7 Best Nurses Watches in 2021 | Reviewed By Budget & Styles

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Nurses are just not only professional medical persons. They have their personal life too. So, how do they manage everything in time?

Nurses are always on a tight schedule. They always follow a time track for keeping their duty and personal life all in their place. So, we have brought you the top 7 best nurses watches for keeping on and off duty.

A nurse is never lead their own life like a doctor. No one from the medical and hospital profession can enjoy their objects. But keeping everything scheduled and well organized can still ease life.

To make sure you can perform your professional and personal life’s activity, you need the actual timing acknowledgment.

As we are living in the digital era, we all have smartphones, tabs, laptops, and all the gadgets. But still, in a medical emergency, there is hardly any scope to use while you are in OT or an extreme situation.

So, you can’t use your digital devices all the time to keep the track of time. What will you save in those situations?

Well, there are many professional nurses out there who love to use the only wristwatch for their professional life.

Now, we are delighted to declare the best watches for nurses in our latest review.

Best Nurses Watches For All The Professional Nurses

Let’s be frank! We nurse are never free on time. Whether we are busy in our duty or our own life.

So, it’s really hard to keep track of the hectic days and also getting out some time for themselves.

What’s keeping us on track is only a watch!

Sound’s odd?

Though it sounds like an idiotic thing that we can keep the track of our schedule with watch only!

But tell me is that silly? However, it’s never a silly thing to have watches being a nurse.

Let’s be very straight now about our top picks for best nurse watches. We reviewed some of the best watches for every nurse to wear.

And we have come along with the top 7 watches that you can take a look at and choose for your nurse profession.

Whimsical Unisex U0620013 Watches for Nurse

best nurses watches

As a nurse, a proper schedule is quite essential for treating patients orderly. In this regard, Whimsical unisex white leather watches are the best watches for the nurse.

Therefore, the nurse watch visualizes an aesthetic and traditional visual with the nurse theme dial style on the watch. That will provide you in front of others with a sophisticated aura as an authentic caregiver nurse.

Moreover, a whimsical wristwatch ensures you with the genuine-time measure with the Japanese crystal quartz watch maneuver.

Besides, this precise high-end wristwatch consists of a white Italian leather strap belt and a buckle type clasp for easy setup.

In proportion to the cute nurse theme dial design, the watch has a durable silver-tone stainless steel case. Also, the classic high-quality, minimalist sight of this watch makes it appropriate for every gender.

Though the dial window material is of a plastic kind, it is evenly strong, durable, and with an accurate view of seconds to minutes.

Additionally, the stationary bezel function with the analog visual round shaped display. It looks quite elegant with a sense of high standards, and quality type.

Thereby the clock display window glasses are thoroughly scratch-free. Also, the watch case is developed with water resistance, which is quite convenient for a caregiver.

Again, you will not need to bother about replacing the batteries frequently. As it already equips a lithium-ion battery, which will make the watch last longer than the average watch lifespan.

Thus, you can easily give it as a present to your caregiver colleagues. Since the watch looks very gorgeous and classically minimalist at the same time.


  • Aesthetic visual makes it flexible for watching time easily.
  • High-end, & durable for hard situations.
  • Weather-resistant features add royalty to it.
  • Durable, & scratch-free bands increase their longevity.
  • Accurate time enumeration always keeps up to date with time.


  • The strap keeper can be loosened.

Wristology Olivia Rise Gold Nurse watches for Women (B075C2R76T)

best nurses watches

An easy to read watch visual is always an appropriate consideration for nurses. Therefore, you can avail of this great feature from the Wristology watch brand.

The watches of Wristology watches look quite elegant, and high-end with the classic rose gold watch case.

Moreover, the watch has a large visualizing face of time counts. That is convenient for the old women, the medical doctors as well. Well, this watch is specially designed for the people of medical professional females.

Therefore the watch contains a Japanese quartz three-hand type movement, which gives precise time measures of seconds to minutes.

Further, the stylish view of this gorgeous watch is a very high standard with a durable metal case. The round-shaped rose gold metal case, and the second hand Greg leather is very fashionable.

Also, there is an exclusive feature of interchangeable belt straps of the watch is quite fascinating. It will need only a tiny moment for you to change the belt strap of the watch. So, you can get your watch to match your everyday attire.

Besides the analog display type visual, with glossy pinky clock hands is quite exact. As a medical worker, you can affluently measure pulse rate through the second counts with high accuracy.

Additionally, these watch sizes are matching with women’s standard wrist size. Also, the tang bucks clasp of silver-tone looks very soothing.

Thus, the waterproof durability of the watch is up to 30 feet. With this, you do not need to trouble washing hands or surgical stuff frequently.


  • Large visual is comfortable for viewing time easily.
  • Exact time accuracy adds value to its users.
  • Interchangeable belts are flexible for saving some of your money.
  • The waterproof feature fulfills the demand of every nurse.
  • High- end durability makes it eligible for nurses.


  • Ticking sounds can be loud for OT, ICU, or even for the silent ward.

