10 Best Invicta Watches Reviews 2021 | Buying Guide

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Invicta is a popular brand for watches. Still, you are probably tired of picking a watch among all the best watch reviews. That’s the reason, we are here to tell you all the peaks and perks of our picked Invicta watches reviews.

We know Casio, Timex, Rolex, or Cartier, every watch brand has it is legacy and luxury features. Thus the Invicta has so too.

Invicta watches have their popularity phase to reside in many hearts. What makes Invicta so special? Well, we will discuss it throughout our review.

Since Invicta is a renowned watch manufacturer company with all its exponential features. From the dedicated features to price range, Invicta follows up with every level of its customers.

Being an Invicta lover, we all might want to have only the best one. But how to choose the best Invicta watch for you? Though you are a man or woman, you always should have the perfect glaze in your watch.

Top 10 Invicta Watches Of All Time That You Must Own

There are thousands of Invicta watches collection. But every piece of Invicta is made for individual customer’s requirement. So, we will be covering some of the most top-rated watches from Invicta.

1. Invicta Men’s Specialty 45mm Gold Tone Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

invicta watches reviews

Starting the top list from Invicta 14878, we are delighted to declare 45mm as the best watch. Since Invicta comes along with a huge level of collections, this golden achieve the attention of many men’s hearts.

This is a stainless steel crafted watch with the glamor touch of golden. Luxury is in its every bit. All the way design to its mechanism makes it worthy of our list and your try. This is a functional Invicta watch that includes sub-dials of 60 minutes, 60 seconds, and 1/10th second.

Despite it’s not a digital watch, it’s a better edition of an analog watch. Though the analog capacity, the dial window shows the date. Else the window is black color with a blue border which makes this watch impressive in look. Its luminous hands are all thick and visible. So, you won’t find any difficulty to check out the time.

As it is made with stainless steel, this is not any delicate Invicta watch. Its band is enough large and thick for being able to fit in the wrist perfectly. Though your wrist is fat or thin, you can make it fit with the flexible safety clasp. Otherwise, the band is adjustable if you want to add or remove links.

We all know the Japanese quartz movement is the ultimate discovery for giving accurate time. Time is always a concern for us. And this watch gives the exact time as the Invicta has promised to do.

Though this watch is made with durable stainless steel materials, this watch is not heavy. The weight of this watch is only 170 grams. So, you can wear it for your long days or nights.


  • Comes with a beautiful gift box.
  • Beautiful design is eligible for a formal and casual look.
  • Includes chronograph based analog stopwatch.
  • Durable stainless steel band.
  • 50-meter water-resistant.


2. Invicta Men’s 19825 Pro Diver Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch

invicta watches reviews

Polyurethane band is the most comfortable band in any manufacturer’s band. Whether you don’t like the stainless steel band or you already have a watch with a stainless steel band, so you might want to get a different style watch.

Analog watches are never out of style. Some people want to adhere to classical choices but with an elegant style statement. This is the pro driver analog watch from Invicta which comes with a sporty look. And pro driver watches have their dignity to keep performance always quintessential.

The hands are luminous. So, you can view the time along without much hassle. Its dial window includes the date window. Else, there are additional functions. You will have sub-dials features in it like 60 seconds and 30 minutes. The movements are bold to let you see the time in day or night time comfortably.

This is an analog Invicta men’s watch. As men have different wrist sizes, but this watch supports all the wrist sizes. Since the polyurethane band has the buckle closure. You can make it fit your desired size.

The dial has a 50mm stainless steel case. So, this gives the ultimate protection from external pressure. Meanwhile, it stays in the long run. Else, the dial window is not glass but a durable material made of crystalizing pure aluminum oxide. Hence the synthetic sapphire keeps the dial window anti-reflective as well as durable.


  • The watch is larger and sporty in design.
  • Sturdy construction makes it quite flexible for regular use.
  • 50-meter water resistance allows you to enjoy swimming time.
  • Functional analog watch.
  • Price is cheaper compared to the features.


  • A bit heavier.
  • Not ideal for diving and snorkeling.


3. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap (Model: 23424)

invicta watches reviews

We have already talked about stainless steel and polyurethane band system watches. Since Invicta has every kind of watch differing from the features to materials, we are honored to get this 23424 Invicta watch in our reviewed list.

This is a different watch from Invicta. From the design to the material, it’s a unique watch. If you want a royalty look in your watch, this is indeed the best-looking watch. It comes in white and golden based color combination. So, you are the center of attraction anywhere, don’t forget to thank Invicta for this watch. The dial window includes luminous hands.

Apart from the hands, the sub-dials of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 12 hours make it all the way functional. Thus, viewing time and date in it is quite comfortable indoor and outdoor.

The crystal material in the dial window keeps it anti-reflective in day or night light.

Though you feel like it’s a bit costly, you must check its 18k gold plated ion-plated stainless steel coating. The gold coating keeps the watch free from any additional scratches.

This watch is a great option from Invicta for having 100-meter water resistance. You can make it your mate for a professional or personal occasion.

If you look at its battery power, it’s way convenient for anyone who needs a long run watch. There is a lithium battery included in it. The lithium battery will keep your watch on good track always. However, it also runs for a longer time in a stretch.

This is a legit watch for anyone to gift someone or get it for themselves.


  • Looks very royal and classy for any occasion.
  • A durable material used for constructing it.
  • The silicone band and silicone strap make it comfortable.
  • Japanese quartz movement gives a suitable time.
  • Eligible for swimming and snorkeling.


  • Bulkier in size and doesn’t fit to thin wrist.

4. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Scuba 48mm Gold Tone Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

invicta watches reviews

There are some reasons that most of the watch lovers have a craze for Invicta. One of the reasons that attract people to Invicta is the cheaper price but the best quality. Since the Men’s Pro driver scuba 48mm is the ultimate edition from Invicta. There are some reasons that many would admire this watch.

This is a complete construction from a Gold-tone stainless steel case. This is an analog Invicta watch that keeps the classy people satisfied with its classical royal look. Its dial window is the most unique thing that you won’t find in any other watch.

Though the price of this watch is very less still it comes with some splendid features.  Since it is assembled in Japan, it is one of the most durable watches from Invicta at such a price.

The watch weighs only 310 grams. Though some people consider it a heavier weight, but this watch doesn’t make the user feel like a heavyweight in hand. Else, you can get the best fit on the wrist for flexible links. You can remove or add links according to your wrist size. Else, there is a safety clasp that ensures the proper fit into the wrist.

There are multiple sub-dials in it. You can never go out of style wearing this watch. Also, you are having a qualified battery with it.

Sportsmen who are more likely to go underwater wearing a watch will face no issue. It contains a 200-meter water resistance feature.


  • Beautiful design and look.
  • Sturdy material construction.
  • Shows date, subdials, and include luminous hands.
  • Comes with a beautiful gift box.
  • Suitable for swimming time use.


  • It’s a bit large if you need a smaller watch.

5. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Scuba 48mm Gold Tone Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

invicta watches reviews

Since the Invicta has been promised to serve you the great quality, design, and feel in their watch, there is another unit we are delighted to keep on our hit list.

The model 0074 of Invicta Men’s Pro Driver is one of the all-rounders. It has the additional chronograph feature that makes it pro than any other watch. Still, you will get this watch at a very affordable price. This is indeed the best Invicta watch for under 100 dollars.

This is all Goldtone watch. From the case to the bracelet, everything is Goldtone. So, if you didn’t like our previous Invicta golden tone watches, you can’t deny its appearance and pro features.

Though all the Invicta watches have minimal to maximum water resistance, this one is amazing to be suitable for scuba diving. Since it has 200-meter water resistance, but still, it gives an amazing experience underwater while scuba diving as well as in swimming time.

This watch is also assembled in Japan. Else, the stainless steel chains are enough long to fit in a big wrist. Yet who has thin wrist, they can still remove chain links and make it an eligible fit.

