Best Dive Watches Under 500 | Top 5 Dive Watches of All Times 2021

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For every professional, or hobbyist scuba diver, or deep-sea diver, we know how essential a perfect dive watch is. That is why we are here to help you get to know about the best dive watches under 500. So, you can easily avail of the proper dive watch for yourself.

Before, you start to dive right inside the core heart of the ocean and explore. The diver needs to check out every single gadget thoroughly. Therefore, a dive watch is also prioritized as an important gadget to keep him aware of the time.

Moreover, some digital dive watches avail the feature of monitoring the heartbeat, and blood circulation rate. Also, it will warn the diver for his safety.

Thus let’s know about necessarily the best dive watches under $500.

The Best Dive Watches Under 500 Dollars

A lot of us divers get this slightly wrong idea that a dive watch must be very costly. As it provides you top-notch service even in the deepest underwater.

On the other hand, many of us already experienced poor waterproof service. That some even expensive elegant watches fail to offer us to perfect water resistance.

However, we must not worry about that anymore. Since the prime purpose of any dive watch is to aid us underwater with exact time measure.

Further, the good standard dive watch affordable as well. As we all know that a diver trusts his dive wristwatch to calculate his dive time. We carefully selected the best watches under $500, which provide the finest feature, and functions.

Let’s get ahead and know about the prime rugged and capable dive watches.

1. Eco-Drive Citizen Men’s Watches BN0200

best dive watches under 500

One of the perfect dive watches you could ever have is Citizen Men’s Watches Eco-Drive. This watch looks so elegant and high-end from the outside. Also provides high standard systems very well.

This watch contains a rotating bezel and date, which makes the body of the watch high congrats. We also know that the unidirectional one-way movement also helps us to measure the time we spent underwater.

Moreover, the bezel function consists of a perpetual calendar date function, that will automatically change the date exactly. Also, the unidirectional bezel rotation with date marks has luminous visuals.

As we know that luminous visual helps you able to see no matter how dark it is. Also, the second-hand tick marks in the centered bezel have luminous characters as well. As a result even hundreds of deep inside the ocean, you will keep a precise time track.

Further, this watch has a solid stainless steel body, mineral dial window material. That can keep up with the immense underwater atmosphere pressure.

Therefore, the weight of this hand clock is affluently light, that you will feel a featherweight on your wrist. Also, that strong watch belt is adjustable, and the tang buckle clasp lets you fasten it faster.

Also, this is a titanium type watch with Japanese solar quartz watch movement, which is precise than ever. Thereby the water-resistance level of the amazing watch is more than 660 feet deep, with a screw-down crown.

Lastly, this watch will let you adventure under the dark and deep water, with your mind at ease. You can also use this watch for other water-related sports, yet still will not feel let down of it.


  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Luminous light visual
  • Adjustable size & belt.
  • Contain essential screw-down crown
  • Solar quartz movement


  • The watch belt is plastic-type

2. Luminox Quartz Navy Seal Men’s 3001 Dive Watch

best dive watches under 500

The original Luminox Navy Seal series 3001 watch is already quite famous for its powerful, durable, and tasteful visual watches.

Luminox authentic mazy seal watch is high end with some remarkable features and functions. Besides, the dive watch of the Luminox Navy Seal watch is no less exceptional at all.

Further, this watch is designed with carbon-reinforced polymer plastic, high standard durability, and elasticity.

Thereby, it has some splendid style and features such as the round watch with mineral type dial window, the display is the analog type with proper luminous visual tick marks pointers.

Also, the case material is polyurethane, which is a type of organic unit that joined the urethane and elastic. This will never melt or freeze no regardless of how low or high the temperature is. So, you can consider it to be evenly similar to stainless steel.

Moreover, the clasp system is a buckle clasp with high rate safety, so it will not get stuck while you fasten or unfasten it. Therefore, Luminox consists of a unidirectional bezel function feature, as we all know that this gives us two essential functionalities.

The first feature is that it rotates in counter-clockwise in one way. Then the second and foremost feature is that the rotation will enable you to measure the elapsed time you spent inside the water.

It is an exclusive feature that does not require any computer-based process to calculate the estimated time you can be in underwater.

Also, it is a lightweight watch with a 200-meter depth of water resistance with a screw-down crown function.


