Best Stuhrling Watches Reviews in 2021 | Top Picks & Buying Guide

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Stuhrling is one of the most popular brands for its iconic and stylish watches. But it is hard to find stuhrling watch reviews from different places as there are lots of similar and uncommon models of the same brand. Many of you don’t understand how these magnificent watches work as some of them run without a battery while some of them need a battery.

There are different watches with different mechanisms from Stuhrling which have different options on movement mechanism, water resistance, leather quality, weight, and design. So, here we are with everything you should know about stuhrling watches.

Top 7 Best Stuhrling Watches In 2021 That You Must Have

Here are the top 7 stuhrling watches reviews with all types of details you should know. We have listed them as the best from different price segments and requirements.

1. Stuhrling Original Men’s Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling’s original dual-time watch is our top choice for the list. This watch comes with an excellent skeletonized dial and an exhibition case back. This allows you to check your time in this analog display on your wrist. Silver and blue dial design give it an amusing outlook. Such a premium design is appreciated with a leather band and black dial color.

If you think about the efficiency of your watch’s battery then this offers more than what you need. This watch doesn’t need any battery. Such a mesmerizing watch utilizes your movement with its automatic self-winding mechanism. The 22 jewel movement mechanism keeps it running as long as you wear it with accurate time broadcasting.

Can you keep track of two times in one watch? This watch allows you to track two different times with the GMT sub-dial with am/pm. It can also track day/night and sun/moon sub-dial. It comes with a highly durable 22 millimeters blue leather strap with a deployment clasp. Such premium quality materials and stylish design make it the best stuhrling watch from our point of view.


  • Dual time tracking feature with GMT, day/night & sun/moon sub-dial.
  • Premium quality alligator embossed leather band.
  • Stylish and unique skeletonized dial with exhibition case.
  • Works on a self-winding mechanism, so it doesn’t require any battery.


  • The least movement mechanism for its gear makes it dull & boring.

2. Stuhrling Original Men’s Leather Watch

Stuhrling original men’s leather watch is another most admired watch on our list. This comes with a classy outlook for its 44 millimeters round-shaped case diameter. Its analog display is very easy to read Along with a lot of options included. Reliable Quartz watch movement makes it more dependable for accurate time illustration.

The edge style eye-catching look makes it highly stylish and easy to read. This dial impresses any user with a stylish brown leather band. The leather band is highly durable and comfortable. The band also offers premium quality stainless steel rivets. Anyone would fall for its charm just because of its classy leather band just like us.

It’s easy to read black dial has luminous hands and markers that allow you to read time in a dark ambiance easily. Its data functions show the day of the week and day of the month inside the dial with a very stylish design.


  • Stylish edge style design case and classy brown leather straps
  • Comfortable and durable leather band
  • Easy to read dial that allows seeing time in the dark
  • Shows day of the week and day of the month
  • Comes with stainless steel rivets


  • Too much pricey compared to its features

3. Stuhrling Original Men’s Analog Dive Watch

If you don’t like leather straps and prefer steel bracelets for your watch then this is the ideal choice for you. This is a stainless steel bracelet sport watch with 100 meters of water resistance. It comes with an ultra-accurate Japanese Miyota movement that makes it much more reliable for time accuracy.

An adjustable solid triple-row link steel bracelet gives an iconic look. Brushed center links and polished outer link with a push-button for deployment makes it comfortable to adjust for any type of wrists. Steel case also makes it much more durable to use in heavy pressures and effective conditions. Coin-edged bezel and blue dial give this case an amusing outlook.

This watch is highly recommended for its reliability on water resistance. It can withstand water pressure below the surface for up to 100 meters which makes it sporty for usable for divers. It still produces accurate time in such depth because of its frame being sealed with rubber gaskets.


  • Highly comfortable stainless steel bracelet
  • Adjustable wrist band for any sized wrists
  • Accurate time illustration with Japanese Miyota technology
  • Water-resistance reliability for up to 330 feet depth of water surface
  • Luminous fill dial display


  • Steel bracelet links tend to break down easily

4. Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Stainless Steel Automatic

Whether you want a stunning style or comfort, this watch provides all-in-one. This watch comes with a skeletonized style dial that shows you the timepiece marking the time accurately. This analog display watch offers a dual-time illustration. This means that you can track two different times with GMT adjustment for your time accuracy.