Its fame fusion crystal makes this watch way too innovative for anyone out there. If you are someone who is annoyed by the reflection in the dial windows, you would definitely like this watch for being so super-duper anti-reflective Invicta watch.

There are sub-dials for minutes, seconds, and hours. So, you will have an accurate time. Else, it is a very comfortable watch as it does not weight though it’s a bit bulkier.


  • Suitable for professional or casual wear.
  • Push-pull crowns are the most intense comfortable part.
  • Hands and hour markers are luminous.
  • The bezels are made of stainless steel also.
  • Comes with a gift box.


  • Seems a bit bulkier.

6. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Scuba Quartz Chronograph Carbon Fiber Bezel Abalone Dial Bracelet Watch

invicta watches reviews

This is an extraordinary watch with all the flawless beauty and features. If you have been searching for a watch that would make up to your expectations then this one is the best Invicta watch so far.

The 3 sub-dials of this make it all the way handier for daily use. You can keep the track of minutes, seconds, and hours. This is a user-friendly watch that makes us always wear it without any circumstances. Though this watch is a bit bulkier, this watch never goes out of style.

It’s a bit bulkier and heavy. Still, it’s the most promisingly durable watch.

If you want to get it for yourself, you must get it for daily wear. Because of daily wear, you need something very durable and flexible.

Looking at this watch’s look, we bet you will get a royal feeling. Since it has all over the golden touch, so it ensures us the attractive personality. Especially if you have blonde hair, and pale skin tone, you must get this watch for the intense look.

This is made of swiss technology. Else, this watch includes 100-meter water resistance. So, you can take it for swimming time too.

You won’t face any reflection issues while you are under the sun or bright light. It is occupied with flame fusion crystal that makes the dial window anti-reflective.

The dial color is the most unique thing to ever see. The iridescent color makes it quite classy and stylish at the same time.

The stainless-steel bracelet can be adjusted to the size according to your wrist. Else, the push/pull crown makes the watch extremely flexible for easy setting at any time.


  • Easily adjustable for the flexible bracelet system.
  • Gives protection in 100-meter water.
  • It’s a bit bulkier but the construction is durable.
  • Too a beautiful design and comes with subdials.
  • 100-meter water resistance available.


  • The box comes with is cheaply made.

7. Invicta Men’s 19252 I-Force Stainless Steel Watch

invicta watches reviews

If you are a fan of a solid performance from high-quality watches then Invicta I-Force is the splendid option. Also the amazing visual of this watch gets you all a good impression from the very start.

This watch looks quite elegant yet high-end for its fantastic watch body. Besides, the bezel feature is very attractive with the round blue ion-plated stationary bezel. Also, the crown feature with a sharp view security bar and a solid dark black with blue-stroked dial-hands give a functional impression.

Moreover, if you love your watches to have a functional view this watch has more noticeable features. It also consists of a circular date window with a zooming view, and chronographs of blue-white sundials.

As for the durability of this watch, we assure you its sturdiness is quite reliable. The watch case and glass are made of stainless steel, and the dial window glass is developed with mineral sapphire crystal. It ensures that the glass is durable, also it will keep the glasses safe from any scratches.

Further, since the watch is for man, the size of the watch body and the band length is properly suitable for men’s wrists. Moreover, other than the sturdy watch body, the watchband is also decently made of polyurethane. Also, the band lock system is easy to do with an AMD undo that is made of buckle closure.

Thereby, if you’re a sportsman requiring a highly featured watch, this watch is no less, the time measure is absolutely precise. The battery-powered Japanese quartz automatic watch movement will never let you down. Also, the sundials provided with 60 seconds timer will more likely give you the sporty vibe.

Lastly, the water resistance is quite amazing even if it is not suitable for long term diving. Overall, with compatible features and special timekeeping functions, this watch is one of the best INVICTA watches.


  • Chronograph sundials featuring a timer
  • Durable and scratch proof watch
  • Luminous dial hand & crown with the security bar
  • Analog Japanese quartz movement
  • Decent water resistance


  • Size can be quite bigger

8. Invicta Pro Diver Scuba Gold-Tone Watch for Men

invicta watches reviews

For a passionate scuba diver, Invicta presents this amazingly classy and high-functional watch. This watch is very convenient for a diver also it avails him positive compliments with its gorgeous visuals. Therefore, this watch has a gold-tone stainless steel watch case which looks very appealing. Also, the watch dial is royal blue, with luminous golden watch hands and time markers.