  • Polyurethane, carbon-reinforced pc watch body
  • Adjustable belt and clasp with safety
  • Unidirectional Bezel
  • Exact Swiss quartz movement
  • Luminous time, & perpetual date


  • Clasp belt can be loose

3. Promaster Diver unisex Watch of Citizen Eco-Drive BN0150-28E

best dive watches under 500

Citizen pro master diver watch offers you both stylish visual, and high-end features. Some of us will also love to watch this skillfully beautiful watch with their day to day attire.

Moreover, we can also get this watch in a different color, shape, size, and interchangeable clasp bands.

The light-powered pro master Eco-drive watch is designed with luminous characters. That can transform any type of artificial, or organic source of light into power. Then conserves the light energy in its perpetual chargeable source power cells. Thus you will never need to get any extra battery for your watch.

The luminous power function on the bezel and the tick marks of the watch is also very astonishing. As we can check the time with a clearance visual in the darkest place.

The watch is capable to hold onto under deep water of more than 200-meter depth. You can also utilize it regularly in other water-based work or sports.

Citizen Promaster Eco watches are rugged with high standard quality, the strong, durability will stay intact, also the elapsed time measure will be exact.

The dial window of the watch is made of crystal mineral. Moreover, there is also an anti-reflective mineral crystal that secures the day to date indicator, and luminosity. Further, this round, stainless steel, no metal stamp watch case has an aluminum unidirectional bezel function for computing the elapsed time measurement.

The strap is adjustable with a tang buckle closure system. Also, the luminous three-hand display and date display window consist of the Japanese quartz movement.

Thus, you can use it for a long period without repairing or exchanging any part of it.


  • Counterclockwise one-way bezel.
  • Anti-reflective crystal mineral.
  • Adjustable & interchangeable strap.
  • Luminous three hands display & date window.
  • Continuous rechargeable power cells.


  • You may not like the rubber option of the strap.

4. Victorinox I.N.O.X Swiss Army Pro Diver Watch for Men

Best Dive Watches Under 500

Victorinox pro diver watch looks like a high-end, elegant watch, which will suit any dress up. Then it lives up to its visual appearance, as it is extravagant with both outer designs and operational functions.

The whole body of this diver watch views a distinguished vision of silver, as the bracelet of this wristwatch is of stainless steel. Also, the watchcase is developed with the anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion-free stainless steel.

There is a folding buckle with a safety adjustable extension to make sure it fits you, regarding any size. Besides, the watch features the one-way unidirectional bezel rotating movement, with a thorough tick mark scale for count-up. Again the covering of the dial window is thick, inbuilt sapphire crystal, which also makes the watch scratch-proof.

Therefore, this watch is anti hypoallergenic, anti-magnetic, and also the endurance limit is far more than an average diving watch. Moreover, the watch provides us with military time, calendar date features.

However, the remarkable feature of this watch is the end of life indicator operations feature. This feature, will constantly calculate your temperature,  blood pressure, keep you in check, and warn you in danger.

It has a swiss diver extension on the clasp which is more durable and easier than other types of clasps. The triple-coated anti-reflective crystal sapphire will decrease the reflection of lights to ensure pure visibility.

Thereby the watch contains a screw-in case back, the screw-down crown for enhancing water resistance even for. Further, it has a transparent, removable safety bumper, and removable magnifying glass for further convenience.

Thus, the greenish super luminous nova indicator feature in the watch to see the time even if its pitch black. This feature makes this watch more high-quality, and gorgeous we could ever get.


  • Supernova luminous indicator.
  • Translucent protection
  • One way bezel
  • End of lifetime system
  • Elegant with high-end features


  • A bit heavy because of titanium

5. Seiko Prospex Analog SSC017 Men’s Dive Watch

Best Dive Watches Under 500

An amazing analog watch for divers from the Seiko brand is this Prospex SSC017 men’s watch. This watch is developed with a solar power bracelet of stainless steel. That is both durable, strong, and also scratch-free.

The clasp button system if the watch is folded over with a push-button deployment buckle clasp. With this, system it will take a second to fasten it or undo it.

Besides this classy round watch consists of Hardlex crystal as the dial window material. The unique hardlex crystal dial window material will enhance the toughness to the max. Also, it will decrease the scar, or scratch rate to the lowest.

Therefore it has a diving bezel function, which is a unidirectional one-way clockwise movement. The prime usage of this function is to count the elapsed time you passed under the deep ocean.

Moreover, the mechanical watch movement of this watch is Japanese quartz, which provides an exact determination of time.

The black dial color with one-way movement center bezel gives an eccentric, and high-end visual. Also, it has luminous dial-hands, markers, and three chronographic subdials.

