10 Best Garmin Watches You Must Own | Review & Buying Guideline

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Starting daily life necessities to providing some premium and smart features, a Garmin watch can leave others admiring what you can do with it. Deciding to use a Garmin watch is common but choosing the best Garmin watches among so many options is a bit complicated.

Garmin watches come in various features and prices which might have confused you. With assurance to get you the best Garmin watch, we are here with the top Garmin watches reviews we have found out. You may want a Garmin watch only for tracking your fitness data or you may also need some entertaining features.

We would be showing you Garmin watches with the possible features you may need at the best value for money.

Why You Should Choose Garmin Watches? – Advantages Of Garmin Smart Watches

 Before introducing you to the best Garmin watches, we would like to tell you why you should choose a Garmin watch. Garmin watches reviews are more than other sports watches as they can complete some tasks that even your smartphone can’t.

Garmin watches can be connected with your smart devices and even display their notifications and calls. Phone calls can be answered or declined from the watch’s display. You can customize apps and functions, watch videos, surf the internet, and even activate Google Now or Siri on the watch. All these features look astonishing with their touchscreen display that provides attractive and readable color contrast.

With your phone’s map, the Garmin watch can work as an incredible GPS tracking device. You can measure your footsteps, walking or traveling distance, and speed.

Garmin watches have the best fitness assistant facilities. It shows your calories burnt, heart rate, sleep time, stress level, etc with an accurate analysis. You can set or find workout presets and routines in this watch with a smart timer and reminder system. You can also use these sporty watches in any condition as they are highly durable and waterproof.

Top 10 Best Garmin Watches Review – Additional Features & Users Experience

Here are the top 10 Garmin watches we have decided to enlist as the top choices for you. We have selected them with expert reviews and comparing their features and prices with other Garmin watches.

1. Garmin Forerunner 645

best garmin watches

Garmin forerunner 645 comes with lots of premium features and a very stylish look. It comes with a black silicone strap and a bright touchscreen display of 1.2 inches. The display resolution is 240×240 which is easily readable in sunlight as it is transflective.

If you are looking for a proper fitness guide then Garmin forerunner 645 is a very good choice for you. This watch has training and exercise presets pre-installed and you can also customize new workout plans. It has accurate GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, water resistance, etc features that are necessary for sports watches.

Smart connectivity of both wifi and smartphones are available in forerunner 645. You would get storage to download at least 500 songs on this watch and play them with headphones. It has a special feature called ‘Garmin pay’ which lets you make any payments without your wallet or cards.

This watch gives you a long battery life of up to 7 days with constant fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. With the GPS mode, you are only getting 5 hours of battery life which is the only disappointing term of this watch.


  •  Stylish & sunlight-visible display and silicone strap design
  • Provides storage to download up to 500 songs on the watch
  • You can make payments with the Garmin pay system without any cash or cards.
  • The long-lasting battery life of up to 7 days.


  • Only 5 hours of battery life with GPS mode

2. Garmin Forerunner 45S

garmin watches review

Moving forward to our second choice of the list, Garmin forerunner 45s stylish watch with all the facilities you may want. It comes with a bright LCD and a stylish white band. Its display size is 1.04 inches which might feel a bit small but that makes it a proper fit for all wrist sizes.

It has a safety feature of incident detection which sends emergency texts to your trusted contacts.  When it detects that you have been through an accident or any other emergency then this feature works with your paired smartphone.

Just like other expensive Garmin watches, the Garmin forerunner 45s watch has a heart rate and GPS tracking feature. It can measure your workout activities, distance, time, speed, calories burnt, and many other necessary equations. It has individual sports apps for cycling, running,  swimming, elliptical, cardio, treadmill, yoga, and indoor tracks.

If you need a fitness guide then this watch provides a Garmin coach adaptive feature for free. You can check and receive/decline phone calls or messages from this watch. You can also play music with this smartwatch’s amazing battery life of up to 7 days. You will surely get 14 hours of battery life with GPS mode.


