7 Best Citizen Watches For Men & Women In 2021

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All those classic Citizen lovers, who want the best Citizen watches know the worth of their love for the Citizen. Citizen hast its dedicated customers. And you might be one of them, right?

Being a watch lover, if you don’t own a citizen watch, your collection is more or less a wastage. So, which Citizen watch to pick for your wrist?

A watch person only understands what does a Citizen watch values in his or her life. If you still don’t have any Citizen watch till now, you are just welcome to this review.

Those days are gone while people would have only one dedicated watch to wear every day. As we all have become fashion fiesta, we don’t stick to only Timex, Fastrack, Omega, or Rolex. This is the reason we seek versatility in our options. And what we need is to choose the correct brand, design, and durability.

Best Citizen Watches Collections Reviewed For Everyone

We have worked very hard and tried to understand what people would require in Citizen watches and we have finally decided to choose our top 7 rated citizen watches.

Okay! Now we are not going to be so prolonged and straight out to the sassy Citizen watch reviews.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

best citizen watches

Those days are long gone while people have to depend on the sun’s direction to know the exact time. Time is a forever concern. And the best part of time comes with a great watch. And we are very delighted to come with Citizen’s Timekeeping watch.

This watch has all the features that anyone needs in an ideal watch. It’s a very light-powered watch which comes with all the satisfactions that we look for in a Citizen watch.

Since this is a citizen watches review and we are keeping this one in our first place, it’s been the most significant watch while we reviewed many of the Citizen watches.

For those who want a trendy and beautiful watch, this is indeed the solution. Chronographs featuring specialty makes it way handier for everyone. You can use this watch as a stopwatch. By controlling the stem, the stopwatch will be started, stopped, and returned to the starting point constantly.

For the business and work people, this is the most convenient timepiece. Because of the big screen dial window, you can move in the rush while keeping the track of the right time.

The mineral crystal with anti-reflection protective feature has made it attractive and user friendly to use. You can also see the charge level; it can be used in any city. As it has the daylight-saving feature for the WT-S mode. Make sure to keep the RX-S mode in automatic mode. So that it can be turned on or off automatically.

Its Polyurethane band is a durable one. However, it also gives the softest and comfortable experience. So, wearing it all day long doesn’t create any fuss. There is also a fold-over buckle. The buckle is a very handy unit in this watch to make it fit the hand perfectly. Else, the buckle is kept hidden. So, the look isn’t also hampered.


  • Displays both analog and digital time in the same window.
  • Japanese quartz movement keeps it accurate.
  • It supports 200-meter water resistivity.
  • Durable and comfortable wrist band material.
  • Eligible for sports, outdoor activities in the water.


  • Doesn’t applicable to scuba diving and the price is a bit higher.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men, BN0150-28E

best citizen watches

This is the Promaster, one of the best ECO drive watches of all. It has the best feature of having the eligibility to convert the light to power and store it into the battery cell. So, this watch will never let you be in any mess for the low battery issue. Else, the battery will never be dead and requires no replacement in the future. Thus, getting this watch means lifetime longevity.

If your lifestyle needs a boost for the new elements, you need to make a good choice for the watch. If your watch selection is somehow wrong, you can never get that catchy feeling. Well, the catchy feelings defined being in your comfort zone and having the best experiences. So, does your present watch give you a boost to your personality? Decide to keep this watch in your collection if you never used any Citizen watches till now.

It’s a multi-functional watch that ensures all the possible features. The mineral crystal dial window with an attractive design makes it quite worthy of the money.

There are day, date, time indicators with the white and orange bordered color. All the numbers are bold and large enough to view in any environment.

We already know that citizen watches are reputedly durable, comfortable, and gives a smart outlook to your personality. If you are a marine or sports professional, this is a must-go watch for you.

You can participate in swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and also for surface water. But make sure your water activity isn’t up to 100 meters. This watch doesn’t ensure water resistance flexibility after 600 feet or 200 meters.


  • Adjustable buckle closure gives the best fit.
  • Quartz movement and digital date display give a marvelous touch to it.
  • No need to change the battery ever.
  • Mineral crystal prevents the reflection from the window.
  • The perfect value for the money.


  • The bezel is difficult to rotate sometimes.

Citizen Watches AU1060-51E Eco-Drive Axiom

best citizen watches

We have listed our topmost 2 citizen watches for sportsmen. Now, what is the best citizen watch for corporate and office going person? Well, the citizen has plenty of options to choose from as the watch. This Axiom model from Citizen offers a promising feature to those who are looking for a watch for official time usage.

One of the best things about this watch is, it gives the best look with your formal attire. If you have to pick a watch that is suitable with your any formal occasion, this is the legit one.

The silver color bracelet system watch is the classical feature. Those who love only black or blue, they will also be in love with this watch for a cool silver tone.

The display window is black. And it has a minimal design in the display. There is only one date display which shows the number. Otherwise, there is no numeric number to the digit to show the time except the 12 o’clock marker.

