5 Best Nixon Watches Review in 2021 | Buying Guide

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Whoever loves watches, they definitely won’t miss having one of the best Nixon watches in their collection.

Do you own a Nixon watch?

If you still don’t own a Nixon watch, it’s high time to get one straight away.

Nixon is not only a watch brand but a place where either men or women can rely on their luxury choice of watch. This is an American brand and also includes other accessories to supply for its dedicated users.

Nixon has its specialties and uniqueness that they never miss to provide through their watches. So, till now anyone who has purchased a Nixon watch adhered to get another.

Top 5 Nixon Watches Review – Pros, Cons, & Buying Guide

Watches for men and women is a crucial need for highlighting their personality and also for having the right track of time.

Though we are living in a high tech-powered world now where we can get to see time in our phones, tabs, laptops, PCs, and everywhere. But what makes us do all the effort to get the best Nixon watches is forgetting the satisfaction to have a dedicated watch.

Now, let’s move to the Nixon watches review and see what are the features available in our top selection.

Nixon Time Teller Acetate

nixon watches review

This is one of the best Nixon watches of all time. If you want to get a watch with all exclusive style statement, this is indeed the best one.

Nixon Teller Acetate is the ultimate watch edition for any working man. Whoever wants to go to office meetings, parties, or conferences, they can pick this up without a second thought.

Else, a woman can also get it for its unique elegant style statement. People who only want the uniqueness in their watches, they have no other option left than choosing it.

In this watch, there are applied indices in the dial window. Else, this watch is decorated with acetate modification. The color is a combination of black and brown which gives the sensation of a little bit of tiger printing.

Since the acetate is the most advanced level of the plant-based composite. It contains unlimited potential for customization. That’s why you can carry this watch for any kind of occasion whether it’s casual or official.

Apart from the time teller’s design modification, this watch is durable in its term. If you look at the durability, this watch is very lightweight because of the acetate construction. Acetate is a special kind of material that is lighter than plastic but durable like steel.

This is a unisex watch which movement is Japanese quartz 3 hand. If you want the accurate time all the time you look at your watch, this will ensure you the exact time.

If you are a woman, you will adore this watch for having the jewelry style in it. It includes the three-link acetate bracelet with a double locking clasp. So, it will be fit for anyone’s hand and make you feel not only stylish but also confident.


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable material construction.
  • Ensures the style statement.
  • Men and women both can use it.
  • Up to 100-meter water resistance.


  • A bit of big size if your hands are thin.

NIXON Re-Run A158 – Mint

nixon watches review

Are you someone who wants the best Nixon digital watch? Let’s be frank on this Re-Run A158. This watch is one of the significant digital watches from Nixon.

This watch is inspired by the 80s Nixon design. But what makes it beautiful and unique is the color. Its mint color brings out the elegance in your personality. People who love neon types of colors, they fall in love with its first appearance. The color is cool and makes you look very trendy.

This is a perfect watch for any stylish woman who loves jewelry types of watches. Women can use this watch as elegant jewelry and

Its dial window is black. The dial window is a great combination of digitalization including time, date, and day in a bold yellowish color. You can easily watch the time and date in day or night.

Since this is crafted with the Re-Run feature, it gives an outstanding look to your appearance. This watch doesn’t only come with an elegant jewelry system but also there are throwback curves and contours that create extra attractiveness in the watch. The retro appeal enhances digital functionality by look and efficiency.

There are flexible pushers made of polyurethane. It looks really good on the watch. Else, you can easily set the time, date, and everything comfortably.

Since this is a neon color watch, so you can use it for your casual occasion. But those who can carry it confidently can use it for official use too. This is a beautiful watch for work, play, and outdoor.


  • The attractive digital display makes it worthy.
  • Includes dual time, calendar, countdown, light, and many more features.
  • Up to 30 meters of water resistance.
  • Man and women both can wear it.
  • Affordable price but a durable unit.


  • Would be great if this model had verities of colors.

Nixon Kensington Leather Rose Gold

nixon watches review

Many women have an extended love for leather shoes, bags, watches, and more. So, cheers to those ladies for this Leather rose gold watch from Nixon. Nixon offers versatile models of watches. And this Kensington watch makes the dream come true with the leather band watch.

This is a classic watch with an endless style statement. The band is purely made of 37mm leather which is durable as well as gorgeous to look at. Since the band comes in two colors, rose gold and black color. So, you can choose in between them.

Apart from being beautiful, this band is customizable. So, fat to thin wrists, anyone can wear it. A clasp is also a durable unit manufactured with stainless steel.

You can wear them for any function. Whether you want to go to a party, meeting, or college, this is an all-way going watch.

It’s not a digital dial watch. But still, it includes a classic clean and clear golden line that indicates the time accurately. There is a charm in its design and look. This is a very simple design watch which has all the way very elegant 3-hand movement which makes this watch attractive and fashionable.

This is a perfect watch for a regular watch. Whoever used it have experienced satisfaction. If you want to gift your lady or friend or colleague a gift at a reasonable price, then this is the perfect gift to give anybody.

There are many out there who prefer classic over digital watches. So, they would love to pick this watch as their best gift option.


  • Beautiful elegant design.
  • Classic but the best fashionable watch.
  • Fits any wrist.
  • Gives a comfy feeling while wearing it.
  • Available in attractive multiple colors.


  • Solely made for women.

Nixon Time Teller Acetate

nixon watches review

Teller acetate has its dedicated customer zone. There are many ladies out there who would like to get a watch in a very warm and soothing color. Well, this is the warmest and soothing color of a watch that you can ever get from Nixon.

People who have to work outside in the rain, sunlight, would love this watch. This watch comes in a Japanese quartz 3 hand dial on the screen. The movements are black which is easily visible in any environment. Else, the screen is combined with the white and silver color combination.

