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 The Akribos Watches Reviews are for you to know about all the recently famous and elegant watches. Akribos is a new watch brand partner of Swarovski in the industry. Which has great functions and features at a low budget?

Also, both brands have become very much popular among both rich and middle standard people.

Well, this watch brand is quite a low budget watch brand. It may not have those additional rich features. For example a luxurious and expensive Rolex with Jade Dial design.

Thus, Akribos still lives up to its expectation and gives you refined, attractive, and stylish wristwatches.

Akribos Watches Reviews – Best Top 5 Akribos Watches

The Akribos Watches, a new sub-brand of a renowned Swarovski. This brand has been created to offer the best quality watches for the common people.

Therefore, to be able to get a gorgeous watch with highly rich features at an affordable rate is very likable for many people.

So that people of all criteria can enjoy discerning, tasteful, and trendy watches with fashion. Thereby, we will present you with the top best 5 Akribos Watches Reviews.

That way, it will be very soothing for you to select the perfect watch. Which will match up with your preferred taste and budget?

Akribos Skeleton Mechanical Men’s Watch- AK499BK (Saturn’s Alligator Leather)

Akribos Watches Reviews

The automatic Akribos Skeleton Mechanical Watch for men’s. It is imprinted with alligator leather pattern straps and adds a gorgeous view for the men.

This watch functions with 5 ATM water resistance. That makes sure maximum survivability.

Therefore, its shape is round with an analog display type. Also, the Tang Bucks clasp and the cover case material is stainless steel.

All men will get a fashionable feel while they wear this luxury visual watch. Hence, the dimension of this watch is 5.91×5.91 inches that makes it very comfortable and light-weighted on the hand. Not very big or not very small, considerably perfect in size.

The watch frame has a powerful mineral crystal as well as a cover coat of synthetic Sapphire. It is also styled with 4 cuts to find a shaped diamond in the dial marker.

Furthermore, it has very nice attention details. The eye-catching inner work fascinates the people around you.

The alligator pattern leather band and the figure face of the skeleton dial with sunburst guilloche border give bright exposure. Also, the dial window is of a convex shape with a sparkling view.

More like, the face case is of a classic round polished glossy stainless steel case and round bezel frame. For a formal and in general casual glamorous view in your wristwatch.

On the other hand, the automatic function works properly and keeps it wound fairly well.

You will get the watch in a stunning gift box package. That makes a pretty occasion gift or present for all men.

Akribos XXIV has added a new fashion sense in the men’s luxurious style and attire. Besides, it increases the extravagance feel into the one that emanates superior flair.

Thereby, this watch brand will also give a money-back service. In case you change your mind or like another watch. It will also provide you with a decent amount of guarantee and satisfactory customer service.

Thus, for a cheap price, the work operating functions will live up to the expectations. As well, as an elegant and beautiful design.


  • See-through gears
  • Water-resistant
  • Doesn’t need a battery
  • Alligator pattern
  • Skeleton clock dial


  • Need to wound multiple times

Akribos Automatic Mechanical Watch for Men’s -AK526RG

Akribos Watches Reviews

Akribos XXIV’s automatic skeleton mechanical men’s watch is a designer ladies’ choice watch. Which makes an impressive impact on your fashion sense.

With quality craftsmanship, you will get sophisticated and highly thoughtful details and functions on the watching figure.

The shape of the watch shell is round of stainless steel material. There is an Acrylic Synthetic Sapphire Crystal dial window material type. Then, the link of the stainless steel has a wrapped alloy bracelet. Which is accompanied by a polished coin edge bezel. To create a tasteful finish on the edges.

Additionally, this man’s bracelet wristwatch redefines charm with a gleaming display and intricate details. A polished finish alloy case houses a sunburst effect dial with 12 round genuine diamonds as dial markers.

Therefore, with diamond markers and stuck style hands with luminous fill along with a 1 ATM 99 feet depth water resistance. Available with silver, gold, or rose gold-tone straps. Also, you will have a fluent display of all gears turning.

Also the analog display with a deployment clasp with stationary gold color and material. Which requires only one battery and the wind clip is very smooth.

Since the precision of time is very important. This designer men’s watch gives stainless steel back houses quartz movement to provide the most accurate time.

The wristwatch dimensions are 5.91×5.91 inches, the same as men’s standard hand measure. A beautiful and unique wrist clock.

While the classic three-hand movement with the date is controlled with a single push or pull fluted crown. So, you can get the most accurate time measure from this tasteful design wristwatch.

Further, to find the perfect watch for the special man of your life is effortless. A beautiful stylish gift box with an interior plush cushion provides a delicate display visually. Which is splendid, as a gift for a man of culture.

Finally, you will get the best customer care and repair service. As well, money back or change offers are also great for buyers.


  • Automatic control
  • Date week window
  • Quartz clock movement
  • Stunning wrap box
  • Waterproof


  • May break if falls in a hard platform

Akribos Multifunction Men’s 2 Watch Set-AK885YG

The multifunction men’s 2 watch of Akribos XXIV is extremely fashionable. Which brings out the best appearance of a man.