As the design is too minimal to keep it formal from every stage, it has only two dial hands for indicating hour and minutes. If you are seeking a formal citizen watch, this is the most eligible one.

It charges naturally. This has the built-in feature to charge the battery from any natural light indoor and outdoor. So, there is an extra hassle to keep changing the battery. It will be charged from the sun automatically.


  • The perfect solution for a formal and informal occasion.
  • Attractive and minimal design.
  • The stainless steel band offers durability and longevity.
  • Easy to wear and carry all day long.
  • Water resistivity is 30 meters.


  • Not suitable for swimming.

Citizen Watches AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

best citizen watches

Do you want something very cozy and military-themed watch? Well, this AT0200 watch from Citizen is the ultimate edition. This comes with a stainless steel case with the army styled belt. And the dial window is large enough to show the exact time always.

There is also a date window that shows the exact numeric value for the date. The whole dial window is black. But the hour and minute dial hands are attractive and visible. And the second dial hand is in elegant red color.

It’s also a solar option from Citizen which gives no mess for changing the battery. You can stay in a safe zone as this watch charges in sunlight.

The screen window doesn’t reflect any reflection of lights and the sun. Hence, this is a great watch for outdoor and indoor use.

If you are a swimming person, this is a perfect selection for you. It has water-resistant up to 100 meters. You can have it for your swimming and snorkeling days.

Since the band material is fabric, it is comfortable for your wrist. And the special features make it worth your money. Chronograph, luminous, and stopwatch are its special features that you can’t ignore while selecting any watch.

The buckle closure for clasping is given an ultimate fit to the wrist. So, it won’t look abnormally loose and hamper your personality.


  • Looks beautiful and smart.
  • Last for longer days.
  • No need to get a new battery.
  • Keeps the time always accurate.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Not built for scuba diving.

 Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph, BL5400-52A

best citizen watches

While reviewing our previous army styled watch which has the fabric band, we knew many would like to have full stainless steel made watch.

This is a silver-tone watch with a royal classical look. If you want to gift someone a watch, this is a loyal one. Else, for yourself, if you don’t have a silver-tone watch, this is the final catch for any Citizen lovers.

Well, looking at this watch, you will get a premium feeling like it has hardly any better opponent. It has three dial hands which are a bit white but another shade of silver. And the dial window has three sub-dials. Its eco drive features give an authentic feeling while you wear it. Though the analog display is a large unit, it will never reflect light.

There is no hassle of changing the battery in it too. If you would like to enjoy hassle-free lifetime accurate time, this is the one. It comes with everything. You can set the dual time like 12- or 24-hour settings. The alarm setting is also very user friendly.

This watch can cover the water depth of 330 meters. Else, this watch has Arabic numeral and letters too. Though the chains are made of stainless steel, you will feel a very lite feeling. It fits perfectly to the hand and also securely fastens the clasp.


  • Multi-functional watch.
  • Lifetime guarantee of the battery for being charged from the light naturally.
  • Bracelet design watch that fits the wrist perfectly.
  • Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Worthy of your time and money.


  • Without natural light or sunlight, it won’t work duly.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch, BM7251-53L

Did you ever have any citizen watch? Well, the answer is null, you would be delighted to get this watch as the first Citizen watch.

This watch gives a premium feeling to anyone who is an office going corporate person. Those who have to frequently go for the meetings and business kinds of stuff, they would not find another eligible pick rather than it.

From the look to feel, this watch gives all the additional features that you won’t get in other brands like Timex, Omega, or Casio. You should only choose this watch for your formal activity. But this is also not a bad choice for casual time.

This model is made of stainless steel. So, this is a durable watch for your regular use. One of the key features of this watch is, it requires no battery replacement. So, the battery will not lose its potential charging capacity. It gets charged from the natural lights.

The dial window is uncluttered. And there is no reflection from indoor or outdoor’s lights. Apart from getting a comfy feeling, this watch lets you read the time easily. The digits are visible enough and the date bar shows the date accurately.

Else, this watch’s hands and numbers glow in the dark. So, you can see them without any discomfort in the even darkness too.


  • Water-resistant is 330 feet which is an ideal unit.
  • Dial color is a deep blue that makes the dial hands visible.
  • Shows the accurate time always for Japanese quartz.
  • Easy to wear for the pushed system clasp.
  • Beautiful design for formal and casual wear.


  • The bracelet is a bit small for a fat wrist.

Citizen Men’s ‘Military’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Nylon Casual Watch, Color: Green (Model: BU2055-16E)


best citizen watches


Army styled watches, shoes, clothes, hats, and belts have their admirer. If you one of those admirers who want to have the touch of army styling watch, this is the best citizen automatic watches from Citizen.

This is the second Military version of Citizen watch what we have included in our listing. And it has its special features and peaks that make it worthy in all ways. This watch is very trendy and stylish.