  • Comes with individual sports apps for all types of fitness activities
  • Up to 7 days long battery life
  • Includes incident detection system for safety
  • GPS tracking and free Garmin’s fitness coach available


  • Often gets unpaired due to poor connectivity strength

3. Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

best garmin watches

Approach s62 is an expensive watch from Garmin which features some incredible facilities for golfers. It comes with a 1.3 inches touch screen display that is easy to read and control. The bezel used in the s62 watch is made of scratch-resistant ceramic which makes it ideal for sports tasks. The quick fit bands used with this watch are also interchangeable.

Along with GPS, Garmin s62 provides 41,000 pre-installed full-colored course view maps of all around the world. It has a virtual caddie feature that indicates the direction for hitting the club by measuring wind, distance and also measures where the golfer should aim.

There is another feature called playlike which measures uphill and downhill shots distance. The green view feature is another premium option available with this Garmin watch that allows pin positioning and references distance that can be highly beneficial for a golfer.

Besides all the golfing features, this Garmin watch also provides all the fitness features other Garmin watches provide. You can see your accurate speed and distance that is measured from wind crossing speed. You would also get Garmin’s contactless payment facility and pair it with your smartphone.


  • Easy to use and readable 1.3 inches touch screen display
  • Amazing golf features such as virtual caddie, hazard view, green view, etc
  • Pre-installed 41,000 colorful maps of all around the world
  • Garmin payment method.


  •  If you are not a golfer then this watch is highly overpriced for you

4. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch

best garmin watches

Forerunner 245 is a great deal among all the Garmin watches if you want all the features at a reasonable price. This watch has been very much popular for its music features and advanced training analysis systems. It is a fully black watch with a 240×240 display resolution which looks amazing. You can wear this stylish Garmin watch for the whole day no matter where you go as it would fit all styles and dresses.

The reason for Garmin forerunner 255 being so popular for music is because it can sync with music streaming services. You can access music platforms such as Spotify and download up to 500 songs on your watch itself.

For fitness and training, it shows a status if you are undertraining or overtraining. You would also get free training plans and presents from the Garmin coach which can be your ideal personal guide.

This watch also has incident tracking features that send emergency messages to your contacts when it detects an emergency. It can also provide advanced running dynamics so that you can check your stride length, ground contact time, vertical ratio, and many other fitness measurements.


  • Perfect fit for almost all sizes of wrists within 127-204 millimeter
  • Provides advanced running dynamics with fitness activity trackings
  • Free access to Garmin coach for presets and fitness guidance
  • Incident detection is available
  • Can sync with music streaming services and download up to 500 songs.


  • Does not calculate the current speed of your activity

 5. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

best garmin watches

Garmin instinct watch is an extremely durable watch made for all types of heavy works you can ever do. This watch is suitable for all sports activities with its military-grade built quality that is thermal resistant, shock resistant, and water-resistant for up to 100 meters. This military-grade 810G watch is one of the most durable watches you can use with the best water resistance.

As a Garmin watch, Garmin instinct watch can monitor your heart rate, workout activities, speed, and stress level. You can use it as an ideal fitness as it has some amazingly designed workout presets for beginners and professionals. Wearing this watch for the whole day would never be a problem as it comes with a comfortable silicone strap that is stylish, durable, and pleasant for long time use.

Attending Garmin online classes are also possible with its strong wifi connectivity. It has a trackback feature that helps you to find the exact route you have traveled from home to return. Exploring the internet, working out, going out for a hike and normal uses are so much comfortable with this watch as it has 14 days long battery life. You can use it for up to 40 hours with GPS.