These wrist watches get you all the attraction and take up all the praises for yourself. The enhancement of your attire becomes even more high end with this stylish and classic watch set.

Akribos multifunction everyday watch can give you the taste of luxurious accessories. As well the mesh bracelet watch offers you an elegant feel at an affordable price rate. It requires only one lithium battery to operate.

Added with the dual steps style bezel, designed with the classic movement of three hands of time. Of date, month, and week. It also comes with hour, minute, and second matte watch dials. Which gives out a charming and attractive sense.

Inside the watch, the concentric circle on sundials is a date, and the time register with 30 minutes, and 60 seconds.

Moreover, the date display visual feature will show a date display window at 4 on the watch. The weight is very light and the size is adjustable.

There is another 2nd watch feature, which is the decoration of a carved crocodile pattern in the leather belt.

The leather strap is very much comfortable and long-lasting. This decorative watch belt is also very gorgeous. It is suitable for both general casual and formal official attire or dresses up.

Two watch sets of Akribos, one is a multifunction watch. The other one is a regular classic everyday wristwatch with a general leather strap.

Both of the wristwatches have heavy durable materials. That makes these two watches very strong and of premium quality.

That includes the mineral crystals dial window material, gold-tone alloy material. These two watches are also water-resistant with 33 depth.

Thus, You will have two elegant wristwatches in one package gift box. One is an aesthetic leather multifunction watch. Another one is a gorgeous mesh bracelet wristwatch.


  • Alloy material
  • Carve crocodile pattern
  • Leather belt
  • Adjustable size
  • Damp-proof


  • The clasp can be rusty

Akribos Designer Men’s Watch- AK940RG( Genuine Leather or Steel Bracelet)

Akribos Watches Reviews

You can consider this as a perfect gift for the casual or the formal person. The fashionable and extravagant display visual look of this wristwatch is to the next level.

These two watches have two choices of high-grade genuine leather strap wristwatch. Or a  stainless steel bracelet watch.

Two gorgeous and high-end fashionable watches give an elegant feel. Also, you will get a stylish look with any type of attire. It will just enhance your dress-up style sensation to a superior level of fashion.

The watch accessories are high standard materials. The watch case is an ion-plated premium alloy item.

Also, the bezel material is a stationary function stainless steel of gold rose color. In the watch, you will also get a push-button fold-over deploy clasp with safety precautions.

So, the watch snap case is round and the dial window cover is mineral sapphire crystal. Along with the analog display type.

The water resistance feature is also available with 100 feet depth at 3 ATM. More like it has long-lasting functions with an expression of luxury.

It will also provide you with high-level performance. As you will get a proper millisecond count with quartz movement. You can retrograde every moment of the time with the proper count.

Moreover, the watchband and all the gears are durable and strong with exact measures. You will have the calendar day to date function too.

Further, it keeps the track of time and date perfectly. The wound clasp is alloy and smooth. You can shrink or adjust your bracelet very easily. Just remove the links and it will fit in nicely.

There is the function of a simple push and pull fluted style crown to wound the watch.

Akribos Watch is stunningly packed in a stylish gift-wrap box. You can present it to the special man of your life. Therefore, gift this eye-catchy watch on a special occasion to the man of the day.

Thus, on a low-cost budget, you can get this multifunctional, durable, tremendous watch. Maybe you can give it as a gift to these watches to the man you like or a friend you adore.


  • Affordable Price
  • Elegant design
  • Multifunctional wristwatch
  • Sizable mesh bracelet
  • Durable
  • Water resistance


  • Wound gear is too small

Akribos Men’s and Women’s Matching Watch Set- AK888TTG ( Crystal Filled Bracelet Watch)

Akribos Watches Reviews

For a wedding ceremony or an anniversary of two lovely partners. Akribos matching watch set for couples is the best gift ever.

You can also present it to yourself and your lover on a happy occasion of your life. To have a couple of sets of watches for men and women to feel and look romantically luxurious.

These high-end stylish watches increase your dress-up attire with extravagant elegance.

Also, the watch dimension is 3.62×6.93×4.65 inches with specific and different sizes for both men and women. Additionally, the sizes are unisex so you do not have to think much about the perfect size.

The item case is round in shape, with dial material window type is mineral crystal sapphire of shiny silver color.

Along with the metal case material of the watch. You will also have comfortable and easy use of a push-button deep clasp.

Further, the band material is stainless steel with dual two-tone band color. Also, the bezel material quality is stainless steel and stationary bezel function.

The crystal diamonds on the chronograph makes the watch fabulous. Also, the watch bands are facilitated with glossy polished bracelets.

It only needs 1 item battery to operate. It has a water resistance feature of 99 feet in depth. The watch is also automatic and has a date week window. You do not need to wound it after the first time at all.

Therefore, the elegant watch set comes with a gorgeous present box too. A stylish gift box along with a plush cushion inside the box. To give a cozily sensitive visual of the gift watch. And it has great customer service for the users too.


