Best Triathlon Watches – Top Picks of 2021

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Are you a triathlete person looking for the perfect triathlon watch to monitor your tasks and so on? Then to help you out, we gathered information about the 6 best Triathlon watches with additional and high-end features. Triathlon or Tri watches are the most advanced watches out there with more enhanced features than any sports watch.

Well, before the sports watches would just help us with monitoring time, running speed, or heart rates. However, Triathlon watches are far modern than any sports watches, these provide a huge collection of great functionalities.

Moreover, to proceed more further we think you require a good triathlon watch to achieve progress in your training effectively. Thereby, let’s go learn more about the top triathlon watches from popular brands like Garmin, Coros, Suunto, Fitbit, and Polar.

Look Before Selecting the Triathlon Watch – Essential Features

Most of the triathletes make the same common mistake of thinking that choosing the most expensive triathlon watch is best. However, this thinking is very superstitious and baseless.

Therefore, a good quality triathlon watch provides many more advanced features and functionalities than other swimming, running, cycling smartwatches. Also, triathlon watches need to be very durable, and waterproof unless the watch will not be wearable during race or sprint.

Further, before you go ahead to check out the best watches reviews. Look into this for getting the precise concept, and features of a good triathlon watch. Afterward, you can select the best watch of triathlon to monitor your daily triathlete activities.

Long Battery Life

The race events of triathlon activities can take up from many hours to a few whole days. Moreover, each day you need to spend at least 4 to 5 hours participating in races and sprints. Thereby, a good quality triathlon watch will be able to serve you for at least 7 to 8 hours in GPS mode. That will make sure that your watch won’t die in the middle of the race and lose all your activity completion data. Regarding the longest battery life of a triathlon watch, the Suunto 9 can process for more than 120 hours and Coros Apex for 100 hours in GPS Mode.

Multisport Mode

In the triathlon race, it is also necessary for being able to change into the sport modes without any additional button set up. Getting out of the water after swim racing, you will be too busy taking off your swimming wetsuit and wearing your cycling gadgets. Therefore let alone switching the modes from swimming to cycling tracking by changing settings, you will be too attentive on the cycling. Many high-end smart sport watches provide you the One Switch multisport mode, and also a top-tier triathlon mode for a better experience.

Water-Tight Construction

Like we explained, it is very hard for you to track the data of your swimming rate with nonwater resistance for 50 meters smartwatch. Thereby, top triathlon watches are highly waterproof that even divers can track diving rates with that. Further, the best triathlon tracking watches can also track your heart rate underwater, and your swimming metrics like Pace, Count, and SWOLF watches.

Durability & Ruggedness

You will never want your triathlon watch to be very weak and break after a slight bumping and falling. Most of the best tri watches developed with Sapphire Crystal lenses or Gorilla Glasses like Garmin Fenix Titanium Pro 6 comes with the perfect ruggedness. Moreover, Garmin Fenix 6 comes with the Titanium watch case and Sapphire lenses. That provides durability, additionally, the watch case still stays lightweight and only weighs 49 grams.

Fitness & Comfort

Feeling uncomfortable because of your watch while you will be racing for a few more hours is very agitating. Also if the Tri watch is not fit, so you will need to adjust it every few minutes later can be very embarrassing and disturbing. Thereby, if you do not adjust the fitness, it will provide you all the wrong HR rates. Further, in case you want a perfect and comfortable fitting watch, you will need the TDI watches with flexible smooth silicon straps. Additionally, Suunto 9, Polar V offers a curved design that lets you fit the watch on your wrist properly.

So, these are some important features that will help you get the best functionalities from the top-rated triathlon watches.

Best Triathlon Watches – Top 8 Best Tri Watches Reviews with Pros & Cons

Now that you know all about the best Tri watches, we’ll provide you with the top 8 most wanted triathlon watches and activity trackers. Therefore, you can select the perfect triathlon watch for you without any compromise at all.


  1. GARMIN FORERUNNER 945 Premium Triathlon Watch

GARMIN FORERUNNER 945 Premium Triathlon Watch


The premium triathlon watch of Garmin Forerunner 945 is an excellent combination of advanced features at a reasonable price. Although this runner tracker looks so similar to the Forerunner 935, the features you’ll experience from it will be more amazing. Also, there is no compromise with its additional functionalities as inside it the quality is more improved.

As for its operational functionality, Garmin 945 now offers the ELEVATE heart rate sensor with precise accuracy. The sensor of Garmin 935 didn’t provide much accuracy underwater but 945 will track your heart rate perfectly deep underwater. Further, the Forerunner Garmin 945 provides an advanced GPS chip that will monitor the battery system, and other functions better.