  • Comes with a built-in compass and barometric altimeter
  • Highly durable and water-resistant for up to 100 meters
  • Accurate activity tracking with heart rate and stress level measurements
  • Bluetooth and wifi connectivity with long-lasting battery performance


  • Garmin explore app is glitchy and lacks functionality

6. Garmin Forerunner 735XT Multisport GPS Running Watch

best garmin watches

Here is another perfect Garmin watch for multisport purposes. Garmin Forerunner 735XT is a smartwatch that provides all dynamics for sports and fitness activities. It comes with some unique features that a very fee watch can provide such as a race predictor and recovery advisor. It comes in two colors (black & gray). We would consider this as one of the best Garmin watches at such a reasonable price.

As a fitness tracking watch, Garmin Forerunner 735XT comes with advanced dynamics for running, stress level, step counter, and many individual features for individual sports. Vertical ratio, ground contact time, stride length, and balance for running, swimming, cycling, and other sports are accurately measured with this watch. It can track your heart rate while you are running along with a virtual pacer, move bar features which makes the ideal fitness guide watch.

In terms of connectivity, this watch includes Garmin smart connectivity, live tracking, and smart notifications from your smartphone. You can get notifications and calls from your phone to watch, display and even receive or decline them. You would also get the opportunity to customize your watch dials face with apps and features you want from the Connect IQ store.

All these features are satisfactory with its 11 days long battery life. You can use it for up to 14 hours constantly with its GPS.


  • Comfortable, durable, and shock-resistant watch with GPS
  • Up to 11 days long battery life with 14 hours battery life of GPS mode
  • Provides advanced running dynamics for multiple sport purposes
  • Race predictor and recovery advisor available
  • Smart notifications and Garmin connect feature available


  • Poor quality display with poor readability

7. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch

best garmin watches

A perfect fit for all types of sports and fitness purposes is here. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is another highly expensive Garmin watch that features all features you can want. It provides all the premium facilities with a fully black dial and black bands stylish watch. You can wear this stylish black watch in any place comfortably as it suits all dresses and its band quality is comfortable for long term use. It also includes TOPO maps that help you find your path with colorful maps.

Now let’s look at this watch’s magnificent fitness features. It includes pulse OX acclimation and a heart rate sensor. Pulse OX acclimation is a unique sensor that shows a blood oxygen saturation level. You can use it for high altitudes to measure your pulse OX acclimation and heart rate accurately. You would also get all the fitness activity apps and tracking features that other Garmin watches provide.

Using this watch for tough situations is not a very big deal as it comes with a scratch-resistant bezel that is made of a domed sapphire lens, stainless steel, and carbon titanium bezel. You can play or download songs and even pay without a phone or credit card with this watch. Upto 20-day battery performance is also ensured.


  • Download and play up to 500 songs
  • Includes pulse OX acclimation and heart rate monitoring
  • Garmin pay features a contactless payment method
  • Scratch-resistant and durable built quality with longer battery life


  • Cheap quality screen with poor readability.
  • Too much pricey

8. Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

best garmin watches

Garmin Approach S60 is a sleek designed fitness watch that comes with special facilities for golfing. It has a fully black designed dial and a silicone band that gives a high eye attracting look. For all the sportsmen especially golfers, if you want a watch that reflects your passion on and off course then Garmin approach s60 is the ideal choice.

It comes with a 1.2 inches sleek display that has incredible readability in sunlight and other weather conditions. It’s quickfit 22mm silicone band is comfortable for long term use.

This watch has different profiles for different sports. You would get some available outdoor recreation profiles such as skiing, snowboarding, swimming, paddle boarding, rowing, etc. For golfers, this watches’ GPS works magically by showing precise yardage with green, hazard, and doglegs options.

All these precision and measurements are shown in a colorful map. Its ceramic built bezel looks quite professional and provides enough durability for sports purposes.

You can change its interchangeable quick fit bands anytime. There are more than 40000 pre-loaded colorful maps within this watch for better tracking and golfing. All these features’ convenience is secured with its long battery life of up to 10 days and up to 10 hours in golf/GPS mode.