While reviewing this watch, we loved its color of the belt. Though the belt is made of cloth materials, the cloth material is durable and comfortable.

Since this is an ECO drive watch, it will be charged from solar power. So, you won’t have to worry about the battery dead issue. It will always give the exact time in any place. It doesn’t need to be under sunlight directly. It consumes any kind of natural light to be get charged. Though you keep it in the darkness for a couple of months, it will be still running without any issue.

The quality of the case is durable and sturdy construction. Else, looking at the numbers is easy and flexible. This watch doesn’t weigh much. So, you can select it for daily use.


  • Suitable for swimming and snorkeling for 330 feet water-resistant feature.
  • Dial window has mineral material that makes no reflection.
  • Clasp closure is a buckle system.
  • Nylon cloth material is durable that has been used in the band.
  • Very lightweight and beautiful design.


  • Easily get scratches.

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Citizen Watches 

Above we provided with you all the details about citizen watch reviews. Therefore, choosing a convenient and functional watch can a bit complicated. For some people, this is even more complex than giving a test, or some are too oblivious about their own choices.

Moreover, it can be very tricky to select the right watch from so many featuring options. Then it is also uneconomical to waste a large amount of money, on a simple and unappealing watch.

In this regard, taking some notices, and differentiating the specific functions is a very intelligent thing to do. So, let us get ahead and individualize the operating features and high-end features that match your needs precisely.

Weight & Style

There is hardly anyone willing to spend pennies to get himself a hefty and grumpy looking watch.

As the watch represents the owners’ punctuality and a decent sense of nonstop moving time. Whether the watch is simplistic or elegant, the lightweight defines its compatibility thoroughly.

Since the watch will be put on your wrist, the low weight ness is essential. Also, feeling a heaviness in the wrist decreases the comfort in the body movements.

So, a comforting watch is thoughtlessly precise for those punctual people. Also, the tasteful visual of your watch is very important. The simple or gorgeous fashionable look on the watch that suits your attire will enhance your appearance.

Durability & Quality Features

Even for being the tiny piece of gadget, a feeble watch is not at all desirable. Nonetheless, if the lifespan of the watch is very poor, then it’s completely unacceptable.

A high standard quality watch does not only refers to its gracious visual design. Also, it’s sensible yet high-end manufacturing with proper characteristics makes it a quality watch.

Therefore, within the quality, there are also exclusive features, classifications, and durability, then it’s the perfect watch. For example, the best citizen eco drive watches are an accurate precedent for availing proper durability and high-quality features.

Regarding your needs, some extravagant features will enhance the efficiency of the watch in your daily life even more. Such as luminous visual, three-hand movement, time-date dial window, directional bezel function, and many more.

Lastly, with a durable steel body, and splendid additional features, the long battery life, and decent-rate water-resistance will make the watch long-abiding.

Affordability & Price

Now that it is understandable for you to distinguish the perfect watch for you through comparison, and choices.

The final procedure you need to overcome is to look into the expenses. Whether you can manage to spend on a luxurious watch. Or if you want to avail of a high-quality minimalist watch at an affordable rate is your call.

However, a lot of getting this faulty thought about that highly expensive gadgets are the best watches. But there is necessarily no such thing.

You can get your hands on the best citizen automatic watches at cheaper costs. Moreover, you will find the watches very rich with amazing functionalities.

So, there is no require to sweat about costly watches, if you do not want to be at ease. Therefore, if you want to get yourself gorgeous, elegant, lavishing quality watches at an expensive cost go ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are The Pearls Inside The Citizen Watch Is Real?

Answer: Yes, in the female watches of Citizen, there are in total 10 shiny aesthetic pieces of diamonds. To provide a gorgeous visual in the women’s timepieces Citizen designed with stunning luxuriousness.

Question: Where Can I Buy Real Citizen Watches?

Answer: In general, you can get the original Citizen watches from their designated showrooms. If, you are not a fan of outside shopping you can easily get the real Citizen wristwatch from Amazon.

Question: Can I Buy a Cheap Cost Watch from Citizen?

Answer: Of course, without any compromise of choices, you can easily get a convenient Citizen watch at a low rate. The Citizen brand has a wide range of variety of watches in all expensive, and cheap cost.

Question: How Long Does a Solar Citizen Watch Last?

Answer: If you tend your Citizen Solar watch with essential repairing of straps and use it sensibly. Then as it doesn’t require any additional battery, you will be able to use it for the longest time.

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Final Thoughts

The best citizen watches come in all variety of fashionable styles and exclusive characteristics. Ensuring the customers discern tastes, and needs it has always provided a wide range of individual standard watches.

Moreover, offering the users the best facility and features at a considerable cost. The citizen is gaining more popularity, among all professions of people.

Therefore, we contributed our best to acknowledge you with accurate information. So, that later on you need not get swayed by awkwardness or abstractness.

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