The old predecessor Garmin 935 didn’t consist of the new onboard music data storage and pay contactless payment feature. Well, you will not be using this function on races. However, it is usual that you will use your tri watch during your practice time and this feature will come convenient.

Additionally, the Garmin Forerunner 945 also includes a lot of the latest-gen features of Garmin. Such as Live Event Sharing, PulseOx Track, Battery Power Monitor, Accident Assistance & Detection, Training Intense Focus, and so on.

On the other hand, the functionality of built-in maps will be useful for navigation purposes and you’ll be able to discover or explore the local points as well. Even though the little 1.2″ LCD screen is not much profound as your mobile, it’ll let you take a nice break from your smartphone. Thus, you’ll still be able to navigate and operate some essential tasks with the Garmin Forerunner 945 tri watch.


  • Latest Sony GPS for better battery life
  • Garmin’s Pay contactless support
  • The durable screen of Gorilla glass
  • Improved & REVAMPED hardware
  • Upgraded Garmin’s ELEVATE HR sensor


  • Buttons can malfunction


  1. Garmin FORERUNNER 935 Running GPS Unit

Garmin FORERUNNER 935 Running GPS Unit

Another Garmin Forerunner 935 specialized for tracking running rate, that is a fantastic triathlon watch. Thereby, it is more convenient and affording than the Garmin Forerunner 945. Regarding that, it doesn’t consist of the highly advanced features of Forerunner 945 like underwater HR sensor or contactless pay ready system. However, it is still very appropriate for a triathlete as it gives the running GPS unit feature.

Further, Forerunner 935 also gives advanced and innovative features of accurate fast speed tracking, HR tracking with a reliable GPS connection. As for other connectivity, it offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Therefore, this Tri watch offers high-end dynamics for your tri activities. As well as it will monitor your ground contact time length balance and so on. An advanced evaluation of the activity tracking feature will maintain your workout schedule. Also, it includes that it will track your heart rate and will tell you if you’re undertraining or overtraining.

Another elevation function is that to keep your bearings on balance, it gives elevation changes with a built-in barometer, compass, or altimeter.

Moreover, the little LCD screen will be able to guide you worldwide with its built-in Map feature. Whether you are in Asia, North America, or Europe you’ll be able to navigate to every destination without any detours.

Furthermore, even if the GPS or a precise activity mode is on you will get a battery life of 15 days. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are doing indoor/outdoor practices or you are participating in a triathlon event. Thereby, you will be able to record your tracks and rates inside the event as proof of your accomplishment.


  • Accurate built-in maps, compass, and barometer
  • Long battery performance with GPS mode on
  • Watertight, durable, lightweight watch
  • The nonbacklit LCD touch screen of 1.2″
  • Precise GPS, activity tracking feature


  • Android software works slowly


  1. Garmin Fenix 5X Renewed

Garmin Fenix 5X Renewed

Garmin Fenix 5X renewed is another sports smartwatch for all athlete who loves to experience outdoor activities. Well, for a triathlete every activity and triathlon events require to be outdoors. After Forerunner and Fenix, Garmin has managed to enhance the feature combination and develop the amazing Fenix 5X Tri watch.

All the features of Fenix 5X are over the top and great like improved battery power, GPS interface, additional widgets, and so on. Therefore, the training tracking features are amazing and give you reliable heart rate, swimming rate, and also running rate.

Further, the renewed version of the Fenix 5X offers perfect operational features. Thereby, the battery performance lives up to 15 days with GPS usage. Although Fenix 5X is a renewed version, it still contains all the features of Forerunner 935. The barometer, temperature gauge, pedometer, altimeter, electric compass, and all systems will offer you accurate readings.

Moreover, the built-in TOPO map will give you great navigation that you will be able to get around by many places with these tiny Tri watch maps. The GPS and the other features are as intuitive as the original gadgets.

Apart from other Tri activities, you can monitor your precise everyday workouts just perfectly. Likewise, the app integration and other widget facilities are in very good condition to maintain your activity all the time.

Further, the Sapphire crystal and gorilla glass on the watch body ensure more durability yet the watch remains lightweight. Lastly, this triathlon watch provides all the essential features of a Garmin with a more renewed and premium visual.