Further, this watch provides efficient time count with the movement of Japanese quartz. Again the Japanese quartz is also developed with the VD53 caliber for an amazing experience. Allover, this watch is specially manufactured and assembled in Japan. Also, the watch is battery powered, so you won’t face the trouble of winding it from time to time.

Moreover, apart from the golden steel watch case, the watchband is also made from gold-tone stainless steel. Besides, this makes the watch more durable and reliable than other watches. As the watch band is steel links, you can simply manage them regarding your wrist size. Again the fold-over clasp with safety is very easy to lock or open up.

Thereby, the adjustment of the time and features date widow is also very smooth. Since the time changing crown is not flat roll around but push or pull, you can operate it without much hassle. Also for getting the proper measure of elapsed time while diving it has a unidirectional-bezel function with a blue luminous bezel ring. So it is perfectly appropriate for water sports and diving.

Additionally, even though the weight is so light, its dial window is created with a high-end flame fusion crystal. Also functional and chronograph sundials with minutes and second time count. So, for any corporate water professional or marines, this watch is very suitable.


  • Eye-catchy gold-tone visual
  • Unidirectional bezel function for divers
  • The waterproof and durable watch body
  • Japanese quartz movement with VD53 caliber
  • Luminous and flame fusion crystal watch dials


  • A bit hefty than watch case looks unexpectedly bigger

9. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Scuba 48mm Gold Tone 6981 Watch

invicta watches reviews

Another diver’s watch from Invicta with an amazing black-gold tone look, this men’s watch is a fantastic timepiece. This watch is enriched with both high-tech and gorgeous styles for men. This watch has a fashionable color combination to satisfy your tasteful style. The watch case has an aesthetic vision with the trio of chronograph sundials with luminous hand dials and time marks.

Therefore, this watch consists of an accurate Swiss quartz movement with an analog view. Also, the watch case has luminous marks on the elapse measuring dark bezel function. The watch display has a protective mineral flame fusion scratch-resistant crystal dial window.

Further, the super stylish gold-black stripe Invicta Men’s Pro watch full chronograph subdials functionality and dial window has top-notch accuracy. Along with the Swiss quartz movement, this watch also contains Japanese movement. Also, the features subdials have 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 1-day timer function. Also push-pull crown for dial and date window adjustment is big and easy to rotate.

Moreover, the watch case is stainless steel, with a sturdy watch glass, and the watchband is made with a silicon black-gold stripe band. As this watch is compatible with divers, it has White luminous hour markers that will help you check the time even in pitch darkness.

Additionally, this watch had a splendid capability of waterproof feature, you can wear this diver’s watch in the water. Also with 300 meters depth resistance you can use it while you are swimming or diving for a short period. Lastly, you don’t need to change its battery even after long term usage.


  • Chronograph trio subdials with minutes, seconds, and hours timer
  • Watch dial crystal is the scratch-resistant flame fusion
  • Swiss, and Japanese quartz movement with caliber
  • 300 meters of depth water resistance
  • Luminous dial & unidirectional bezel feature


  • Watchband can break down easily


10. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 22340 Stainless Steel Watch

invicta watches reviews

If you are more into the black texture than gaudy bright color watches then Invicta’s diver’s pro watch is the commendable choice for you. It is an amazing watch that is not only rich in stylish visuals but also featured with special functionalities. This watch has a chronograph function of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours of trio sundials. Also in the watch case that is also a white gold tone Calendar window.

As for the eccentric style of this watch, it is a black and gold stripe texture with black, readable with dial hands of seconds, minutes, and hour. The push and pull rotating crown for time adjustment is also fluent for even large hands.

Therefore, in the watch case, the 18 karat gold-ion plated stainless steel feels very sturdy and glossy. Also, the bezel function is the general yet high-standard stationary type, that has gold-ion plated visual.