TICCI Unisex Arabic Numerals Nurse Watch

TICCI brand provides a high-end watch which is very convenient for medical professionals as well as military professionals.

It has an extra second-hand dial of 24-hour markers and a military time dial to facilitate essential documentary. That is a splendid feature for both military commanders, and medical nurses.

The watch has a luminous dial tone feature, with that you can see the time in the dark. Also, you can avail of this watch in individual different colors.

Moreover, it consists of a three-hand quartz Japanese movement, which we know has great accuracy. The dial movements also have the exclusively visual design of white second hand on black marker dials. Also black second-hand dials on white watch dial markers.

Therefore, the second hands of black and white dials and markers help to measure accurate pulse breeze reading.

Further, with a static bezel function, this stainless steel watch is very high-end. The strap of the watch is the high quality, smooth, and soft type of silicone.

Along with the exact time accuracy, the watch also has Arabic numerals which indicates quantity time measure.

Further, you can also interchange the belt of the watch with the strap you prefer to wear. The watch also has a round analog size with an alloy case and buckle clasp. Again if you do not need to worry about being skinny, you can avail the right size for you too.

Besides the sturdy watch body, it is also glossy, stainless, and scratch-free. Also, the watch glass is durable, and the waterproof resistance of this is quite long-lasting. Thus, the watch is quite fascinating with additional features and functionalities.


  • Military time makes it quite moderate and flexible for nurses.
  • The silicone band adds a high-class comfort level to it.
  • Arabic numerical is extra functionality that nurses admire for.
  • Sturdy, scratch-free, and durable features make it worthy.
  • High water resistance is the ultimate feature in it.


  • The battery life span is low for longer time use.

VAVC Nurse Watch with Second Hand and 24 Hour

best nurses watches

If your dear one is a nurse or doctor, then a VAVC nurse watch is the best gift you can give them. VAVC nurse watch is one of the most stylish watches that suit all types of medical aprons. Its big white dial is also the best match for any doctor or nurse’s costume.

The very first thing we liked about the VAVC nurse watch is its dials design. Its dial has both 12 and 24-hour markers which means that you can read time for both formats. The attracting red second-hand helps you count every second accurately with its divided second markers for every second.

Long lastingness and reliability are ensured with Japanese Quartz movement and other high-grade built-in materials. Its dial frame is made of 316 L surgical grade stainless steel and sapphire coated mineral crystal glass.

The genuine calf leather band of this watch is also very much comfortable and durable.

As this watch is specially meant for girls, VAVC came up with lots of different color options for its leather strap so that it suits any medical apron perfectly. You can clean it with a soft cloth regularly to keep it as glossy as new. However, this military time constructed nurse watch is also waterproof for up to 50 meters depth of water.


  • Built with high quality 316 L surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Stylish big dial with both 12 & 24-hour markers.
  • Specially designed for doctors, nurses, and medical students with Japanese Quartz accurate time movement.
  • Easy readability with visible red second hand and second markers.
  • Water-resistant for up to 50 meters and easily cleanable.


  • Most of its users reported issues with its clasp connecting the band to the watch.

Timex Women’s Weekender 31mm Watch 

best nurses watches

Here is another popular watch for nurses and other medical staff. This watch is also knowns as women’s weekender collections top choice. This wristwatch comes with some impressive facilities along with its unique beauty that no other watch offers.

Timex women’s weekender watch has a versatile option of colors for its strap but the blue nylon strap is mostly used by medicals staff and nurses.

The best feature you are getting from Timex weekender is quick releasable & slip-thru straps. You can change straps easily at any moment with this feature.

You can release straps easily and change it to another strap instantly with its slip-thru fabric and leather strap design. This means that you can adjust and fix the strap instantly even while it’s on your wrist.

Timex women’s weekender watch comes with a round white dial which is easy to read. This dial is also very easy to track time accurately with its both 12 and 24-hour markers. You can also see its second markers in the 12-hour format.

This timing accuracy is appreciated by nurses as they need to be careful with every single second while in a medical emergency.

Another popular feature of Timex is its indigo light-up watch dial. This light-up feature helps you to read the time even in the darkest places. This watch is also water-resistant for up to 30 meters which withstands splashes but the manufacturers have prohibited wearing this watch for swimming/bathing.


  • Easy to read watch with 12 and 24-hour markers
  • Round white dial with an indigo light-up dial for tracking time in the dark.
  • Comes with nylon slip thru straps with quick release.


  • Its tickling sound is a bit loud and annoying.

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

Speidel’s original scrub watch is another premium quality watch for nurses. This scrub watch is quite familiar to nurses as it is the most common watch among nurses. It provides long tike durability and comfort with the best time movement. 3 hand quartz movement of the Speidel scrub watch is one of the most reliable timepieces you can look for.

White round dial of Speidel’s original scrub watch suits all types of aprons nurses usually wear. The dial is protected with stainless steel silver cover. You can count time easily with its bold markers of both 12 and 24 hours. The visible red second hand and small second markers of this watch also help you to read and count every single second easily.

The silicone band of Speidel’s original scrub watch is highly durable and comfortable than any other watch brand in this segment. You can easily clean this band with a soft cloth and it would look as fresh as new as this silicone band is dustproof.

