another G shock comes with 200 m.

Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241305 Alliance Sport Lady Black Dial Watch

best waterproof watches for women

Well, enough of G-Shock watches! There are other waterproof watches for women that provide tremendous features. Now, we are going to talk about the Swiss Army from Victorinox. This watch is the best edition of the waterproof feature. It has 330 feet water resistance which is approximately 100meter.

You can enjoy your swimming time also with this watch. Well, it seems so non-classy to remove the watch before making a dive into the pool. So, if you are someone who wants to have a classy and enjoyable pool time along with holding the time in hand, this is indeed the one.

Apart from swimming activity, you can get this watch for your formal and casual days too. This watch is an elegant pick for any woman. If you are someone who is looking for an all-purpose watch, this is indeed the best one.

This watch is fully made of stainless steel. As this is a bracelet system watch, this watch looks classy on the watch. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet and dark blue dial windows make it attractive and beautiful.

There are luminous hands in this watch. Else, the hour markers are also bold and visible on a higher note.

The price of this watch is very minimal compared to the qualified features. The watch comes in a beautiful watch that you can use for storing the watch later on. This is a durable and waterproof watch that comes at an affordable price. So, classy ladies don’t miss this watch if you already have or don’t want G-shock from our top 3 picks.


  • Water-resistant and a good-looking watch.
  • Eligible for daily and occasional use.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Creates no reflection in the window.
  • Shows the date and time.


  • It’s not shock-resistant.

Casio G-Shock Gold and Pink Dial Pink Resin Quartz Ladies Watch GMAS110MP-4A1

Wait! Another G-Shock?

Yes, we are delighted to declare this as the most powerful waterproof watch from G-Shock. If you are someone who wants more than 200-meter water resistance, you must have to go for this watch. This watch has the highest water resistance from our previous top 4 selection. It has 200-meter water resistance. So, you can enjoy more risk-free swimming time.

This is a peach color lavishing sporty watch. A perfect watch for those ladies who have an extra attraction to a peach color. It has some extra features like it is magnetic resistant. That’s one of the coolest but unique features. Those who are never satisfied with the anti-magnetic features can pick it without a second thought.

As G shock is already famous for its special features like Resin material band, this watch is famous for being one of the most comfortable waterproof watches. If you are a sporty woman and want to enjoy a perfect time underwater, you can be barely happy with 100-meter resistance. So, you will need this watch for having 200-meter water protection.

The thin wrist owners will be happy to grab this watch. But in the fat wrist, this watch would be delicate. It’s very tight for those girls who have a bit fat wrist. So, make sure you have a thin wrist before you choose this tremendous watch.

This watch has a dual time system. You can choose both 12 or 24 hours. And there are multiple windows in this watch. That makes it watch a trendy one.

One of the most attractive parts of this watch is the color. The color of this watch is a very dimmed peach. This color goes well with a girl only. And you carry this watch with any outfit. Also, you can travel, attend offices, schools, or also for parties wearing this watch. Though this is a waterproof sport watch, it can satisfy all the needs of regular life.


  • This is a sturdy construction watch.
  • A very light edition from G Shock.
  • Comes with digital and analog display.
  • Buttons are easy to push and pull.
  • The band is durable and also comfortable.


  • It causes reflection on the dial window.

Seiko Women’s SUT222 Ladies Dress Solar-Powered Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

best waterproof watches for women

Solar-powered watches are always in trend. And they are a royal and classical pick for anyone. But what adds more specialties to this watch is its waterproof functionality. This watch has a decent water resistance of 100m.

If you are someone who has a soft corner for a bracelet watch and also your top priority is to get one of the best waterproof watches of all, then this watch is a great pick for you.

The bracelet is a combined color combination of silver and gold. The dial window is enough big and also it includes the date window. All of the three dial hands are nicely visible upon the milky white display palette. If you are someone who has to pick a sporty and official use watch, this watch will satisfy all of your needs.

This watch also has the core specialty of having the clasp of the buckle. The buckle is a study construction in this watch. It gives the real and fine fit for your hand. Since we already know its water resistance capacity, you should be happy to know that you will be able to swim with it.