Also, the dark black rim of time second marks on the gold-tone round bezel looks very attractive. That also applies to the black watch dial and white gold-tone dials and markers.

Further, the watch time has Swiss quartz movement for an accurate time. The mineral flame fusion sapphire crystal of the watch window is very durable and scratch proof. That way it will not easily even if it falls in a hard way.

Moreover, the unique silicon straps that have a pining hole for wrist adjustment is very useful for people with a thin wrist. Again the water-resistance of this watch is more than 330 meters and it is quite appropriate for swimming and short diving.


  • Amazing visual with high-end features
  • Decent depth water resistance
  • Readable date window
  • Quartz movement time measure
  • Chronograph trio time subdials


  • The timing button may not work sometimes


Things to Consider Before You Choose Any Invicta Watch

Watch is always a love to watch lovers. They are over secured while choosing their watches. So, in the case of Invicta, there are also some criteria and functionalities that you should check.

As Invicta offers all kinds of watches for men and women but still we have our requirements. While you want to pick any watch for yourself make sure you are picking the specific watch that can fulfill your needs.

So, let’s know the topmost criteria that you should follow before you determine any piece from Invicta.


We have reviewed the top 10 Invicta watches for Men in this Invicta watches reviews. And all of them were 7-9 out of 10 in terms of durability. So, what’s make them durable? Well, the construction with sturdy material makes them durable. While you want to pick any Invicta watch, they all are durable.

Since Invicta watches are made of polyurethane or silicone band and also stainless-steel bracelet system watch. So, you can able to get what kind of band you need. But the materials are always sturdy. Whether you choose a bracelet or band, both of the materials are pretty good.

Weight & Size

You will have to wear the watch for longer times. Like if you are choosing any of the Invicta watches, make sure the watch is lightweight. Because too much weight will cause pain to the wrist after a certain time. You can’t wear a heavier watch for all long day. So, choose a lightweight watch that won’t make your wrist swollen.

Though most of the Invicta watches are heavy because of the sturdy material construction. If you prefer quality over the comfort zone, you can go for the heavier watch.

And talking about size is never a concern. Because we all have different body fitness and personality. So, choose the watch from Invicta that will suit your wrist and personality.


All of the Invicta watches have good design and follow a legit color pattern. Since everyone has a different choice, so everyone will choose a different type of watch. So, check out our reviewed Invicta watches’ designs and choose the one for you.


From the design to functionality, all the Invicta watches have different price ranges. Still, Invicta watches are pretty cheap but offer the best quality. The quality is always a priority for the Invicta manufacturer. They are continuing the quality, beautiful design, and also durability but at a very less price.

But still, check out the price and also the features according to your budget and requirement.


Battery life is always the core thing you should be considering before you purchase any watch. While purchasing an Invicta watch make sure the watch comes with good battery life. Otherwise, you will never have the expectation fulfilled.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What is Invicta made by?

Ans: Invicta is made by Invicta group and only owned by Invicta.

Question 2: Why are Invicta watches so cheap?

Ans: You get Invicta watches at a cheap price. But why is Invicta offering a watch at such a cheap price? Invicta is giving more than its price to customers. Well, the company is manufacturing all the watches in China.

Question 3: Which is better – Bulova or Invicta?

Ans: The Invicta is always a better option for Invicta lovers. But there is no final result between Bulova and Invicta. Both of these manufacturers have their potential for their customers.

Question 4: Is every Invicta comes with a water resistance feature?

Ans: Yes, all of the Invicta watches come with water resistance capacity.

Question 5: Is Invicta pro driver a good watch?

Ans: Invicta pro driver is a unique and good watch.

Final Words

As we are done with the best Invicta watches reviews, you must have done with the selection of your prominent watch.

Let’s cover the poor condition if you could not select the watch. Well, you might have different requirements and perspectives to choose any kind of wristwatch. You can’t choose the ideal one until one of the watches meet with your requirement. So, check out our Invicta watches reviews and choose which one suits you.

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