  • Sleek designed black watch with interchangeable quick fit silicone bands
  • 2 inches touchscreen display with astonishing sunlight readability
  • 40,000 colorful course maps pre-installed
  • Up to 10 days battery life with 10 hours battery life in golf mode


  • It is really hard to edit its course records

9. Garmin 010-02063-00 Forerunner 945 Premium GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch

best garmin watches

Garmin forerunner 945 is another highly expensive watch with amazing features for all types of sports and entertainment. If you have no problems with the budget limit then it would be a great choice for wearing all through your sports clubs or hike routes. This watch has Vo2max and training status that can measure training load, heat and altitude acclimation status, and aerobic/anaerobic training effects.

Premium GPS on your wrist can be a great benefit in your daily life. Garmin forerunner 945’s GPS ensures all types of body activity tracking and map guides so that you never get lost. Its colorful map is very easy to understand and read. You are also getting an incident detection system which is a safety feature of this watch. It would let your dear ones know through texts if it detects any emergency incidents with you.

Contactless payment solutions and music streaming features are also available in this watch. You can download songs and surf on the internet as long as you want with its amazing battery life of up to 2 weeks. Its GPS mode comes with a battery life of up upto 10 hours.


  •  The long-lasting battery life of up to 2 weeks and 10 hours GPS mode battery life
  • Training status, acclimation status, and training load focus statistics are shown in this watch
  • Garmin pay’s contactless payment method and music streaming services are available
  • Full colored onboard GPS map guide with incident detection safety tracking feature


  • Too much pricey

 10. Garmin Approach S10

best garmin watches

Here is the most affordable Garmin watch on our list. Garmin approach s10 is also a GPS golf watch that comes in a simple form with easy to use features. Unlike other Garmin watches, this watch comes in square-shaped dials instead of round dials. It has its pros as with its sleek design and size that makes it comfortable for long term use.

You can also wear this watch with a classy outfit for its sleek design and high-resolution display. The silicone ban used in this watch is also highly durable and comfortable.

As Garmin approach S10 is specially made for golfers, it comes with special golf features such as yardage measurements, hazards, doglegs, and green yardage precision with its golf course maps. It is an admirable task that this cheap priced watch also comes with 41,000 pre-loaded colorful course maps all around the world. It can also collect your play records such as total time, a distance of playing, summary of your round, etc calculations.

Garmin approach s10 comes with a very bright and easy to read display that is also sunlight-readable. Its rechargeable battery can last for more than 12 hours in golfing mode while it can last for more than 10 days in normal mode.


  • A great value for money
  • High-resolution display with sunlight readability
  • Provides accurate yardage for golfers in middle of hazard, green, and doglegs
  • Pre-loaded 41,000 colorful course maps available with the watch
  • Gameplay summary recording along with distance, time, and other equations


  • Charging or battery level indicating icons are unavailable with this watch

How To Choose The Best Garmin Watch?- Garmin Watches Buying Guide

Here are some of the major facilities you should look for in your Garmin watch. If you find any of these features unnecessary for you then you can avoid it.

Design & Comfort

Garmin watches are not meant for classy attires but as you are going to wear them to lots of places, they should look attractive. You are going to wear these sporty watches for a long time daily while you go out, meet people, and even sleep while wearing them.

You should choose a Garmin watch that has a good outlook and would suit your dressing style perfectly. There are many fashionable colors for you to choose from with great dial displays. You should find watches with comfortable leather or rubber wristbands to feel comfortable while wearing them regularly.


Display plays a vital role in Garmin watches. You should choose the watches with big LCDs. A bigger screen would benefit you to swipe and press the options shown on the display. Look for a good quality display that has a good color contrast so that you can read them comfortably in any ambient conditions such as sun glares, foggy ambiances, and underwater.

Activity Features

Along with showing time and date, Garmin watches are famous for analyzing your daily activities such as walking distance, stress level, heart rate, calories burnt, walking steps count, speed, sleeping time, and a lot more. Your Garmin watch should have all of these features otherwise it would be working just like a normal watch. If it misses a few features that you don’t even need then you can still go for it.