This is an incredible unit for having custom molded hands. If you are a fashion fiesta who needs an extremely stylish watch, this is the one.

Apart from being stylish and attractive, you can use this watch for your pool time also. Well, who remembers to remove watch while getting into the water? So, if you are about to enjoy some pool time with your watch, there is no risk with it. If the water level is not more than 100 meters, then you can enjoy a swimming time in the water with this watch.

An acetate case is a durable unit. It is a handmade case that is durable for extreme situations. You can carry this watch for unlimited days as the durability is a promising feature in this Nixon watch.

All the materials used for manufacturing this watch are durable and flexible. The hardened mineral crystal makes the watch worthy of your money and time. Else, the triple gasket stainless steel crown makes the watch more beautiful.


  • Japanese quartz movement gives accurate time.
  • A double locking clasp ensures safety.
  • Fits hands perfectly for micro adjustment.
  • Beautiful bracelet system watch.
  • The dial window material is mineral.


  • Sadly not designed for men.

Nixon Women’s Siren

nixon watches review

Well, this is the last but the most significant watch in our Best Nixon watches review. If you are someone who doesn’t love leather or acetate in the matter of band, then this watch is the highlighted elegant for having made with a silicone band. The silicone band gives a classy feeling to your outlook. If you love the elegance of the silicone, then this Siren is the ultimate watch for you.

This is not for one occasion use watch. You can take it for any occasion like office, camping, outdoor playtime, swimming time, and also for the school or college. Since the watch should always have the flexibilities to use for multiple purposes.

Since this watch is a digital unit, you can easily view the time, date, day, and everything. The adjustable LCD module makes it more user-friendly.

Since the band is made of silicone material, if the band somehow gets dirty, there is an advantage that no other band can give this scope to clean the watch’s band. There will be no stain and scratch on this watch’s band. If you look at the dial window, it’s clear and visible. So, no one would have any issue to check the time in any situation.

Those who have a budget issue for selecting a watch can choose this watch for their goodness. This watch is a great option for being the most flexible digital Nixon watch. There is no other brand that can give so much like Nixon in a watch with this price.

Since the dial color is black and the numbers are in highlighted color, you would find it peaceful to watch this watch again and again.


  • Beautiful design that suits every woman.
  • Perfect for casual and official wear.
  • Adjustable easily on any size’s wrist.
  • Affordable price.


  • This watch is more or less only for women.

Things to Consider Before Buying Nixon Watches

Though you are an avid watch lover and you know every term to buy watches. But while you want to purchase Nixon watches, you have to follow some fundamentals surely.

What are those factors to choose the best Nixon Watches? Well, If you don’t know, let us guide you through the guidelines.

Case Durability

All you have to look at the watch’s durability. And the durability depends on the watch’s case. Nixon cases are renowned for having durable cases. Check out if the case is an acetate or something else.

Acetate is a popular material for Nixon cases as the acetate is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. There are other materials like steel, stainless steel, and many more. But acetate keeps the watch safe from corrosion. If you are someone who often goes underwater wearing a watch, you should not miss selecting acetate for being a corrosion-free watch.


Well, color is a concern for those who want an occasional watch. Like you can’t wear a red color watch for your confidential office meetings. So, make sure you are choosing the right color for your next Nixon pick.

We recommend you to go for what you like and what suits you. You can’t choose a very dull color if you are a vibrant person. So, choose wisely according to your age, personality, and occasion.

Watch Face

In every watch, the face is just a crucial part. And same for the Nixon watch. Nixon has its terms for making well-protected faces. If we look at the Nixon watches, all of them are made of different materials. But the common to them is durable, strong, and worthy of your money.

All of the Nixon watches have crystal protection. So, these ensure you the durability in the watch’s face.

Else, there is some watch from Nixon which have got very simple protection of plastic and plexiglass crystal protection. Well, this simple protection is given for making the heavier watches eligible for comfortable wearing. Since the heavier watches are not our desired unit. So, all we want is something comfy and lightweight for wearing.

Water Resistance

There is hardly any watch that doesn’t have water resistance from Nixon. Nixon is a promising brand which has been giving its customer the best satisfaction until the starting.

So, the users would get water resistance to their every watch from Nixon. You will get 30 meters to 300 meters of water resistivity in the Nixon watches in terms of price and range. So, select according to your need and budget.


Nixon isn’t providing a range of customers. It has all spheres of customers. From a very cheap price to a higher price it has all kinds of customers whose love for Nixon is limitless.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which Nixon is better – digital or analog?

Ans: Nixon is not a single play watch. It is producing a watch in digital and analog form. So, customers of it get their best satisfaction according to their needs.

You’ll have to choose what you want actually. Classic design lovers are never going to touch digital units as they are just addicted to classic simplicity.

On the other hand, digital Nixon watches are the advanced level featured. They have the digital display of digit, alarm system, modern LCD, and the displays of digital watches are always let the user easily read the numbers.

Question: Automatic VS Quartz movement – Which is better?z

Ans: Nixon watches are available in both automatic and quartz movements. If you don’t know about these terms, let’s get to the details.

The automatic movement is the old-fashioned system to keep the track of time. But the quartz movement uses the Japanese Miyota quartz system that is the best movement for accuracy.

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Final Words

We are at the last stage of our best Nixon watches review!

These were our top 5 selections which were meant to select after the deep observation and depending on the users’ satisfaction. By look, fashion, and design all of these watches are the winner at the race of the best Nixon watches.

If you have a limited budget, still you can get a cool watch for your daily wear and enhance your personality as well as confidence.

Remember, good watches don’t only help you to keep the track of time, it lets you get the track of success too.

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