Different color options of the band are available with this watch which are specially meant for women. All pink, black, white, blue, and teal silicone band of this watch suits its white dial attractively.

The stainless steel frame of Speidel’s original scrub watch is also waterproof for up to 30 meters. Such comfort and reliability this watch provides are hard to find at such a reasonable price. You can go for it without any hesitation as it fits a wide range of wrist sizes.


  • Easy to read dial with visible red second hand and both 12 and 24-hour markers.
  • Highly durable stainless steel case cover with a water resistance of up to 30 meters.
  • Comfortable silicon scrub band with various color options.
  • Fits with a wide range of wrist sizes.


  • The buckle hook is too short.

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

best nurses watches

Timex unisex weekender 38mm watch is also one of the best watches for nurses. This watch is popular among nurses and medical students for its stylish design and unique fabric strap. This watch also provides some incredible features like other Timex timepieces. If you want something fancy and unique to gift or use yourself as a nurse then it’s the best deal for you.

A unique cream-colored dial with both 12 and 24-hour markers of Timex unisex looks quite classy. The numerals of the dial are all Arabic which makes it look even more stylish.

It has second markers for a 12-hour format so that you can count your time accurately. The visible red second-hand helps you count every single second easily with mesmerizing visibility.

Mineral glass crystal of the dial glass and silver-colored steel case looks very much shiny and attractive. This dial looks good for both men and women nurses with its olive-green nylon slip-thru watch. These slip-thru straps are easy to adjust and change. The band material is a fabric that is highly durable and comfortable also.

This watch is water-resistant for up to 30 meters. It can withstand splashes but it is recommended to not wear this watch while swimming or bathing. The Indiglo light-up watch dial of Timex unisex makes it easy to read time in dark ambiances.


  • Easy time tracking for nurses with both 12- & 24-hour markers.
  • Comes with comfortable and unique green nylon slip-thru straps.
  • Fits a large range of wrist sizes (up to 8 inches).
  • Provides proper time readability at night with Indiglo light-up watch dial.


  • The Indiglo light dial-up doesn’t work for a long time.


Things To Consider Before You Choose A Nurse Watch – Buying Guide

There is no way to determine which is the best nurse watch until you are satisfied. So, satisfaction comes from the requirement of fulfilling ability.

Whatever watch you are choosing, just check out if the watch has all the desired qualities that can fulfill your professional requirements.

Let’s hit some requirements that you should check out!


You will be wearing the watch for more than 10 hours while on duty. So, how to make sure of the comfortable feeling? Your watch must not be very heavy. A heavy watch will make rashes and also a pain in your wrist.

However, select a watch that is not heavier and comfortable on your wrist. Also, make sure the watch is a good fit for your wrist. If you wrist thin, then choose a good quality watch that includes a buckle closure strap.

The watch that doesn’t fit your wrist will increase difficulty while you are on duty or in a rush. Remember unfit watch doesn’t only look bad to your personality.

Thus, to keep yourself comfy and good-looking, choose a watch that has all the quality for making your lie easier.


Whenever you are in OT, ICU, or ward, there is very minimal light. You may find hardship to view the time. One of the most important factors for choosing nurses’ watches is the backlight.

Though classic watches hardly have a backlight. All you can go for a quality digital watch for having the perfect backlight in your watch. Some of the analog watches create light in dark places. They are also a good fit somehow.


Being hygiene is a necessity for all the nurses out there. Well, nurses have to stay more cleaned and hygiene than anyone else. So, you can’t take a risk with your watches. Though you frequently wash hands for you and your patients’ safety, you have to make sure the watch that you are wearing in your hands is safe.

And there is no way to choose watches those don’t have water-resistant feature.


Price is a number tag but the watch you are selecting should be in a fair price range. Well, every watches their picks and perks. If your required watch comes on a very limited budget, there is nothing to worry about quality. Just make sure the quality, design, and durability is satisfying you or not.

best nurses watches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions 1: Do nurses need specific watches?

Ans: Nursing is a very different profession. And nurses have some extra requirements while it comes to watch. So, they have to go for the watches that can serve their purposes and professions.

Questions 2: What Type of watch is best for nurses?

Ans: Nurses specifically don’t have to use watch following high-class brands and pricey. They can select the watches which are durable, affordable, water-resistant, flexible for emergencies, and beautiful.

Questions 3: Are Speidel watches good for nurses?

Ans: Speidel watches are good for nurses. Speidel watches are high class comfy for having 100% silicone band. Else this material is easy to clean whenever you need it.

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Final Words

We are at the final stage of our best nurses watches!

So, what’s your final thought over our top 7 selection of nurse watches?

Did you select any of them? If you couldn’t yet choose the watch for yourself, you should seek for your requirements. And pick up the watch that can fulfill all of your requirements.

It’s mandatory to pick a pricey and costly nurse watch. All the watches that we have enlisted are under 50 dollars. So, you don’t need a fancy budget.

Finally, we hope you got a watch that will be your professional mate.

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