Since it is a solar-powered watch, but still it keeps the battery safe from overcharge protection. This watch can run for 6 months at a stretch while fully charged. Else, this watch is a very durable watch for the stainless-steel material.

This watch is also not a bulky unit like the other sporty watch. And it’s very lightweight. So, you will be always feeling comfortable watching this watch.


  • Durable steel case construction.
  • Requires no battery replacement.
  • The crystal of the dial window is very firm.
  • Looks trendy and beautiful.


  • The date display is a bit small.

Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch

best waterproof watches for women

While we are talking about the best waterproof sports watches for women, we can’t skip Timex. After G Shock and Seiko, our review is still incomplete without a Timex watch. As Timex has its reputation and trending popularity, we are delighted to put this Timex Ironman Classic watch on this top 7 list.

Starting from the look of this watch which is beyond beauty. The watch has the all over 4 color combination. From the band to the display, everything has a unique color. The watch is a classy waterproof watch with its standard.

The band is enough big to fit a thin to the fat wrist. The timer settings are available with a 24-hour countdown. Else, the chronograph memory system makes it way innovative for your sports activity.

It has a maximum alarm capacity. It can give 3 alarms based on daily, weekday, or the weekend. So, you will never be late next time with this watch.

This is an automatic digital watch. It also shows the day and date. There are 2 times available at the same time. It also shows the month calendar.

There is a durable resin case around its display. The display is protected by hit or scratch for this case protection. Since the case is made of resin material, it will hardly break in the meantime.

This watch is suitable for your sports day, office, or any outdoor activity. So, being a sporty lady, you should not miss this watch at all.


  • Durable and also flexible daily use.
  • Perfect unit for waterproof activities.
  • Affordable price.
  • Water resistivity is 100meter.
  • Allows customizable alarm.


  • The display is too dark to read the time easily.

Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose A Waterproof Watch for Women

Watches are many! And waterproof watches are uncountable. But how to get the best one is still a struggle!

If I ask you, what is the best waterproof watch then what will kick your mind? Well, there is nothing called best about the watch until you are satisfied with your choice.

Let’s see our guideline for choosing the best watches for any water activity.

Water Resistance

All the watches that we picked in our reviews have water resistance from 100meter to 200meter. Now what will make you confused is what resistance meter you should choose, right?

Sport ladies have to go underwater frequently. They have hardly any measurement to know when they have to go to which extent of water depth. But if you know that you never go beyond 100meter, you will ok with your 100meter water resistance included watch. But going for 200meter water resistance keeps you always safe for any uncertain time.

As 200meter will cost you more than 100meter water resistance. So, you should be picking the watch as per your requirements and budget.


The design is always a primary concern for ladies. Whatever the features a watch might contain, if it doesn’t have the coolest design, it won’t make any difference to your personality. As far as the concern of ladies’ style statement, they will always prefer a watch with an elegant design.

Easy To Read

Some watches cause the user’s difficulty to read the time. It can happen due to the wrong color combination of the dial window and digit’s color. Sometimes the digits are also can be in a smaller size. So, choose a waterproof watch that allows you to read the time easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Should I go for solar-powered waterproof watches?

Ans: solar-powered watches are handy and they also give accurate time. But what should concern you that if the battery would long last or not? In some cases, general battery-powered watches last more than we can imaging if the brand of the watch is reliable.

Question 2: Is a waterproof watch costly?

Ans: Waterproof watches are not costly like it seems. You can get an affordable watch from the renowned manufacturer with the maximum features and water resistance.

Question 3: Can I swim with a waterproof watch?

Ans: You can swim with a waterproof watch. But all you need is to ensure if the watch has enough water resistivity comparing to the water depth.

Question 4: Do I need a luxury brand watch for the waterproof feature?

Ans: No! The watch doesn’t have to form a luxurious brand to ensure a good quality waterproof flexibility.

Final Words

We are at the end of our best waterproof watches for women!

So, did you pick the best one for yourself? If you still couldn’t figure out which one will be your ultimate choice, make sure to know your requirements. When you are clear with your recommendation, you can choose the best watch for daily use and sports time.

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