  • A renewed Garmin Remix 5X with a solid build
  • Topo Maps navigator with worldwide location
  • Great battery life and app integration
  • Accurate readings of running, swimming, HR, and temperature
  • Interchangeable bands are available for more comfort


  • Second-hand versions may provide misreadings


  1. Coros Apex Premium Multisport Tri Watch

Coros Apex Premium Multisport Tri Watch

Coros is a popular Chinese smartwatch brand, well not worldwide famous yet. But, you will want to get familiar with this newly rising on top watch brand. As well many older triathlete people do not know of this brand. That’s not because it is not that great, but Coros is fairly a new promising tri watch manufacturing brand.

Therefore, as for the introduction the Chinese company has expanded for developing fitness smartwatch or triathlon watches frequently. Further, the Coros Apex version is the most profound form of advanced smartwatches.

Moreover, Coros usually provides similar or even better features like other popular watch brands at a reasonable cost. Now, the Coros Apex smartwatch gets a lot of attraction with its fairly large screen visual and long battery performance. The 1.8″ visual screen is covered with titanium alloy and a sapphire crystal lens with a 240p resolution.

Further, the battery expectancy of the Coros Apex tri watch is numerous. The UltraMax mode in which the Coros Intelligent Stride Algorithm is constantly tracking your activity with the GPS switched on. The battery will perform up to 100 hours even with all the motion sensors operating each second. This smartwatch also contains triathlon mode like Suunto and Garmin. While it is set in Tri-mode it can track multiple activities at once accurately using GPS, GLONASS.

Thereby, the connectivity of ANT, BLE, and Bluetooth is available for the users. Also, the COROS apps interface lets you connect with TrainingPeaks and Strava integrations. Lastly, the digital knob or button lets you gain full control of the smartwatch and navigate everything easily.


  • Built-in altimeter, barometer, compass, and tracking monitor
  • Industry-leading GPS using Glonass, BDS satellite
  • App integration with famous 3rd party fitness training platform
  • Ruggedness with titanium alloy with sapphire crystal
  • UltraMax GPS mode for tracking multiple activities


  • Fitness evaluation works a bit slow
  1. POLAR VANTAGE M Multisport Watch

POLAR VANTAGE M Multisport Watch

As a triathlete, it’s quite usual for you to keep pushing your limits to continuously increase your stamina and fitness. Therefore, the POLAR VANTAGE M helps you achieve your purpose using its data insight of GPS training feature. This advanced multisport watch has the biometric Prime Heart Rate Sensors for providing accurate readings even while you’re running super fast.

Further, the Load Pro feature continuously reads and stores your running, HR, and swimming rate data. In case you’re concerned about the long battery life or water-resistance of your Tri watch, this watch contains both qualities.

Thereby, you can use the GPS mode to track and load data of your every single activity of biking, running swimming for 30 hours straight. Further, the Polar Precision Prime Sensor Fusion Technology offers you optical activity monitoring for a 130+ rate.

Moreover, VANTAGE M is a waterproof watch and can rate your heartbeats even underwater. Again not only an athlete or triathlete even a fitness freak person will love to use this VANTAGE M multisport watch to keep readings of everything. Also, this multisport watch is integrated with Strava, and TrainingPeak apps and will sync your data for a better experience.

As for the durability or ruggedness of this watch, you can rest assure about that because it’ll stand up to your grueling races, and toughest training. So, you can easily do a full amount of comprehensive training without thinking about unnecessary stuff. Lastly, this complete package triathlon watch lets you get customizable bands for style purposes and enhances your training mood.


  • Biometric optical HR sensor
  • App integration is great
  • Multisport triathlon watch for tracking multiple activities
  • Faster and better synchronization
  • Automatic data reading function


  • HR reading for elliptical can be slightly wrong


  1. Suunto 5 Compact GPS Sports watch

Another amazing multisport watch is Suunto 5 sports watch. This watch offers Compact GPS navigation. Therefore, this feature monitors and operates more than 80 sports modes to precisely record data of each exercise. Also, it provides you a highly effective Adaptive Training Guidance for 7 days to develop and manage your fitness level from all over the start. In that case, you can say that this multisport watch will be convenient for both newbie athletes and professional triathletes.

Next is the All Else Fades long-life battery functionality which is very fascinating. The long-lasting battery mode of this watch is even applicable when the watch is in the Compact GPS mode. Thereby, the watch is very lightweight with sturdy durability and you will hardly get any scratches on it. Combining with durable materials and high-tech Scandinavian design this watch can give you more than other smartwatches.

Further, this great sports watch contains the all favorite triathlete mode giving specific and analytical ratings of swimming, running, biking, and so on. Also, this Tri watch can accurately track your HR, hiking, running, sleeping and even the calories you consume daily.

