Most Significant Benefits of a Water Resistant Watch

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In recent times watches are a popular accessory in terms of style. However, they have many practical benefits as well. While talking of watches, water-resistant watches are the current trend.

Well, the benefits of a water resistant watch are very convenient. It can be the right choice for those unwilling to take their watches off while swimming, showering, or dishwashing.

But it would be best if you had some ideas about how they help you. So, if you want to know more about the mechanism, let’s dive into the details.

Water Resistant vs Waterproof Watch

Waterproof is a trendy term used for wristwatches. But what is the fundamental difference between these two terms: waterproof and water-resistant?

Let’s discuss this:

A waterproof watch means it would be utterly inaccessible by the water. No matter what, it would not get affected by water in any way. But that is practically not possible. No watch can assure 100% waterproofness.

Conversely, water-resistant is a term that assures a high value of resistance from the water. Water-resistant watches can stand against water drops, sweat, and rain.

Water-resistant watches must go through the strict procedures of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

However, the term waterproof is banned by the ISO as it is misleading for the consumers. ISO sets some standard methods of testing.

Facts of a Water Resistant Watch

There are two types of tests conducted to test the water-resistance of a watch.

  • Dry Test
  • Wet Test

In dry testing methods, watches are tested in diverse air pressure levels. It tries to figure out if there is any air leakage. If not, the clock is water-resistant.

Wet testing demands the watch to interact with water directly. Submerging the clock into the water, air pressure is created.

The bubbles coming out of the watch decide how much water resistant the watch is. Then the watch is rated based on how the watch performs throughout the tests.

There is information regarding the water-resistance level on every water-resistant watch. The ISO determines this level.

Two terms are popularly used to address the depth of water-resistant watches. ATM stands for atmosphere, and BAR, a replacement of ATM. Both BAR and ATM are equal for 10 meters.

For example,

  • 3ATM stands for 30 meters.
  • 10ATM stands for 100 meters.

Though you cannot take the ratings literally, they determine the level of water resistance. A lower number means watches are less water-resistant. A higher number indicates the most protection from the water.

Benefits of a Water Resistant Watch

There are innumerable benefits of having a water-resistant watch rather than a normal one.

If it is the rainy season and you often need to go out, a water-resistant watch is a must-have accessory for you because it is protected from water damage.

A water-resistant watch will help you be prepared for every situation during the hot summer days. You can readily go for swimming or any poolside activities.

Sweating a lot is a common problem during summer. Thus the lifespan of your regular watch decreases over time. But no worries.

There is an exception. You can go for your favorite water-resistant watch and get rid of this problem.

Moreover, you can even work out for hours and keep counting the time by the use of your watch. Don’t take the watch off as it is sweat-proof.

Water-resistant watches are made with better materials than normal ones. They absorb the moisture. Because of the high-quality components, these watches do not damage over time like the ordinary ones.

There are also some elegant features in the recent water-resistant watches. You can even use them to listen to music. Just buy the ones built-in MP3.

Unlike ordinary watches, they do not include any terrible graphics on them. So you can get an elegant and clean visualization. Well, this is a big plus for the water-resistant watches.

If you have a pet, a dog, for instance, you can get him walking even during the rain by wearing a raincoat and a water-resistant watch. Besides, you will be ready for situations like dampening its paws.

The benefits of a water-resistant watch can go on and on. If you are a swimmer or an athlete of any water-related sports, a water-resistant watch is a kind of holy grail for you.

You don’t need to take off the watch every time you get wet. Even if you are a hobbyist diver, you will love it as a regular ware to go to a pool or a beach.

Moreover, this is also an ideal choice in terms of casual lakeside encounters. We can consider it as a must-have gadget even for our everyday use.

There are a lot of people who are pretty much active. It might be difficult for them to take their watches off whenever they wash their hands frequently.

For instance, while taking a shower or washing dishes, before prayer or doing any household activities that will encounter water. A water-resistant watch is an absolute must for them.

Another benefit of water-resistant watches is that you can use these watches everywhere regardless of what you are doing.

While you are working in the office or staying home on weekends, you can choose them without hesitation. They will look equally cool on a public occasion or a private house party.

These watches are manufactured with the ability to get protected from the damage of water. So, you can use them whenever you find the possibility of facing the water.

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Final Words

The list of the benefits of a water-resistant watch is never-ending. Indeed, they are not entirely perfect. But the numerous benefits make them one of the top picks for the users.

However, it would be best to use them according to what you are doing by wearing them. Got it, right?

Also, you need to remember where you are wearing them. Only then, you can ensure the best outcome of the water-resistant watches.

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