The genuine black leather band makes it very much stylish with a golden dial. This leather band is very much comfortable also. You are also having premium options in its dial such as am/pm, sun/moon, day/night, etc. a 22 millimeters leather strap makes it slim and comfortable for anyone to use.

The Alligator embossed leather of this watch is durable for long-term use. You can be assured of its efficiency as it doesn’t need any battery to work. It works on your natural movement against the wind with its automatic wind movement mechanism.


  • Works on user movements to wind with the automatic wind movement mechanism.
  • Comfortable and long-lasting alligator embossed leather band
  • Stylish dual time dial display
  • Skeleton dial design with am/pm & sun/moon feature


  • You can hear its spinning sound which is annoying for some users

5. Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Calfskin Leather Strap 3997L

3997L is the best combination of sleek design, lightweight watch case, and comfort. If you are looking for something admirable on a low budget then this is the best watch you should go for. This watch is fully black designed with an analog dial that is perfect for any casual outfit. A black leather strap, black dial, and silver stainless steel case is the perfect combination of casual style offered in this watch.

Its alligator embossed genuine leather offers premium quality comfort and durability. You will never feel the burden of weight as it is a very light weighted watch. The low profile timepiece makes it perfect for striking without weighing down your wrists. A very comfortable push and pull out the crown is attached to adjust time and date accurately.

The versatile design of this watch makes it perfect for any occasion along with any type of attire. You can also check and adjust the date on its dial. You are getting all of these at the lowest price which is mesmerizing.


  • Very much affordable and value for money
  • Suitable design for any outfit and occasions
  • Slim and lightweight to use for a long time with comfort
  • Premium quality alligator embossed leather
  • Accurate time and date display


  • The crown is too large compared to this watches sleek design

6. Stuhrling Original Women’s Symphony Swiss Quartz Swarovski Crystal Bezel Leather Watch 651 Series

How about a classy watch for women? Here we offer you the best stuhrling watch for women at the most reasonable price. This watch has a unique design with a rose gold dial design and crystal bezel. This tinted case is built with highly durable stainless steel. The case diameter is 34 millimeters which are ideal for women’s wrists.

Swiss Quartz movement with analog display makes it reliable for accurate time measurement. The sapphire crystal bezel is also protected with a synthetic layer on the outside. The textured dial is easy to read even in a dark ambiance which is appreciated.

Croco- embossed leather band with the white color design is very much comfortable and stylish for women to use. This watch is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters of water pressure which is amusing at such a low price.


  • Stainless steel case with a crystal bezel design
  • Stylish rose gold dial and the white leather band for women use
  • Swiss-quartz accurate time movement
  • Water resistance for up to 50 meters of water pressure.


  • This watch’s weak strap built with poor quality leather tends to tear down fast.

7. Stuhrling Original Men’s 657.02 Delphi Stainless Steel Automatic

Since we have shown you the best stuhrling watches reviews in different segments. Lastly, we would like to offer you the best one with mid-budget value. Besides this watch has the best features compared to its price. A stylish black skeleton dial with black leather combines the best watch design for use with any attires.

This watch’s dial features dual time with GMT adjustment and am/pm indicator for 12 hour time Department display. Its round-shaped stainless steel frame with crystal dial window is more stylish than any other watch in this segment. The black strap is made of leather for more comfort and durability.

This clock doesn’t need any battery to run as it works on your movement to wind. This automatic wind movement mechanism works accurately if you wear the watch for at least 8 hours a day. This watch is also reliable for sport uses as it is water-resistant for up to 50 meters of water pressure.


  • Automatic wind movement mechanism works without any battery
  • Dual time dial with am/pm department
  • Stainless steel case with stylish leather and crystal bezel design
  • Water-resistant for up to 50 meters of water pressure


  • It will work slower or stop working if not worn for at least 8 hours a day

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How To Choose The Best Stuhrling Watch- Buying Guide

There are different types of stuhrling watches available. Besides we have shown you some of the best stuhrling watches from our list. But you can be confused about choosing the ideal one for you. Sometimes we can not even distinguish between original and fake stuhrling watches. Here are some basic facts you should keep in mind before buying a Stuhrling watch.

