5 Best Seiko Dive Watches Reviews 2021 | Buying Guide

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Nowadays, Seiko has become the most popular brand for dive watches. Many of you get confused in choosing the best Seiko dive watches. Some people still don’t even know why Seiko is dominating over other brands in the dive watches segment.

When thinking about dive watches, we would only imagine highly expensive Rolex watches but Seiko has changed the verses.

At present, Seiko offers the most advanced dive watches with perfect accuracy and readability at a very reasonable price. Even the cheapest Seiko watches have the advanced options and durability just like other highly-priced premium watches.

If you are looking for a Seiko dive watch but you are unable to find the perfect fit for your requirements and budget then we are here to help you. We have found the best dive watches from Seiko in different segments that can be your ideal choice.

Top 5 Best Seiko Dive Watches Reviews For This Trending Time

So, are you here to look for a Seiko dive watch? Here are the top 5 Seiko dive watches we think to be the best choice for you!

1. Seiko SRP777 Prospex Automatic Black Rubber Strap Diver’s Men’s Watch

best seiko dive watches

Seiko SRP777 Prospex dive watch us is our first choice of the list. This watch comes with some magnificent features and a charming outlook at the same time. Such a beautiful combination made Seiko SRP777 very much popular among divers. We would recommend this dive watch as our priority of recommendation for you.

The first thing anyone notices in your watch is its looks!

No other design can be as classy as a black dial enhanced with the silver-toned stainless steel structure of this watch. Silver-toned hands are very much bright which makes it perfect for using and reading even under the water.

As a dive watch, Seiko SRP777 must be a water-resistant watch just like others. Its water resistance is unbeatable for up to 200m under the water. No professional divers go beyond 200m in deep water without any extreme purposes. So, its water resistance is more than enough for any divers.

The crystal design of this watch is completely scratch resistant. Along with a solid steel back case, buckle clasp and the unidirectional rotating bezel are all durable for long time use. Its case size is 45mm which is perfect for almost all wrist sizes. Anyone who uses this would be completely comfortable with its case size.

THE Seiko SRP777 watch comes with a silicone rubber band. These types of bands are highly durable and comfortable. The rubber band has multiple holes to adjust with different wrist sizes. A screw-down crown attached to this dive watch is perfectly suitable in size to customize even below the water.


  • Comes with easy to use the screw-down crown.
  • 45mm solid case back suitable for almost all types of wrist sizes.
  • Black dial with a silver-tone design which is easy to read in any condition.
  • Water resistance for up to 200m water depth.


  • Its rubber band can be a discomfort when used for long hours underwater.

 2. Seiko Divers Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

best seiko dive watches

Seiko divers automatic blue dial men’s watch is another beautiful option for you. This watch is a casual watch with a very unique design of blue. A blue dial window designed with bright silver dial number tones and bezels looks very charming and stylish. Its unique designs suit the modern times as there is also A red stripe design in less than half of the dial window corners.

This watch comes with Japan 21 jewels self-winding automatic movement which is very much efficient and accurate. This movement technology gathers movement energy from your hands winding movement which is fascinating for an analog watch. Japan 21 jewels are reliable for its accurate time movement technology so you can trust its accuracy.

The steel frame of this watch is made of stainless steel. The back case is also made of stainless steel and the strap attached to it is a resin strap. Resin straps are highly comfortable and durable for long term heavy use. The case dimension is 42mm which is a common size for comfortable watch wearing peoples.

In this watch, there is also a feature of water resistance of up to 200 meters in the depth of water just like the previous dive watch. This capacity of water resistance is more than enough for regular diving with accurate time reading in this dive watch. Water pressure will not affect its time accuracy at any cost.

This watch comes with crystal luminous hands and markers which provide bright visibility even in dark places. This allows you to check the time even in dark water surfaces. Its screwed-down crown is also perfectly sized for adjusting comfortably in any conditions even below the water.


  • 200m water resistance.
  • Day/date display with luminous hands and markers.
  • Stainless steel case and resin straps.
  • Self-winding automatic movement technology.


  • Being a casual watch, it is not suitable for formal events.