Further, the features solar power system enables the watch to consume or get a charge from any type of light source. Also, the recharge process is permanent so it will make the watch longer lasing.

Thus, the waterproof operating feature can endure up to 200-meter deep pressure inside the water. To be precise it is more suitable for any type of marine occupation or activity.


  • Solar power bracelet
  • Hardlex dial window
  • Luminous chronographic subdials
  • Diving bezel function


  • Subdials rotation might not sync with tick marks

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Dive Watch

Well, we acknowledged you all with the top 5 best watches under 500, which are both perfect and noteworthy.

Therefore we think that you already selected the one, which goes better with your preferences. Also, you are quite happy and excited to get your long-desired dive watch right here in front of you.

Moreover, the favorite selection of your choices is matching and syncing. Then the elegant design,  the supreme feature you want in your watch are all here in the single watch. However, we advise you to stay a little while and check the guideline. As it will surely be helpful for you, every time you buy any gadgets or stuff for yourself.

So, here is the guideline below about what are the things you must think through when you go to buy your dive watch.

  • Topnotch Quality & Design

Everyone will love to buy a diver watch that has an exclusively high-end design, and standard quality.

A dive watch that is so glossy because of the stainless steel, and mineral crystal on it, looks very attractive. Also, the diving unidirectional feature of the bezel function in your watch is the inevitable system. Therefore, the simple process of opening your watch with an individual clasp system gives you a soothing feeling.

Moreover, there are other well-preferred characteristics you will like to avail of in your watch. Further, you can like the mesh bracelet strap more than the leather strap.

So, it is important to take a little peek at the type of style or attributes you will prefer in your watch.

  • Best Functionalities and Features

After you choose all the styles or figures you want your watch. Now is the time to look for the operational feature of systematic digital functions in your dive watch.

With some digital or sophisticated analog system, your watch will be more graceful, and useful for you.

Of course, you cannot just get by only with the beautiful visual of your dive watch. For sure you will need to function properly. As for a dive watch, there are pretty necessary features. Firstly, a unidirectional bezel must work precisely. As it will play individual importance while measuring your elapsed time underwater.

Therefore the luminous visibility underwater or in the darkest place is very supportive. Moreover, the end of my life feature will make sure to check your health state and remind you continuously.

Thus, all the notable functionalities are a must be in your dive watch.

  • Pricing and Affordability

Well, even though you are done choosing the pretty, and the high standard featured watch. You will get one step to take before you buy the dive watch. That is you will need to take notice of the price of the dive watch. If the cost of the dive watch is within your budget you are ready to buy it.

However, the expense of your dive watch is above your affordable payment, don’t be sad.

Therefore, we already assisted you all to learn about the best dive watches under 500. That is already pretty much a low rate with high-quality features.

Further, there is no need for you to expend a high cost for good dive watches. Because they are many promising dive watches at an affordable rate.

So, feel free-select to your favorite dive watches from above, and buy them without any delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why do I need a dive watch?

Answer: For a diver, a diving watch is very convenient, as it calculates the elapsed time for the diver. Therefore, offers luminous visibility of time and date under the pitch black, and deep water. Further, you will not need any computer devices to compute your state underwater.

Question: What does the diving bezel system do?

Answer: A diving bezel system is a one-way clockwise rotating function that can estimate the time you stayed underwater. It also helps you measure how much longer you can be inside the water.

Question: How much longer can I explore the water with a dive watch?

Answer: Every single dive watches dons it if different characteristics, and durability. Some dive watches can hold up with the water-resistance longer than other watches. Therefore the approximate time is 40 to 60 minutes.

Question: How to increase the luminous visibility of dive watches?

Answer: It is quite simple to enhance the luminous visual of your dive watch. You just need to keep it more present in the sunlight or any bright place.

Question: Why should I use dive watches?

Answer: Dive watches help a diver in many ways to track the elapsed time in check. Also, it meters the diver’s pulse rate to ensure there is no danger. If not it warns the diver to get out of the water immediately.

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Final Thoughts

A dive watch is an important useful gear, that assists the diver with various types of things. Therefore, this gadget is much more convenient than to manage a big electronic device to monitor your state. So, we think our top list of best dive watches under 500 will help you for choosing the quality at an affordable price.

Moreover, you can get the top dive watches with exceptional operational functionalities at a cheap cost. Further, you can also get the liberty to have different styles, tasteful designs, and different systems in your dive watch.

Thus, go ahead and adventure through the deep sea to explore the beauty of the ocean at ease.

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