Are Invicta Watches Good?

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Well, few watch lovers have not heard the name of Invicta watches. Most of the people looking for a Rolex look-alike at a cheaper price settle for an Invicta timepiece. Naturally, the question arises, ‘Are Invicta Watches Good?’

Despite lacking the brand popularity and quality of luxury wristwatches like Rolex, Invicta watches are at a league of their own due to their beauty and lower price. How?

We will show you the reasons behind it, and therefore, you can decide on it very easily. So, here we start:


Are Invicta Watches Good

Are Invicta Watches Good?

Honestly, Invicta watches are not well-liked by the timepiece appreciators’ community. Don’t wear one if you are going to one of such gatherings, even by mistake.

Don’t believe so? Just wear one if you don’t and enjoy the condensing looks!

Still, the Invicta watches had been around in the market for more than 150 years! That means regardless of its vices. There are some redeeming qualities good enough to make it popular among the mass.

So let us explore the defects and qualities of Invicta timepieces and decide whether these wristwatches are right or not. Are you in?


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The Causes of a Bad Reputation

The Invicta timers are accessible, no doubt. But their bad reputation is not exactly unfounded either.

Quality Control Issue

Invicta products are infamous for their lacking quality control. If you are lucky enough, you are likely to get one you will have no trouble over for years.

But, not everyone is not so in luck. Watch Forum reviews show that Invicta timers have quality issues starting from packaging to materials themselves.

The quantity of the bad reviews given is much higher compared to other trustable watch brands. Many such complaints originate from packaging issues like a broken product or missing parts.

Also, Invicta is known to use false materials in claims of using real ones. There are documented cases of customers discovering that the sandstone, diamonds, etc. used in the watches are fake ones in reality. What a Cheater!

Invicta Watches

Super-fast Devaluation

Invicta watches are not like other luxury brand watches, maintaining their values over the years.

On the contrary, due to the yearly release of an enormous amount of new models, the brand and model value of a bought watch dilutes by seconds!


Do you know what the warranty period of Invicta timepieces is? Three to five years! Great right? WRONG!

Why? Because the warranty does not cover the issues related to battery, crown, crystal, or case strap.

Then what does it cover? Only, and only the dial, the hands, and the movement. What a nice smokescreen!

Also, don’t you dare make the mistake of making any minor maintenance if you want your warranty to remain valid? If you do so, then say goodbye to your warranty validity. How disappointing!

The Reasons behind Popularity

One would think these flaws will make Invicta watches’ market value and popularity fall a lot. But the truth can never be any more different than that.

In fact, Invicta timepieces are one of the most popular wristwatches in the world! Why? Let us find out.

Eye-catching Outlook

While the numerous models released every year work in lessening the value of the Invicta brand, the same action increasingly endear the products to the customers day by day.

Think about it. Invicta has released timepieces of thousands of colors and designs. Do you think that one will not be able to find a single piece of watch he/she will like among all of these products?

Invicta timepieces are also designed in keeping kids in mind. So watches bearing cartoon or comic characters are widespread for Invicta brand. And frankly, the kids love it!

Remember, Invicta is for the mass. And thus, the products are designed for the mass.

Budget-Friendly Price

The general price of Invicta timers ranges from lower than 100 dollars to up to 5000 dollars.

Compared to Rolex and some other luxury watch brands, this is extremely cheap. Do you know what the price of the cheapest Rolex is? $5000!

Figures show that most of the Invicta watch with the highest popularity is priced below $100. These prices make buying Invicta watches so worthwhile.

Why? Well, if there is one thing that is certain in this world, that is that not everyone can buy a Rolex. Rolex timers are for the 1% richest of the world who can afford to spend tens of thousands for a watch.

Invicta timepieces are different. These products are for the mass, the rest of the 99%. Buying an Invicta wristwatch at an affordable price helps a white-collar worker find a semblance of satisfaction in partially fulfilling his/her collection.

Several High-end Features

Another reason behind their high popularity is the number of high-end features. Compared to prices, the features are outstanding.

Want proof? By spending less than 100 dollars, you will likely get a watch as technologically advanced as a usual timer worth 300 dollars. Cool, right?

Invicta is so good in offering high-quality hardware features at an affordable and comparatively cheaper price, that there are almost no competitions at the same price range!

Quality of the Material

You are indeed likely to get cheated if you are looking for an Invicta watch with genuine diamonds or sandstones. But still, the overall material used in the making of Invicta timers are not THAT bad.

The materials such as stainless steel and mineral glass used to make the watch’s body are usually just like the other branded products.

So, if you plan on buying a cheaper model devoid of any jewels, then, by all means, go ahead.

Easy to Buy

Unlike Rolex, you won’t have to wait for years, sometimes even decades, on a waiting list to get your timepiece. Invicta watches are like, everywhere?

Just book one online or get inside a showroom, and you will be able to get one. Easy, right?


It is true that when compared to luxury watches, the quality of the Invicta watches could have been better.

The Invicta brand offers the mass with timepieces having good quality and outlook at a lower price. And, that is what endears it to people so much.

So, what do you think? Are Invicta watches good? Let us know your take on it by commenting below!

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