3. Seiko PROSPEX Turtle Diver Special Edition Automatic Men’s Watch SRPC91

best seiko dive watches

Here is another prospect edition of dive watches from Seiko. This watch comes with a magnificent ocean blue dial window design which makes it the most unique dive watch on our list. A blue dial window mixes up with the water right? But its dial hands are silver-colored so it is very easy to read time with this watch.

Seiko Pospex turtle diver watch works with Seiko 24 jewels automatic/self-winding movement. A hackable second movement ( Calibre 4R36) is also empowered with this dive watch. Seiko 24 jewels hand-winding movement is quite popular for its reliable time accuracy at any pressure

This Prospex turtle diver watch is uniquely designed with a stainless steel case and a regular connect type buckle clasp. Even though its design is highly appreciated, it comes with a normal rubber band without any design. However, the rubber band is highly durable and comfortable despite its old looks. Its case is 44.5mm which is also fair enough for comfortable use.

Coming back to its stylish display, you would get both day/date display options in this dive watch. Its blue design might affect your visibility so, the manufacturers have painted it with luminous hands and markers which makes it very much bright. Thus, its comfortable readability is also ensured with stylish dial design.

This dive watch comes with a screw-down case back hence, it is water-resistant. Its water resistance is ensured for up to 200 meters in deep water without any time inaccuracies. It also features a screw-down crown which is easy to use and adjust for its perfect height even in deep water pressures.


  •  Water resistance for up to 200 meters.
  • Unique blue dial window with luminous dial hands and markers.
  • Stainless steel case with a comfortable rubber band.
  • Runs with Seiko 24 jewel automatic self-winding movement.
  • Both day/date displays with screw-down crown and case back.


  • This watch is too heavy which makes it uncomfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Its rubber strap looks old fashioned.

 4. Seiko Men’s SSC019 Solar Diver Chronograph Watch

best seiko dive watches

 Seiko men’s SSC019  solar diver watch is a chronograph watch that runs on solar movement. This watch is another casual dive watch from Seiko at a very reasonable price. This watch also comes with a very stylish and readable blue dial window. Its design is also very much unique with its  waterdrop designs top-notch solar sensor

Quartz solar watch movement and eco-drive movement are both available in this watch. Both of these watch movement technologies are reliable for their accurate time calculation. Hence, there is no need for you to be concerned about time accuracy in any condition. Its hardlex type dial window is also very much popular for its time accuracy.

If you are thinking about water resistance, then let us inform you that this dive watch also features water resistance for up to 200 meters below water. At its price, this water resistance capacity is an amusing feature. Its time accuracy is promised in deep water pressures just like other highly-priced premium dive watches.

This watch comes with a unique chronograph design. A lot of people would think that its blue dial window design might affect their visibility in low light. You would be mesmerized to know that its dial hands and markers are painted with luminous layers which makes them very much bright. This increased brightness makes it perfect for easy readability along with a stylish design.

This dive watch is built with a highly durable and comfortable stainless steel case and case back. Its case dimension is 43mm which is perfect for any size of wrists. It would suit any man because of its ideal case size. Its bracelet is also made of the same stainless steel which makes it very classy and formal.


  • Water-resistant for up to 200 meters below water (660 feet).
  • Stylish blue dial window with silver dial hands.
  • Bright luminous dial hands and markers for easy readability.
  • Highly durable 43mm stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet.
  • Comes with both quartz solar movement and eco-drive movement.


  • The bad strap fittings of this watch are really hard to adjust in perfect sizes.

 5. Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Japanese-Automatic Black Rubber Diver’s Watch

best seiko dive watches

Seiko SKX007J1 analog watch is the last choice of our list. This watch is another perfect choice in our best dive watches list. In our opinion, this is the most classy watch among other enlisted watches. It features a full black analog dial window with whitened silver dial hands and markers. Its design makes it perfect to use on any occasion.

These divers watch runs on Japan 21 Jewels Automatic Self-Winding Movement (Caliber 7S36). The self-winding movement is the most efficient movement among modern watches. Japan 21 jewels movement technology is also highly reliable for its time accuracy even in the highest water pressure and lowest winding power.

When it comes to your watch’s durability, a stainless steel frame is the most reliable option for you. This watch comes with a 43 mm stainless steel case which is an ideal fit for all people. A very comfortable and strong resin strap is attached to this watch. This strap is comfortable to use under the water for long hours.