Moreover, with the high-end app integration, you can easily connect this watch with your favorite sports apps and software to gain more guidance. Lastly, if you are having mood swings and wanting to take a break then the Suunto 5 mode will help you be lazy for a bit and exercise a bit less to get some peace of mind.


  • Monitors accurate heart rate even underwater
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Compact GPS provides 80 activity reading feature
  • Can be used to save data without a Bluetooth connection
  • You can use sports apps in the watch to get proper training


  • GPS navigation is slightly inaccurate for driving
  1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

In case you are more into a minimalist tracker with decent features and functionalities for regular usage then Fitbit is the best option. Technically it is a tracker watch that you can also use as a slim and stylish flex wristband. The Fitbit tracker wristband can sync with any type of device. Whether you want to sync the tracker’s data to your android smartphone, tablet, iOS, or PC using a Bluetooth connection you can do so.

Well, you can also use a USB port with this tracker to restore its records and data into another computer device very easily. Also if you want to sync it with your mobile or tablet devices then you will need to use both Bluetooth and Internet/Wi-Fi connections. Again the connection or syncing range is his tracker wristband is 30 feet which is decent enough.

Even though the tracking ability of this Fitbit Flex wristband is very good but the device is not completely waterproof. Well, it is still splash-proof, it can get by getting drained in sweat, quick shower, or sudden rain but you can’t swim with it.

The battery life of this Flex tracker is amazing, keeping continuous tracks of your activities it’ll operate for 7- 10 days. As for the sturdiness, the Fitbit tracker’s wristband is made of TPU rubber, and each tracker comes with two small and large wristbands. Lastly, it can take an accurate reading of all your activities like steps, HR, running, distance, calories burned, and so on.


  • Tracks all-day activity precisely
  • Can be synced with any devices
  • Sleek and minimalist
  • Long battery life
  • Reminds you of an alarm if you miss your schedule


  • Not waterproof


  1. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Here comes another tracker of Fitbit that is the most advanced fitness tracker with more in-built features. This Charge 3 tracker provides a better measure of your calorie burn, walking rate, and heart rate 24/7. Moreover, it will even track your resting heart and the calories you consume continuously.

Further, you will get more than 15plus exercise modes for yoga, running, swimming, and so on. Also, you can select the one according to the type of training you are doing indoors and outdoors. For a triathlete, this tracker could be an amazing activity tracker with a minimalist visual, and interface. Again you can set a goal as your fitness level and get perfect time stats during your workouts and training.

Moreover, its 24/7 active data tracking feature will automatically record data about you spending time in light, and your sleep stages. Again it will monitor your deep or REM sleeping stages, healthy insights so you can know how fit you are. These advanced activity insights will give you more healthy guidance about how you can get better.

Thereby, this Fitbit Charge 3 tracker is temperature proof from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius and water-resistant for 50 meters. So, you can easily partake in track swims in triathlon events.

Furthermore, you can use Bluetooth connectivity to sync with your smartphone GPS and enjoy your outdoor running. Also, this will let you navigate apps, calls, notifications without touching the mobile during training.


  • Compatible with smartphones
  • 24/7 HR tracking for health insights
  • Provides 15+ training modes
  • Long battery performance
  • Waterproof and temperature proof


  • Auto-brightness feature may work slowly



What watch should a traditional triathlete use?

All of the professional triathletes like to use Garmin 945/935, Garmin Fenix, Suunto, Coros, Fitbit trackers, and other best triathlon watches.

Are Apple watches as good as Garmin triathlon watch?

Unfortunately, in comparison to the Garmin triathlon watch, Apple watches are not suitable at all. But Apple watches are great to utilize as a fitness activity tracker.

Does a swimmer need a triathlon watch?

A triathlon watch is not a dying necessity for a swimmer athlete but it is very compatible to track and record your training and activities.

Is Fitbit Charger 3 is best for cycling?

Precisely, Fitbit is the perfect choice for you as a biker. It will accurately measure all your biking activities while you are in cycling mode.

Is Coros the best watch for training running?

Yes, monitoring running rates, as well heart rate while running COROS is very suitable and will guide you better than ever.

Final Conclusion

For a professional triathlete, it is best to avail perfect sports watch as a guide and reminder. Also, triathlon watches are the best solution to monitor the training insights or keeping track of events. Therefore, we explored and asked the athletes for great recommendations for tracking all training indoor and outdoor.

Further, we finally managed to find the best triathlon watches for all the triathletes who need to get a great Tri watch. We even gathered all the honest reviews and real-time pros and cons. So you can get the perfect triathlon watch according to your requirements. Lastly, with your preferred triathlon watch, you will be able to achieve more and greater experience.

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