Daily Life’s Smart Features

A Garmin watch can also be your assistant with its timer, reminder, alarm, and other modern features. Most of the Garmin watches have music apps, calculators, global fitness community apps. You need to check if you can customize your selected watch with your preferred apps and display them on its display properly.

Fitness & Training Analysis Applications

As Garmin watches are mainly used for fitness and sports purposes, they come with fitness programs that let you connect with the global fitness community on the internet. You need to check if you have access to these programs on your watch. If you need a guide for fitness then go for watches that have exercise presets and training apps installed.


To connect with other devices, Garmin watches come with Bluetooth connectivity. If you have a fair budget then you can choose a watch that also provides wifi connectivity for online sharing, weather reports, and surfing on the internet with its built applications.


Make sure your Garmin watch is compatible with the smart devices you have such as mobiles, laptops, speakers, etc. The best of Garmin watches can be compatible with all types of ios, android, and Windows devices. The watch should also have the option to be personalized with your devices and allows notifications.

Charging and Discharging Time

Different models of Garmin watches have different battery lives. You should look for watches that should provide battery life for at least a whole day with enabled GPS. The good news is that almost all Garmin watches provide this amount of battery life though they have differences in charging time.

Water Resistance

As a sports watch, it must provide heavy waterproofing for swimming, diving, and showering. It should provide water resistance for at least 20-30 meters below water. Along with showing the time, your Garmin watches other body sensors should also work accurately below water.


You must select a properly sized Garmin watch so that you can wear them comfortably and look good. If you are going to use it for hardcore sports actions then you should go for stream line-shaped watches. Garmin lets you choose the size and shape you want from a lot of options that suit both males and females.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How Does Garmin Watches Track My Sleep Record?

Ans: Garmin watches can track your sleep record by leveraging its heart rate sensor. These watches measure the time between each heartbeat and combine it with an accelerometer to know if you are sleeping or not. They count your sleeping time and sleeping level though it can often determine you as awake if you move too much while sleeping.

Q2: What Is Stress Score On Garmin?

Ans: Garmin watches come with pulse rate sensors and many other tracking sensors to collect your fitness data. It can also measure the amount of stress you are going through and divide them as good, medium, and bad. A good stress score on a Garmin watch is between 25-50 while a bad or very high-stress score is 76-100. If the score is between 51-75 then it means that you are having medium stress.

Q3: How Tightly Should I Wear My Garmin Watch?

Ans: A Garmin watch should not be worn tightly. You should wear these watches enough loosely so that it can move up and down in your wrists. These watches measure heart rate and fitness activities from your wrists so you should not wear them too tightly or even loosen them too much.

Q4: Is It Possible To Wear Garmin Watches On Ankles?

Ans: You can wear Garmin watches on your ankles instead of your wrists. Sometimes, watch sensors cannot measure your steps count accurately as they are worn on wrists. These inaccuracies would be slightly reduced if you wear Garmin watches on your ankles. Though wearing Garmin watches on ankles wouldn’t let it measure your heart rate properly.

Q5: Can I Answer Phone Calls On My Garmin Watch?

Ans: Garmin watches come with smart connectivity for smartphones and Bluetooth devices. This means that you can see calls and messages on your watch’s screen. You can also answer

or decline phone calls from your Garmin watch but you cannot talk on the watch as this facility is still not available. 

Final Words

With the best Garmin watches on our list, you will never regret wearing them as they are a perfect fit for almost all types of sports and styles. You can use them for running, cycling, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, and many other sports along with amusing features and smartphone connectivity.

Combining all the premium features of a Garmin watch with a stylish outlook and a great value for money was the main motive of this Garmin watches review.  You have the assurance of reliability and good value so, just choose the one which looks stylish to you and fits your budget.

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