This watch features a screw-down case back and screws down the crown. This type of crown is perfectly adjustable in any condition because of its size and position. Being a dive watch, this watch also comes with water resistance for up to 200 meters below water. This amount of water resistance capacity is perfect for all divers.

This classy black watch comes with luminous dial hands and markers. This brightens up its hands and markers so that you can read them easily in darkness and below water. Premium facilities like unidirectional turning bezels and day/date display are also premiered with this black rubber watch.


  • Classy black dial window design with silver-colored dial hands and frame.
  • Works on Japan 21 jewels automatic self-winding movement technology.
  • Built with strong stainless steel and resin strap.
  • Water-resistant for upto 200 meters below water.
  • Easy to read with luminous hands and markers.


  • It is very hard to operate its crown for its short height.

How To Choose The Best Seiko Dive Watches – Buying Guide

 Here are the main things you should look upon to buy the best watches for your diving life:

Water Resistance 

For diving, your watch must be water-resistant. If your watch is not resistant to water then it would stop working below the water. Every water-resistant water has its depth capacity. You have to know how deep you are going to dive and buy a watch that has compatibility.

Mostly,  good dive watches come with 200 meters of water resistance which suits almost every diver.

Dial window & Dial Window Case

No matter how attractive your watch’s dial window is, it must have readability and it must be durable to withstand heavy water pressure. A stainless steel dial window case is the most durable option for your diving watch. No other cases are as strong as stainless steel when it comes to watches.

On the other hand, your watch must be readable in dark and dusty places under the water. So, luminous painted dial hands and markers would be the perfect choice as they are bright to be easily read in any situation.

Bracelet/Straps & Crown

Steel bracelets and rubber straps are mostly used in watches. No matter what your watch is made of, it must be comfortable and durable at the same time. If you prefer steel bracelets then go for stainless steel bracelets. If you like rubber straps then we would recommend silicone rubber straps as they are highly durable and comfortable at the same time.

Make sure to check if the strap/bracelet has the proper fit for you. Otherwise, you may need to adjust its fittings from any local store which may be an annoying task.


In modern times, no one uses battery movement watches or blood inclined watches. For your long-lasting dive watch experience,  we would suggest you go for solar movement watches or self-winding watches.

Among these two, the self-winding watch movement is the most efficient and accurate for any condition as you may not find a solar charging option in winters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Seiko Dive Watches Good?

Ans: Seiko dive watches are really good for diving. Though Seiko offers the best dive watches at the most reasonable price, they still offer premium features like other expensive watches. If you don’t want to show off brandy watches of Rolex rather you want something reasonable, then Seiko is the best choice for you.

Question: Can I Overwind Seiko Dive Watches?

Ans: You can not overwind a Seiko dive watch. These automatic self-winding watches are not made with winding limits but they still stop when they don’t need movement power. However, your watch would still be harmless even if you try to overwind.

Question: Is It OK To Manually wind An Automatic Watch?

Ans: Yes, it is okay to manually overwind an automatic watch but you should not repeat it regularly.  Automatic self-winding watches are mostly made with a screw-down crown and case back so you can easily wind them automatically. So, it is not necessary to wind them manually and put stress on them.

Question: Can I Take Shower With A Dive Watch?

Ans: You can take a shower with a dive watch but repeatedly doing this might harm your watch. Your watch is resistant to water but acidic liquids such as soaps and shampoos can harm your watch’s metal surface or rubber strap. Hot water can also damage your dive watch.

Question: Is 200m Water Resistant Good?

Ans: 200-meter water resistance is good for diving as most divers do not exceed 200 meters limit. But for marine missions and extreme purposes, only a few divers need to exceed beyond 200 meters. So 200-meter water resistance is enough for regular diving around the water.

Final Words

As you are at the last stage of this review, we are sure that you are now ready to make your decision, right? We have described all the good and odd of the best Seiko dive watches available in the market.

We have enlisted Seiko dive watches from different segments so that you can choose from various budgets. The only concern you should have right now is your choice of design and color. Otherwise, we are assured that these Seiko dive watches are bound to meet all your requirements.

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