Top 10 Affordable Watch Brands 2021

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High quality and stylish watch is an essential object nowadays. There are so many watch brands are available in the market and different online shops.

Well, this isn’t a big secret that most of us have affection after a luxury watch. But one primary concern is the budget.

Nobody wants to break the bank to buy a watch. But everybody is looking for top-quality watch brands, which won’t cost much. And that’s why you come here.

So, for your help, we are suggesting to you the most affordable watch brands available nowadays.

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10 Most Affordable Watch Brands

Actually, it is an arduous task to choose only 10 brands, while hundreds of renowned companies still compete.

But luckily, we have done it for you as per our research experience and collecting buyers’ reviews from a different online shop. Here we go: –


These Swiss watches company is one of the best quality mid-range budget brands. Victorinox watches are reputed for their attractive and sharp design, durability, and straightforward function.

They are made from high-quality light titanium, which gives it a classy appearance. The watches of this brand is water-resistant and perfect for snorkeling and swimming, but not for diving. Available at a lower price to a higher price.

Tissot Mens Seastar 660 1000 Automatic Watch


German watchmaking company Junkers produce a fascinating Bauhaus timepiece under £300. Fascinating, right? Junkers was established during world war two.

These timepieces have the same minimalist esthetic to those given by the more luxurious company Junghans with a lower price rate. The super gossamer and elegant design make these an excellent choice for different outfits.

Junker’s timepieces are too high quality and generally give you two years of warranty. They make a variety of sizes and designs also.

Bauhaus timepieces are genuinely slim, which is a common choice for all types of people. Overall, considering the quality and price point, Junkers is a good watch brand.


Maybe the best inexpensive watch brand all around the world. This Japanese watchmaking brand is the first choice for all men.

They are reputed for producing imperishable products that cost lower than the price of a bowl of potato.

A158 and F91W are some of their best product. They also produce G-Shock series for those people who are searching for the maximum level of durability.

If you want to buy a watch that costs less than £100, then Casio can be the perfect watch brand for you.

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Seiko was established in 1881. This famous brand offers you some of the best quality watches that start from £10 – £10000. Though people think Seiko is out of their reach.

But Seiko offers low-cost watches to very high-cost watches. These watches are featuring stainless steel and auto movement construction.

Seiko is the top-selling watch brand company globally and gives you the Rolex vibes at a low price.


Timex is another American watch brand over 100 years of legacy. They are specialists in producing functional and stylish watches under £100.

These watches have been losing their acceptance since the early2000s. In recent times beautiful watches at low prices have brought them back in the list of the best.

They have recently released various versatile models of smartwatches in the market, the prices of which are within reach of the mass people.

Best Citizen Watches


Orient, an affiliate of the Seiko company, offers the best quality watches at low prices. The brand has been providing affordable watches in homes since the 1950s.

They started selling better watches from them at the same price to compete with other companies.

Although they offer useful quality items at low prices, their watch designs are a bit old-fashioned.


If you are looking for a food design at a low price, then you can choose Paris. This watchmaker company works to copy famous watch model and recreate them in an affordable package.

Parnis watch brands have no enriched history or prestige like other brands. All of their timepieces are contain proper specification mechanical movement and sapphire glass for at a low price.

Though it’s not original, they are the right choice for those looking for a good product at a low cost. It is way better than the fake one.


Tissot brand watches are considered as the real affordable watch. Maybe the best and most popular low-cost watchmaker.

This Swiss company makes many different kinds of classy watch made from stainless steel and starting at £100.

The company has been reliant on the marketplace for more than a hundred years and has survived during the quartz crisis, which saw some rival brands’ death.


Regarded as the genuine fashionable and artistic timepiece brand. The price of Swatch brand watches started from £100, most of the portion is made from plastic.

But they are also making stainless steel watch. We recommended the stainless steel body watch, though its price is slightly higher than the normal one. But stainless steel bodies had more durability than a plastic one.


Citizen is the most affordable watch brand for several comfortable causes. This watch brand has the most attractive feature to start with a price of £300.

People love this watch because its battery directly charges from the sunlight. They are well known for strong build-up quality and long term warranty.


Well, it’s your turn to choose a perfect one among the affordable watch brands according to your needs.

We tried to give you a complete guideline and comparison between different brands so that you can easily select the best one among them.

If you have any further questions and disagreements with our list, let us know. Share your thought and any suggestions or experience in the comment section.

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