  • Metal case material
  • Unisex size
  • Crystal sapphire window type
  • Waterproof
  • Push-button clasp


  • Needs specific battery

Ultimate Characteristics of Akribos Watch Brand- Why Should You Choose It?

There is great quality in the Akribos Brand Watches. That makes everyone get it for themselves or to give it as a present to the person who is dear to you.

  • Akribos wristwatches are eccentric to customize watches with high standard functions and features. All the high-end features and intricate functions provide eye catchy characteristics.
  • Further, the glossy, polished, and shiny round bezel shape of this watch is very tremendous. Also, the inner tachymeter scale which has an atop sunburst effect on the watch dial meter adds up enhancement.
  • In every set of this watch, you will get classy and upgraded rich functions and gears. A seamless, indefectible, and integrated stainless steel bracelet gives you a fluently pleasant sense on your wrist. So that you can get comfier while you wear the watch.
  • You can utilize it for versatile uses. For example at formal places, with casual dress up, with the sporty outfit, at the office, or any kind of event, and occasions. Moreover, you can wear these matching wristwatches as an everyday accessory. It is created with exclusive high standard quality materials. So the timepieces will not break easily.
  • The dazzling visual look of the watch will also stay for a long time. Since it has high resistance features to tackle and withstand all types of usages. It will not be weary or shabby by overuse. It has long last accuracy for both style and work quality.
  • You don’t need a battery for many watches to function and you will also get an aesthetic view of the clock to operate the mechanism. It has a durable and powerful composure. Everyone will love a watch which will last longer.
  • Moreover, the characteristics of the see-through skeletonized design are splendid. It also gives an extravagant visual of the tick-tock of the Watch. This watch brand has a gorgeous quality visual for a man’s watch from August Steiner.

With the set features in a watch, this is the first kind of watch that has both a heavy-duty style of stainless steel bracelet and multifunction operating functions.

Thereby, this watch brand gives you the best and fluent customer care. Also, there is satisfactory money back feature.

Read History of Akribos Watches.

Things You Need to Know For Buying an Akribos Watch

To select a perfect watch for yourself is very necessary. You can’t wear a watch that is not compatible. Or it can be quite troublesome if the watch you bought is bigger.

That is why you will have to decide on a few things before you buy a wristwatch.

Shape and Design

Anyone will like to use an attractive watch for their day to day use. Moreover, it will be even better if the watch is so stylish and gorgeous. That it will catch everyone’s attention for you.

Moreover, it is even better if that fashionable watch is within your small budget.

Akribos watches offer you this privilege. In which you can get elegant and luxurious watches at a sweet affordable cost.

The traditional and sophisticated fixture with a sense of tasteful style is in this watch. The durable and glossy stainless steel or metal case of the watch looks both pretty and fluent.

You can also get different colors of these dazzling gold or silver-tone watches.  You can choose the color design of your choice.

Features and Function

If you like to have more operative functions in your wrist clock. Then again Akribos is the right choice for you.

There is an automatic function in the Akribos watches. This function does not need any batteries in your watch. You will just need to wound your watch and it will tick and tock perfectly.

Further, you can get the date, week, month, and millisecond clock window in your watch. Which is very impressive and helpful for a punctual person.

Also, the high rate of water resistance makes this brand even more splendid and amazing. Thereby, the adjustable mesh bracelet feature lets you adjust the wrist size. Or the push-button clasp makes it nice and easy for you to wear and undo your watch.


Some may have a high budget or some may have a low-cost budget. However, people of every status can prefer the Akribos brand.

Thus, the first reason to create this sub-brand is to serve quality and stylish watches to all sectors of people.

Afterward, you can choose and buy the best Akribos wristwatch for yourself or another person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will I be able to see the twist and turns of the gears inside the watch?

A: Yes, in the Akribos Skeleton Mechanical watch you can see the aesthetic process of the gear function.

Q: Can I get cheaper watches in Akribos Watch Brand?

A: Akribos watch brand offers you high-quality watches at an affordable price. You can have rich features and gorgeous style watches at a very low-cost budget.

Q: Where are Akribos brand watches manufactured?

A:  Akribos watches are created in Hong Kong. Also, this brand supplies watches all over the world.

Q: Is there another watch brand of Akribos in the USA?

A: It is also a sub-brand of a famous watch brand Stuhrling in New York. Therefore, it is becoming very popular and likable by everyone.

Q: Can I use a low price watch of Akribos for a long time?

A: Yes, you can without any hesitation. This brand offers everyday usable watches with a long last duration. You will also avail of great customer help and service from Akribos.


Akribos watches will give you the best wristwatch experience with style, elegance, and auto functions.

You can buy a single watch, or a set watch for the sweet couples for yourself and have grand sophistication.

That’s why we are providing you with the most accurate and affordable watches in the Akribos watch reviews. So that you and choose and select the perfect timepiece for you.

Even though Akribos Watch is a small watch brand. This watch brand is getting very popular and highly appreciated by every wristwatch lover. Since this brand is providing you with its best service at a cheaper rate.

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