Stuhrling Original Watch Movements

Stuhrling watches come with Quartz & Swiss-Quartz movement technologies. However, some of their watches come with Japanese Miyota technology which is also reliable for time accuracy.

These watches’ movement mechanisms are not always battery consuming.  Most of the stuhrling watches work on self-winding movement mechanisms. This mechanism allows your watch to work on your movement to winds. Be cautious to go for watches that run accurately even if you don’t create enough movement for a long time.

Some watches work slowly when you do not move to the wind. Go for watches that have accurate and efficient movement variation rates with more calibers. Premium watches from Stuhrling use more than 150 wind calibers for self-winding mechanisms.

Stuhrling Watch Battery Options

Go for watches with less battery consumption for long-term usability.  Some watches have heavy timepieces which also reduces battery performance. Swiss-quartz movement mechanism would be the ideal choice for battery efficiency.

Stuhrling Original Watch Cases

Original Stuhrling watches come with stainless steel watch cases. These cases can withstand heavy pressure. Most of their cases have stylish crystal bezels. Some expensive watches also offer 22/23 karat gold electroplated finishing for case bezel.

If you are going for a watch with only stainless steel material, then check if it is 316L surgical grade stainless steel or not. This model of the steel is the only steel used in Stuhrling watches.

Stuhrling Original Watch Dials

Stuhrling watch dials are built with at least 40 operations. Their lowest budget watches also come with amazing dial features. You will get day/night,  am/pm for distinguishing 12-hour clock format, GMT adjustment options for dual clock dials, and many more.

You can choose the features you want from these as a lot of all of their watches from different prices have these features. Some watches also count the day of month and day of weeks.

Stuhrling Original Watch Bracelet Materials

Stuhrling watch bracelets are mostly made of leather-grade bands or stainless steel. Their stainless steel bracelets are amazingly comfortable and adjustable for all sizes of wrist, unlike other steel bracelet watches.

When it comes to leather, stuhrling offers the best of Croco-leather embossed bands and alligator embossed leather bands. These leather bands are more durable than steel bracelets. They are also more comfortable than steel bracelets. So, we would recommend leather bands more.

Water Resistance

All of the stuhrling watches are not resistant to water. All of them are splash-proof so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. But if you want a sporty watch for diving deep in the water or other ways, then there are some models which are water-resistant.

Firstly, you have to measure how deep you may go inside the water. Then choose a watch that has compatibility to withstand water-resistant at that depth of water pressure.

We have enlisted watches in our list with a water resistance of up to 100 meters water pressure which is a magnificent watch for you if you dive that deep in the water. These watches would still work accurately at that water pressure so don’t be concerned.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Stuhrling Watches Good?

Ans: Stuhrling is one of the most dependable watch brands for all types of people. They have a variety of watches at different prices. Even their lowest-priced watches are highly durable and comfortable. All of their watches are stylish no matter what if they cost less than a hundred dollars. So yes, stuhrling watches are good.

Question: How Much Does A Stuhrling Watch Cost?

Ans:  There are Stuhrling watches of different prices. They have their lowest-priced watches starting from around forty-fifty dollars while they manufacture expensive watches that cost a few hundred dollars. No matter what the price is, all of their watches are reliable.

Question: How Do I Change The Battery In My Stuhrling Watch?

Ans: All you need to do is unscrew the back part and remove the timepiece with your nails or hand. Then you can change the battery easily. Be careful while removing the timepiece as it is very sensible.

Question: How Do I Know If My Stuhrling Watch Is Real?

Ans: Most of the stuhrling watches work on self-winding mechanisms which are instantly reliable to be original. Besides, original stuhrling watches come with exhibition case backs that show your watch’s movement.

Final Words

Stuhrling is a very reliable watch brand. You can go for any of their items without any hesitation. Still, we have shown you the best of what they have for different budgets. All of these models are stylish and would be a perfect fit for any person.

We are also assured that you may have chosen your watch if you have reached this point by reading out the whole article. Do not confuse yourself with too many options and go for the ideal one within your budget. Best of luck!

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